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Monday, September 13, 2021

What are the top ten world clothing brands now? Which country are they from?

What are the top ten world clothing brands now? Which country are they from?

Brand name: Chanel Brand archives: (1) founder: Gabrielle Chanel (2) registered place: Paris, France (1913) (3) Designer: 1913-1971, Gabrielle Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel) since 1983, karlargerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) brand name: Yves Saint Laurent (yvessaintlaurent) Brand profile: (1) type: high fashion (2) The good times don't last long. The brand name: yvessaintlaurent Yves Saint Laurent category: high fashion, perfume series, jewelry, shoes and hats, cosmetics, cigarettes, etc. brand Description: founder Yves Saint Laurent yvessaintlaurent was born in Algeria in 1936, and at the age of 21, he was the chief designer of the most prestigious Dior fashion company in the world, but it didn't last long. -Saint Laurent was too radical. He was fired in 1960. In 1962, he established his own company in Paris. Saint Laurent's design is both avant-garde and classical. Models don't wear bras to show thin and transparent fashion is his first step. Saint Laurent is good at adjusting the defects of human body shape. He often integrates art, culture and other factors into fashion design, drawing keen and rich inspiration from beginning to end We want high-end women's clothes to be as perfect as works of art. Saint Laurent's flagship product is high-end fashion, which serves only thousands of rich people in the world. It is difficult for ordinary people to accept the luxury of materials, exquisite processing and high price. Brand name: Versace Brand profile: (1) type: high fashion, high ready to wear (2) Founder: gianniversace (3) registered in Milan, Italy (1978) brand name: Christian Dior Brand profile: (1) founder: christindior Christian Dior (2) registered in Paris, France (1946) (3) Designer: Christine Dior, 1946-1957 (ChristianDior) 1957-1960, Yves Saint Laurent 1960-1989, marcbohan 1989-1996, GIANFRANCOFERRE 1996 and later, John Galliano (4) brand line: ChristianDior Christine Dior: premium women's wear, premium ready to wear brand name: GuZi (gucci) Brand profile: (1) type: premium ready to wear (2) founder: Guccio Gucci (3) registered in Florence, Italy (1923) (4) Designer: 1923-1989, Guccio Gucci 1989-1992, Richard Lamberson, fashion design and creative director, 1990-1991, dawn Mello (Don Melo), American designer 1994, tomford (Tom Ford) (5) brand line: Gucci GZI (6) category: clothing, leather bags, leather shoes, watches, home accessories, pet products, scarves and neckties, in 1975, the establishment of Gucci perfume department, launched perfume products. (7) Target consumer group: upper class women, film star brand name: Valentino Valentino Brand profile: (1) type: (2) founder: Valentino garavani Valentino galavani (3) place of registration: (4) Designer: (5) Category: fashion, senior clothing series, men's wear series, interior decoration textiles and gift series, perfume series. Brand Description: founder valentinogaravani Valentino Carvin, born in Italy in 1932, and founded Valentino company in Rome in 1960. In 1968 -1973, Valentino company was Kenton. The company took over and Valentino bought back the company in 1973. Valentino has won the naimen Marcos award and the Italian American Foundation Award. The characteristics of Valentino's brand are rich, luxurious and beautiful. Valentino likes to use the purest colors, of which bright red can be said to be his standard color. Fine Valentino's workmanship is very exquisite, and he is perfect from the whole to every small detail Perfection. Valentino is a symbol of luxurious and luxurious lifestyle and is deeply loved by celebrities pursuing perfection. Brand name: Cerruti brand file: (1) founder: ninocerruti Nino Cerruti (2) registered place: Paris, France (1967) (3) Designer: ninocerruti Nino. Cerruti was born in Italy in 1930 and became the general manager of the family industry brothers textile company in 1950. In 1967, she opened a fashion shop in Paris (4) brand line: (cerruti1881) (Cerruti 1881): Men's wear II (Cerruti) (Cerruti): fashion, perfume (5) Category: senior men's wear, senior women's wear, series perfume, and film costumes design: Brand Name: Calvin's (calvinklein) brand files: (1) founder: calvinklein Calvin Klein barryschwartz Barry Schwartz (2) registered place: New York, USA (1968) (3) Designer: Calvin Klein, born in New York, USA in 1942, studied at the famous New York Fashion Institute (F.I.T) from 1959 to 1962, worked as an assistant designer of Dan Millstein from 1962 to 1964, worked as a freelance designer from 1964 to 1968, co founded Calvin Klein "Calvin Klein" company in 1968, and reorganized the company in 1991 (4) brand line: ① Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein): Haute Couture: ckcalvinklein (CK Calvin Klein): Senior ready-made garments: CalvinKleinJeans (Calvin Klein cowboy): second-line brand, younger style (5) category: men and women's high fashion, clothing, casual wear, casual wear, socks, underwear, pajamas and swimsuit, perfume, glasses, jeans, accessories, fragrances and home accessories.

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