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Saturday, September 18, 2021

College Students' clothing brand

College Students' clothing brand

Dear parents, see my requirements clearly. First of all, it is suitable for me. I'm a sophomore this year and I'm about to transition to society, so the introduction of clothing brands should be in the past period. Secondly, I like more simple styles, leisure and Korean versions. Finally, I recommend some small brands, compared with the quality of

I think the above people are just fooling around. The first one doesn't understand the value and real positioning of those brands. Those are some international first-line luxury brands. How many people can really afford to spend

Now I'll help you list some influential and most popular brands among college students based on my understanding of clothing for many years

Abercrombie fitch is very popular in Universities in the United States and Europe and America, but there is no exclusive store in China. You can go to Taobao and pat for purchase. The price is relatively affordable and imitative, but you can choose one with slightly better quality

Jack Jones / Jack Jones is known by people all over the world. It is also blooming all over the world. The brand influence is very great. It is also a brand with great reputation among college students. It is recommended in terms of style, style, quality and price

Levi's doesn't introduce much. It's very common. If you want to wear jeans, the preferred brand style is simple and the price is moderate. I believe you can accept it

Calvin Klein is a favorite of office workers and the first choice of college students when they just entered the society. Its simple style is extremely attractive. It is also recommended by impeccable brands

Dior / Dior focuses on this brand. The price of this brand is often very expensive, which is not affordable for ordinary people. However, there are many imitation board types in China, focusing on self-cultivation and short leisure. The style is very beautiful. You can go to Taobao or pat it. You can choose a slightly better quality as far as possible. The price is more affordable. It is 100-200 left right

Some domestic brands mainly promote Benny road. The style endorsed by Andy Lau, a brand in Hong Kong, is simple, fashionable and slim. You can consider others. For example, Senma, a pure squirrel, MetS bonway, don't do much introduction. It seems to be popular among some high school students and universities in China, but in fact, the quality, style and style are too bad, and there is no taste. It's recommended to pass out


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