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Thursday, August 26, 2021

What are the famous clothing brands in Germany?

What are the famous clothing brands in Germany?

Adidas, Etam, Aigner, Escada, Hugo Boss

Expansion materials:

Adidas (Adidas), founded in 1949, is a member company of Adidas AG, a German sporting goods manufacturer. Named after its founder Adolf ADI Dassler, it began to produce footwear products in heitsogen orah in 1920.

Registered in the name of Adidas Ag on August 18, 1949. Adidas was originally set up by two brothers. After they parted ways, Adolf's brother Rudolf Dassler opened the sports brand puma. Its classic advertising slogan: "impossible is nothing". In March 2011, it invested 160 million euros to launch a new slogan - Adidas is all in.

Egger's first retail store in the name of "Etam" was opened in Germany in 1916. By 1928, the chain point network developed to Paris and gradually became a famous women's clothing chain in France and even Europe. Its headquarters is located in Paris, France. In 1982, there were Etam stores in Paris, and based on the most famous fashion capital in the world, it has gradually become a famous women's clothing chain in France and even Europe. Etam has become the most familiar and cordial brand for young French girls with its fashionable style and moderate price

Aigner, a legendary fashion brand, is famous for its unique handicrafts and high-quality materials, especially handbags and leather belts. The brand is based in Europe. Since its establishment in 1965, it has been promoting its signature horseshoe mark and different styles to all over the world. So far, Aigner products have been sold in 40 countries, 135 special stores and 350 special sales points all over the world.

Founded in 1976, Escada brand is famous for designing and operating high-quality women's clothes for high-income professional women. Concise, refined, smart and personalized are the images deliberately created by Escada. The clothing style is bright, elegant, functional and practical. It can be matched with series or single product combination. Paying attention to the application of new fabrics and unique color system is also one of its characteristics.

Hugo Boss: Hugo Boss was founded in 1923 in mechingen, Germany. Adhere to the above design, materials and workmanship, integrate modern beauty, and present you with elegant mood and self charm.

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