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Thursday, September 2, 2021

How does a new clothing brand operate.

How does a new clothing brand operate.

How to operate a new brand (the way of new brand growth)

In this era of fierce competition, there is no doubt that most domestic commodity markets have been in a situation of "oversupply". So how should a new brand, as a new entrant to the market, open its own market? Improve your brand? And let the brand speak? First weight:

What is the brand positioning of this brand? Is it competitive. What is the resource allocation around brand positioning, that is, what is the brand strategy.

Brand positioning is not necessarily good, but it must not be good without brand positioning!

Special attention should be paid here: brand positioning and brand strategy must be simple, clear and easy to understand. After listening, people suddenly realized: that's what we did! Instead of dozens of pages of PPT talking about our brand strategy.

We divide the key steps of brand building into five steps:

1. Great product ideas

2. Far reaching core values

3. Find the right strategy to express core values

3. Over and over again

4. Form a one-to-one brand association in the minds of consumers

1、 Choose the right path to enter the market

New brands should plan well, think about how to make the brand sound and let the target group know. In this case, it is very important to choose the correct way of market entry. Different products have their own unique sales channels. Selecting the right channel will achieve twice the result with half the effort, quickly form sales and occupy the market.

Brand entry channels mainly include the following:

1. One point centralized entry method

This is to concentrate all your strength from one click to break the market and improve marketing performance in the short term. We can concentrate our advantages and attack a little to achieve a regional breakthrough, and then we can plot the whole country. When new brands enter the market, they should not be too greedy and do not want to achieve it overnight. For the new brand, it has just entered the market and has no advantage in the market

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