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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Japanese clothing brands are: UNIQLO, Muji, Kawakubo Ling

Japanese clothing brands are: UNIQLO, Muji, Kawakubo Ling


As the core brand of Japan fast retailing company, it was established in 1984. At that time, it was a small clothing store selling suits. Now it has become an international well-known clothing brand. UNIQLO ranks 168 in the 2018 World Top 500 brands list.

Liujing, the current chairman and general manager of UNIQLO, is introducing a hypermarket style clothing sales mode for the first time in Japan, realizing the low cost of store operation through a unique commodity planning, development and sales system, which has triggered the hot selling trend of UNIQLO.


One of the biggest characteristics of Muji is minimalism. Its products remove the trademark, save unnecessary design, remove all unnecessary processing and color, and are simple enough to leave only the material and function itself.

In addition to the signs on store signs and paper bags, it is difficult for customers to find their brand marks on all MUJI products. In Muji stores, customers can hardly see any bright colors except the red "Muji" box. The main colors of most products are white, beige, blue or black.

3. Chuan jiubaoling

Founded in 1973, it is called "comme des Garcons" (French can be translated as "like a boy"; Often referred to as comme);

In 1975, at the age of 33, kawaku Baoling was holding her first women's clothing presentation in Tokyo. In 1978, this brand began to have men's clothing, called Homme.

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