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Thursday, August 5, 2021

What are the mainstream international and domestic clothing brands at present

What are the mainstream international and domestic clothing brands at present

What are the mainstream international and domestic clothing brands at present? There is no need to introduce migrant workers such as Yishion, Benny road and Meibang

Brand name: Chanel Brand archives: (1) founder: Gabrielle Chanel (2) registered place: Paris, France (1913) (3) Designer: 1913-1971, Gabrielle Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel) since 1983, Karllargerfeld (4) brand line: Chanel Chanel (5) category: Women's hat and fashion shop were opened in 1913 to make clothes; Since 1921, we have developed all kinds of perfumes: No.5 perfume and No.22 perfume in 1921, cuirderussie perfume in 1924, No.19 perfume in 1970, cristalle perfume in 1974, coco perfume in 1984, egoiste perfume in men, and allure perfume in Hong Kong. In addition, there are all kinds of accessories, cosmetics, leather goods, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and shoes. Brand identification: (1) on the buttons of Chanel clothes or the buckles of leather goods, we can easily find the logo designed by overlapping cocochanel's double C, which is the "spiritual symbol" that makes Chanel fans crazy( 2) Diamond pattern: since the first generation of Chanel Leather goods became more and more popular, its three-dimensional diamond pattern has gradually become one of the symbols of Chanel, and has been continuously used in Chanel's new clothes and leather goods. Later, it was even applied to the design of watches, especially the "matelassee" series, the metal strap of K gold and stainless steel, and even formed a three-dimensional "diamond pattern"( 3) Camellia: Chanel has a special love for "Camellia". Now for the whole world, "Camellia" is equal to the "national flower" of Chanel kingdom. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is not only designed as Camellia ornaments of various materials, but also often used in cloth patterns of clothing. Brand name: Yves Saint Laurent Brand files: (1) type: high fashion (2) founder: Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent (3) registered place: Paris (4) Designer: Saint Laurent (5) category: high fashion, perfume series, jewelry, shoes and hats, cosmetics, cigarettes and so on. Brand Description: Yves Saint Laurent, the founder, was born in Algeria in 1936. At the age of 21, Yves Saint Laurent was the chief designer of Dior fashion company, which was the most prestigious in the world. However, it didn't last long. Because Dior's old customers thought that Yves Saint Laurent was too radical, he was fired in 1960. He established his own company in Paris in 1962. St. Laurent's design is both avant-garde and classical. The model does not wear a bra to show thin and transparent fashion is his pioneer. Saint Laurent is good at adjusting the defects of human body shape. He often integrates multiple factors such as art and culture into fashion design, absorbs keen and rich inspiration, and strives to make high-grade women's clothes as perfect as works of art from beginning to end. Saint Laurent's flagship product is high fashion, which serves only thousands of rich people in the world. It is difficult for ordinary people to accept the luxury of materials, exquisite processing and high price. Brand name: Versace Brand profile: (1) type: haute couture, Haute Couture (2) founder: Gianni Versace (3) registered place: Milan, Italy (1978) (4) address: via ges 12. Milano.italia, Milan, Italy zip code: 20121 (5) Designer: Gianni ˙ Versace, dantella Versace style summary: (1) the famous Italian clothing brand Versace represents a brand family and a fashion empire. Its distinctive design style is a symbol of vanguard art with unique beauty. Among them, those with unique charm are gorgeous and imaginative styles that show the characteristics of the Renaissance. These styles are sexy and beautiful, full of femininity and bright colors. They not only have opera style super flat and realistic gorgeous, but also fully consider wearing comfort and properly display body shape( 2) Versace's clothes are far less rigid and avant-garde than they look. Women's trousers and leather women's clothes decorated with metal objects and glitters create a female image between female fighters and banshees. Embroidered metal mesh structure weaving is a reproduction of Deco Art. The changing application of black-and-white stripes recalls the style of the 1920s. The rich and diverse wrapping is reminiscent of designer vioni and North African style( 3) Oblique cutting is the most powerful and valuable attribute of Versace design. The gem like color, smooth lines and the asymmetry produced by oblique cutting have infinite charm. Using noble and luxurious fabrics, with the help of oblique cutting, there is a clever transition between stiff geometric lines and soft body curves. In men's wear, Versace brand clothing is also wrapped with leather to create a bold, majestic and even a little debauchery profile. In terms of size, it is slightly loose and comfortable, and still uses oblique and asymmetric techniques. Wide shoulders and subtle details imply a scientific fantasy, which is called futuristic design. Lines are very important for Versace clothing. Suits, skirts and coats are marked by lines to express women's body sexily. Brand name: Christian Dior Brand archives: (1) founder: ChristianDior (2) registered place: Paris, France (1946) (3) Designer: ChristianDior, 1946-1957; From 1957 to 1960, Yves Saint Laurent; 1960-1989, marcbohan; GIANFRANCOFERRE, 1989-1996; After 1996, John Galiano (Johngalliano) (4) brand line: Christiandior Christine Dio: Senior Women's wear, senior garment (5) category: Senior Women's wear, advanced garments, knitted apparel, underwear, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and so on. Brand story: (1) Dior brand has always been synonymous with gorgeous women's clothing. The kamalai evening dress with large V-neck and multi-level and freely matching fur are all made by the talented designer Dior. Its elegant narrow skirt can always make the wearer walk freely, reflecting the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. The revolution of Dior brand is also reflected in its commitment to fashion comprehensibility; Select high-grade and high-quality fabrics, such as silk and satin, traditional overcoat, worsted wool, taffeta, gorgeous embroidery, etc. And the workmanship is more fine( 2) After 1957, Dior was still synonymous with elegance. The second generation designer Saint Laurent introduced Dior to Moscow in 1959 and launched Dior's new series - slim series. Mark Bong, the third-generation successor, pioneered the Miss Dior series, continued the spiritual style of the Dior brand and carried it forward. In 1989, Dior brand was designed by Italian designer Ferre. His arrival integrated new rigor and elegance into Dior's traditional exaggerated and romantic style. Today, Dior is managed by lvth group; In 1997, the young British designer Galliano was pushed to the front desk of Dior. After entering the 90s, the brand name of Dior includes perfume, fur, headscarves, knitted sweaters, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. 3) For decades, Dior brand has been creating "new opportunities, new love stories" for people. Dior made an indelible contribution to the reconstruction of the world fashion center in Paris after the war.

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