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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Clothing brand finishing

Clothing brand finishing First tier brands: LV, Prada and so on. They have history and background. Everyone on earth knows that the price is too expensive to accept. You have found a bargain for formal 1W. There is no difference between first-line brands, only the style of designers Second tier brands: many are well-known, such as maxmara, and others are not well understood. Some of them are no worse than the first-line brands in terms of price and style, but they lack qualifications. There are many brands created by first-line famous designers, and the price is only a little cheaper, so people won't faint... Third tier: most of them are second tier brands. Like Polo by Ralph Lauran, they also include some cowboy brands, such as replace, diesel and evisu. The price is within the limit you can accept. Ordinary clothes can go up to 2K, and a t can go up to more than 1K. Volkswagen brands: Oh, from CK, jeans, gap and guess, they are a realm. I'll say below. Well, starting from the popular brand, there are grades here. Obviously, the lowest is the likes of Benelux and JeansWest. Let me say a wicked word: never wear that shit! As long as your economy allows. It has nothing to do with the price. If you choose those, it means you give up your style. There are too many people wearing them, and the design is so bad. In this level, Benelux, life geometry (S & K), JeansWest, IP zone, Giordano, spergo, U2, etc. the price is the same. Giordano, U2 and spergo are the most expensive (referring to the original price, maybe no one pays attention to it...), and they are also the best. They are much better than others. Spergo has just come in because the styles are good, U2 and Giordano shouldn't have been at this level. Naturally, they are better. Up there are Esprit and Jack Jones, which are called college students' brands. Esprit is a typical representative of this level. He introduced it first and took the most complete road. From him, we can see the future of other brands The advantages of this level are: it's not expensive. It's often discounted. When it was first introduced, the style was very good, the quality was passable, there were stores everywhere, and the service was also good The disadvantages are: the price is more and more expensive, discounts are more and more frequent, the style is beginning to be ugly, and the quality is a headache! In other words, after the introduction for a period of time, it becomes useless. The good ones become esprit, but the bad ones. Hum, look at what Etam is like now. Let's think about it carefully. Is JJ following the old path of Esprit... The reason for the deterioration is that at the beginning, the design was synchronized with the headquarters and the style was guaranteed, but after a period of time, domestic manufacturers began to design by themselves, so... It's really much worse. It's normal for production to increase and quality to deteriorate. There are many esprit, JJ, mark Huafei, Tom tailor and so on in this level. The price is the most expensive in Esprit. The pants can be up to 500, the lining is less than 400, the coat is more than 600, and the coat will not be less than 1K. JJ and mark Tom streams are only 10 to 20% lower. In terms of style, JJ is similar to mark. They are very fancy. They have high body requirements. There are too many Esprit elements. There are no big restrictions. Tom tail is worn by big boys The above are casual wear. At the same level, there are cowboy brands, such as Levi's, Lee, Wrangler, gap, ckjeans, guess, Lois and Lee partner, star & from = forum52 "target ="_ Blank "class =" replacekeyword "> G-star, 5th Street, apple. Wrangler doesn't know many people, because he has just introduced it. In fact, he has a big background. He ranks first in sales in the United States. He is called the three major cowboy brands together with Levi's and Lee. His personal evaluation is: first-class quality! Does he look like... He really looks like a cowboy -- an American farmer. In other words, he is the competition clothes for the American cowboy competition. Cold... Gap! The most popular clothing brand in the United States. It also includes Old Navy and banana public. It can't be said to be a pure Cowboy brand, which is more casual. The price is a little unfair. It's obviously very cheap in the United States, but it's expensive here. There are many pants above 600, and the jacket needs more than 1K, so it's not positive. Things are good. Ck jeans, another popular brand in the United States, has the same problem as gap. It is expensive because it is the first designed jeans in the world (in short, it is a cowboy made by a designer) Therefore, trousers are more expensive. There are the most expensive ones between 800 and 1400, and there are also more expensive ones. The coat is about 1500. The most expensive shirt can be more than 1K. The price has a lot to do with the place of origin. The domestic ones may be nearly half cheaper. CK fans should be quite many here. I think the domestic styles are much worse than those abroad. Is it "self-designed" again ? the discount is very good. It's always 20% off one piece, 20% off two pieces and 30% off three pieces. Guess, it is said that it is a medium and high-end brand in the United States. Things are almost the same as CK J, and it costs a little more. Hua lining fir is very famous, but the domestic agent seems to be very bad. You see, there is only one LCX store in Beijing. The publicity is too poor, and the discount is as strong. It is generally 50% off, and usually 20% off. Lois and Lee Corporation are two domestic agents, so the counters are always connected together. The original price is the same as that of Lee. No one remembers the original price if there are many discounts... Things are much worse than their great advertising words, so they are not recommended. G-star is a brand worth talking about. It is a rare brand whose price is cheaper at home than abroad, and it is much cheaper! Believe it or not, G-STAR rarely has things below 1K yuan in Europe. It's normal to buy two or three kilos for a coat. It's a standard third tier brand. It's said that Europeans come to China in large quantities. Indeed, it's much cheaper Thanks to "independent design". That is to say, G-STAR in China is not the same as that in Europe except that it is the same brand and some classic styles have not changed. Fortunately, the current style has won the favor of many people (I don't like it). The price of pants is similar to Levi, and the coat is the same as Esprit. It is highly recommended!!!! Fifth Street and apple are not recommended. Although they are not expensive, they are not cheap. The quality is average. The design has no personality. Many of them are copied I don't have much experience. I don't have third tier things. I'm poor, but it doesn't prevent me from visiting their stores, hehe... Replace, the first brother of Italian cowboys, has a very street style, which is relatively uniform and does not change often (some people think it is a single thing). There are no pants below 1K, and the top is not capped up. The top is about 2K, and the T is generally about 800. Diesel! The hottest Cowboy brand! It's also from Italy. Its style is exaggerated. Some people can't even wear it everyday. Some people think that the top is not as good as replace. Different people see different people. The price is also expensive and the same as replace. I think the relationship between their two families is the same as that between Levi and Lee. Unfortunately, such a hot brand is not exclusive in China!!! The only place to sell is heib A cowboy store from Hong Kong, which operates various Italian cowboy brands, with a little diesel. The problem is that heib only has two in Shanghai Nautica, a leisure brand founded by ABC, is extremely expensive. It is as expensive as CK J. it also has a sub brand (this is the sub brand, Han -#u-iii) Nautica jeans. The price is a little approachable. Like Lee, pants can sell more than 500 Tony wear, a leisure brand with a price similar to that of JJ, also has a sub brand Tony jeans. The price remains the same. The manufacturer is located in Zhejiang. It is not known that it is somewhere in Shanghai. Customers have general evaluation, frequent discounts and uneven quality Izzue, a young people's brand from Hong Kong, supervised by Maggie Cheung. The style is street oriented and Japanese. The price is the same as that of JJ. People who like that style will like it very much. I hate what I don't like. The discount is positive Mexx: you're from Germany. It's ordinary clothes in Europe. The level is the same as esprit, the price is the same, and the style is the same There are also some unusual brands, such as the Italian brands sold in heib, which may enter the domestic market recently. Chevigon, gas and energy Italian cowboys have the same style, like replace, but the price is much cheaper, which is the same as that of Lee. The latter two are difficult to see except for heib. The former has entered the domestic market on a large scale, and there are some old brands, Marlboro and cat (it's not just shoes). They are all expensive main. CK J gears For some third tier brands, you don't have to dare to enter the door. In fact, it's not too expensive, especially when the discount is very worthwhile. Generally, the discount at this level can reach 50% off, that is, below CK J! What are JeansWest's clothing brands

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