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Monday, September 6, 2021

Leisure clothing brand

Leisure clothing brand

Dear friends, write down your favorite casual clothing brand. Let's share it together!


Esprit has always been unique in its vibrant, lively and cheerful image. The overall design style reflects a strong California color, full of sunshine enthusiasm and vitality, and reflects freedom and freedom. The most famous design concept is "care about mentality rather than age", so it is loved by people of all ages. It used to be an American brand long ago, but after the acquisition, it was completely Hong Kong《 Lin Qingxia (from her husband Xing Liyuan)


The brand was born in 1972 and is one of the main brands of bestseller group in Denmark. With its simple and pure style, it has attracted the attention of men who pursue fashion all over the world and represents the men's clothing brand of European fashion trend. Jack & Jones brand design pays attention to the design concept of international brand, pursues urban plot, and emphasizes men's unique feeling of modern clothing. Its sales target includes elites from all walks of life and men sensitive to fashion.


For 100 years, Lee has always maintained American flavor and characteristics - vigorous, free and unrestrained, and full of pioneering spirit. It can be said that Lee grew up with the United States. The slogan of Lee company is "this pair of jeans created American history".


Jean was originally a very simple word. In the early years, sailors in Genoa, Italy used this word to call a kind of clothing material, and their clothes were cut from this kind of cloth. In the 18th century, black slaves in American Southern manors began to wear jeans, but it was only because the cloth was too strong. In 1848, a gold mine was discovered not far from San Francisco, triggering the famous "gold rush". Riober Strauss left his home in New York and joined the gold rush. As a wholesaler, Leopold, who changed his name to Levi's, founded Levi's in 1853.


Alternative diesel was officially founded in Italy in 1978, but it won the sales champion of European jeans for three consecutive years in 1995, 1996 and 1997, sharing the world with Levi's, the overlord of the American market. Its president Renzo Rosso was a royal designer who sewed jeans for the Italian royal family before the creation of the brand, and the royal family favored him very much. When he and his two friends founded the company, they opposed the master practice of naming the brand with their own name in the fashion industry and replaced it with the word diesel (meaning diesel engine), which was inspired by the popularity of diesel at that time: in 1972, when all parts of the world faced a serious energy crisis, diesel oil was regarded as a star energy and trend representative for a time. Renzo uses this to show the brand's position: positioning in the young emerging generation. The emergence of diesel has smeared the modesty of Italian high-end fashion on the cowboy position: Sexy tailoring deliberately modifies the legs and hip curve; The first three-point waist closing pants design makes the lower abdomen look flat without sculpture; The hip line is low in front and high in back, showing a streamlined radian. When squatting, you can avoid the indecent exposure of your underwear.

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