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Sunday, September 5, 2021

What is a big P clothing brand?

What is a big P clothing brand?

It seems to be skiing. I've seen it in Huaibei ski resort.


Founded in the Netherlands, a country with only 5 hills and 14 small slopes without a mountain. In this country, which can be said to be the most flat country in the world, it has bred a world-class brand - protest, which has both outdoor leisure function and trend design. For many people, it may seem incredible that we don't have much natural terrain and resources for outdoor leisure, and there is no broad market in the early days of our founding; However, we know that we have unlimited creativity and a full passion for life, humanity and nature, and this is protest.

Protest successfully combines the technology of outdoor sports, street trend and fashion design elements. We constantly develop high-specification fabrics and designs suitable for various outdoor conditions to help users adapt to and freely enjoy various outdoor conditions. We have a first-class design team, which will continuously inject the latest popular elements from Paris, New York and London into our proud design every year.

In protest, our world is diverse, colorful and innovative. More importantly, we hope to bring people not only first-class products, but also enthusiasm for life, humanities and nature. We hope everyone can have the opportunity and motivation to pursue happiness and happiness. Temporarily put aside the troubles at hand, temporarily forget the annoying work and schoolwork, temporarily put aside the countless and cumbersome modern information and information, put on protest and enjoy the feeling of freedom in the snow of nature, on the mountains, on the seashore, or on the streets and alleys of large and small cities.

Now, we also hope to bring this trend and spirit into the Chinese market, a market with millennium history and humanities, unlimited vision and possibility. We hope that Chinese consumers can also feel our enthusiasm and persistence and enjoy life. Let protest also be proud to become a leader in the Chinese market.


The story of protest:

Netherlands, Australia, Azerbaijan, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Czech Democratic Republic, Croatia, Egypt, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Poland Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen, China... The story continues

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