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Monday, August 30, 2021

What is the Chinese name of this clothing brand? NAPAPIJRI

What is the Chinese name of this clothing brand? NAPAPIJRI

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The clothing brand name is napapijri, and there is no standard Chinese name.

Napapijri is an Italian high-grade leisure clothing brand under VF Corporation. Founded in Italy in 1986, napapijri is one of the well-known high-quality outdoor sports brands in Europe and America.

Napapijri is a variant of the word polar circle in Finnish. Its half deep and half shallow trademark represents the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic circle. At the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, an Italian manufacturer of travel bags and outdoor sports clothes found new inspiration, and combined innovative fabrics with unique style, thus founded napapijri.

Norway is closely related to the napapijri brand, because it is the northernmost country in Europe, the birthplace of some of the greatest explorers in the 20th century, and a country with extreme natural conditions and magnificent scenery. Therefore, the spirit of adventure is the concept of napapijri brand.

Extended data:

Napapijri brand company:

VF (Weifu company) has housekeeping weapons, including famous jeans, such as Lee and Wrangler, and new hipper brands, such as vans. The most famous is the company's skates.

In recent years, in order to find development opportunities, VF has swallowed brands such as Nautica, vans, napapijri and Kipling.

VF Corporation is a leader in branded fashion, including jeans, outdoor products, image clothing and sportswear.

Its main brands include Wrangler â, Lee â, riders â, rustler â, the north face â, vans â, reef â, napapijri â, Kipling â, etc.

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