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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Japanese clothing brands with high cost performance include UNIQLO, Zara and Muji.

Japanese clothing brands with high cost performance include UNIQLO, Zara and Muji.


UNIQLO with simple design style has always been popular with many people.

Recently, some cooperation models are also good, with more bright colors and rich styles. UNIQLO's shirts are very comfortable and versatile. They are between formal and informal. They are the first choice for new employees.

If you don't have much budget to buy big brand shirts, it's a good choice for UNIQLO to store more shirts.


Zara's design follows the trend and has rich colors.

However, Xiaotong slightly feels that Zara clothes are biased towards the European and American style and are not very friendly to small girls. However, small partners with a height of 155cm often visit the children's clothing area to buy clothes, and unexpectedly they can harvest a lot of clothes suitable for themselves.


MUJI's Japanese home is very famous, and their clothes are also good.

Due to the recent "re examination of price", round neck, V-neck, solid color, stripe, cotton short sleeve T-shirts are 58 yuan, and the price of Chinese cabbage! The foundation is white and comfortable to wear, especially the Striped ones. They are too grassy and not easy to be outdated. They can adapt to various styles.

Of course, their new linen clothes are also very popular. Tough flax material is simple and plain. The more times you wear and wash, the better flexibility, reliable, long-term and comfortable.

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