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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Strong brand cultivation

Strong brand cultivation

If any brand wants to be strong, in addition to publicity and planning, a strong sales team is also indispensable. Every successful brand is backed by its profound corporate culture. The soul of the enterprise is people, and the corporate culture also needs people to carry it forward. Any strong brand should be based on quality and honesty. Quality and honesty are the most critical step. We should grasp the most unique style and make it fashionable and different. Based on the above two opinions, it is perfect. When you are a person, you still have to grasp the employment, hit out your brand, advertise and publicize. Now domestic enterprises often talk about the brand and how to plan the brand strategy. In fact, what they want to earn most is money, but they may feel uncomfortable without talking about brands because they listen to more expert courses, and they seem to be farmers. However, how to build a brand and deeply brand the core content of the brand for their own enterprises? These bosses haven't thought seriously. What they think is that with the shell of the brand, they can make more money in their bag. This is their original intention to talk about the brand or build the brand. There is no doubt that modern China has experienced a lot of suffering, and Western civilization has dominated modern society. The game standard created by the west, China was able to fully contact after the reform and opening up. Therefore, it has become our goal to fully integrate with the world and keep up with the West. However, form is easy to learn, but God is difficult to reach. Many Chinese enterprises have now learned the appearance of the west, but the real spiritual content is only a small part of their own bones. Therefore, in the case of the supremacy of interests, honor and integrity become the emperor's new clothes. Without children's exposure, they get unlimited praise; Once a problem is found, he refuses to admit it like a scoundrel. The bosses of poisonous vegetables, poisonous rice, clenbuterol, malachite green, melamine and fake purple sand can be said to have brought the Chinese people's intelligence to the limit and carried forward their shamelessness to the extreme. Money and profit are the supreme ideals in their lives; Brand and integrity are presented to consumers, and even a pile of shit is not as good in their hearts. In the past two years, China's corporate reputation has basically collapsed, involving basic necessities of life. The most sad thing is that even those domestic famous enterprises known as Chinese famous brands and well-known trademarks are the same. Alas, we ant people really don't know who else to trust and when we will become one of the victims. Brand to enterprise is undoubtedly reputation to people. The credibility of a person is the basis of judgment. In fact, our ancestors have long given us good enlightenment on how to establish a brand. Shanxi merchants and Huizhou merchants, the most representative economic groups in modern China, the biggest reason for their success is that they have always adhered to integrity. Just think, how can those Shanxi ticket banks across China survive without integrity in that era of backward transportation and communication?! Therefore, the brand is not publicized, but accumulated step by step. But look at our current enterprises, they often talk about western dogmatism, but they can't be separated from the influence of interests. Therefore, the appearance is to learn the Western gentlemanly approach, but the inside is to calculate how much profit you can make. Integrity and responsibility are advertised to consumers and can be created with money. In the final analysis, to be an enterprise is to be a person. What kind of person, there must be what kind of enterprise. But I think Chinese entrepreneurs must be confused now. Their brains have been made into a paste by interests and flattery to the West. They have long been unable to distinguish the southeast and northwest, let alone the basic concept of being a man. As Chinese, we want to support our domestic products. But I think Chinese enterprises should strive for their own success and stand upright. As for brand and profit, as long as you do a good job in people and enterprises, I believe there will always be, and will give you a satisfactory result. I would like to advise those entrepreneurs who are still immersed in brand Lust: put aside the ideas of pseudo brands. The real brand is refined by integrity!

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