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Friday, September 3, 2021

How many clothing brands do you know in the 21st century?

How many clothing brands do you know in the 21st century?

Who is a clothing expert and who is a brand fan. Now, who can tell me how many kinds of well-known brand clothes are there in the world, what their names are in Chinese and English, which country they come from and which master they are made by. Who offers more, offer

Brand name: Cerruti

Brand profile:

(1) Founder: ninocerruti

(2) Place of registration: Paris, France (1967)

(3) Designer: ninocerruti Nino. Cerruti was born in Italy in 1930 and became the general manager of the family industry brothers textile company in 1950. In 1967, she opened a fashion shop in Paris (4) brand line: (cerruti1881 1881): Men's wear II Cerruti (Cerruti): fashion, perfume.

(5) category: senior men's wear, senior women's wear, series perfume, and Movie Costume design.

(6) Address: 3placedelamadeleine, 75008 Paris, France 75008, Madeleine, price No. 3 style summary: "when a man puts on a suit, he should look like those important people", Ninocerruti, known as the father of Italian fashion, explained his men's wear of cerruti1881 brand, which may explain the reason why Cerruti brand can become famous all over the world. In fact, he launched the men's clothing brand "hitman" as early as 1957, but cerruti1881, born in Paris in 1967, is the perfect embodiment of his design concept. The adherence to and expansion of traditional factors have laid an epoch-making position for Cerruti brand. Cerruti1881 men's wear brings people unprecedented surprises with streamlined design style; Not only the shape always follows the fashion, but also the tailoring perfectly combines the Italian handmade tradition, the British color configuration and the French style, integrating the classic and fresh taste. In addition to cerruti1881 men's wear, the same brand line of Cerruti fashion and perfume has also been known for a long time. The Swiss watch series can be described as a promising upstart in this big family. It inherits Cerruti's always elegant design and is refined by using highly accurate Swiss watchmaking technology. It is implicit, elegant and precious, and implements Cerruti's tradition of publicizing quality. In addition, due to the frequent bond with the charming stars under the mercury lamp, cerruti1881, an international brand, is filled with the unique arrogant style of Hollywood, symbolizing reputation, wealth and personal style. Brand name: Giorgio Armani brand file: Founder Giorgio Armani was born in Italy in 1934, studied medicine and photography, once worked as a men's designer in cheretti, and founded Giorgio Armani in 1975. He has won the naimen Marcos award, all wool logo award, life achievement award, American International Designers Association Award, Kuti shack award and other awards. George Armani is now the largest selling European designer brand in the United States. He is famous for using new fabrics and excellent production. In terms of design style, they are neither trend nor tradition, but a good combination between the two. Their clothes rarely seem to be related to fashion. His main brand, Giorgio Armani, is aimed at the wealthy, while Mani, Emporio Armani and Armani jeans are aimed at ordinary consumers. Brand name: guess brand profile: guess brand was founded by Marciano brothers from southern France. They integrated the romantic and enthusiastic French design and style into their understanding and appreciation of American Western culture. Guess was born in 1981. When it was founded, it was just a jeans manufacturer. Now it has developed into one of the most recognized and influential well-known brands in the world, with agents and distributors on five continents. The guess, which designs clothes and accessories for men, women, children and families, interprets the exquisite quality of life of the host incisively and vividly. Brand name: Hermes brand introduction: it is the consistent purpose of Hermes to make all products to be refined, beautiful and impeccable. At present, Hermes has 14 series of products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, clothing for men and women, perfume, watches, etc. most of the products are hand crafted. No wonder some people call them products of profound thinking, noble taste, rich connotation and exquisite workmanship. These Hermes boutiques, through more than 200 stores scattered in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, are integrated into the fast-paced modern life and let the world return to the embrace of traditional elegance. After more than 160 years of ups and downs, Hermes family has made its brand famous through the joint efforts of several generations. As early as the 20th century, Hermes has become a typical representative of French luxury consumer goods. In the 1920s, Emil, grandson of Founder Thierry Hermes, once commented on Hermes brand: "leather products create the tradition of extreme sports and elegance." Hermes is only a harness shop in Paris that specializes in making various supporting exquisite decorations for carriages. At the Paris exhibition held in 1885, Hermes won the first prize of such products. Since then, Emil Charles, the son of Hermes, built a store to produce and sell saddles and other items, and began retail business. With the emergence and development of vehicles and other means of transportation, Hermes began to change production and applied its exquisite production technology to the production of other products, such as wallet, travel bag, handbag, watch belt, as well as auxiliary tools required for some sports such as golf, polo and hunting. It also designed and made high-grade sports clothes. All products of Hermes brand use the best high-grade materials, pay attention to craft decoration and exquisite details, and have won a good reputation for its excellent quality. In the history of Hermes, another sensational news time was the zipper Golf Jacket designed for the prince of Wales in 1920, which became the earliest successful design of leather clothing in the 20th century. Jean Gen and Robert Dimma, the fourth generation inheritors of Hermes, developed new products such as perfume and stickers on the basis of their leather products. By the 60s of this century, the growing Hermes company had all kinds of fashion and perfume products. In 1970, Hermes was just a family factory with pure handicraft industry, but 15 years later, it has developed into a super multinational company making high-quality products, with a turnover of five times. Now, the scale of Hermes is still expanding. In 1992, the turnover reached 2.5 billion francs (about RMB 37252.5 million), and the net profit was 176 million francs. Hermes silk scarf is not a piece of smooth silk, but a silk cloth with fine straight lines. It is woven after combing the silk thread on the shaft. It is characterized by not easy to wrinkle. Sometimes, in order to make silk scarves more distinctive, dark flower patterns will be added in the weaving process, such as honey, horse, etc. The toner selects appropriate pigments according to the designer's logo. Each color must use a special steel frame and use the principle of screen printing to evenly sweep the colors on the silk paste one by one. The number of pigments to be applied to each silk scarf depends on the requirements of the design drawing, generally 12-36, with a maximum of 37. After the color was determined, it began to print, and then cut into 90 cm square silk scarves. Fixing color is also a cumbersome work, which must go through the procedures of bleaching, steaming and drying, so that the color will not fall off. Finally, the process department rolls and cuts the mouth manually. After folding the edge, one elegant and outstanding silk scarf is completed. The screen printing process could have been replaced by computer, but Hermes insisted on manual coloring. Crimping does not use a sewing machine, but is sewn by hand. Its theory is: a perfect picture is the most important thing. It is called perfect only when there is a relative picture frame to fix it. Once the edge of the silk paste is flat, the pattern seems to flow and distort. It can be seen that Hermes is very persistent in details. It also won people's hearts with such details. Hermes silk stickers are only 90 square centimeters in size. The weight of each silk scarf is only 75 grams. Since 1937, it has 900 different square scarves. Hermes has an unwritten rule that two silk scarf series come out every year, and each series has 12 different design styles, of which 6 are brand-new designs, and the other 6 are re matched based on the original design. In 1937, the first Hermes scarf inspired by the jockey's coat was born. The production of Hermes scarves is a collection of countless exquisite processes. All of them are based in Lyon district. From design to production, they must go through seven rigorous processes: theme concept to pattern finalization → pattern engraving, color analysis and screen making → color combination → printing and coloring → retouching processing → manual edge closing → quality inspection and packaging. In this way, it takes 18 months for each silk scarf to be born through layers of checkpoints. A silk scarf produced by Hermes is like a work of art worthy of collection, unique and charming. Among the movie stars born in the heyday of Hollywood in the 1950s, there were many Hermes lovers, including Grace Kelly, who later became the princess of Monaco. She liked Hermes's handbag very much. With the permission of Monaco's royal family, Hermes officially changed its handbag to "Kelly bag". Hermes handbags originated from saddle bags. At that time, there were three models of 28cm, 32cm and 35cm. In 1968, "micro Kelly" was launched. In 1980, a new model of 40cm was added to the "Kelly bag" series. So far, Kelly bags are the best-selling handbags. What is worth integrating is that Hermes handbag production also inherits its production tradition, which is sewn and numbered by one person from beginning to end. This is not only to facilitate the repair of customers, but also reflects the craftsman's pride in his craft“ There is no fixed dress pattern in this world. Only the natural and enlightened personality can show the man nature created by Hermes. " Herm è s menswear designer Veronique nichanian said. Hermes always adheres to the design concept of extraordinary excellence and gorgeous, and serves the natural and unrestrained men who are full of self-confidence and firm will. They require preciseness, insist on enjoying the best things given by life, and appreciate high-quality leather, high-quality materials and perfectly tailored trousers. Comfort and original spirit, not in line with the trend and not deliberately expressing themselves are the pursuit of Hermes.

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