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Sunday, August 1, 2021

How to position the clothing brand?

How to position the clothing brand?

Brand positioning of new garment enterprises I would like to talk about my own views on this issue. The positioning of clothing brand can be expressed as the appropriate design and combination of clothing products, services, prices and images according to the consumption needs of target customers, so as to attract and stabilize target consumers with characteristic clothing products. Brand is not a day's work. It is very difficult to stand out among many brands. A new enterprise should consider whether to be a brand as soon as it opens. If the resources (human resources, capital resources, channel resources) are not too strong, you can suspend the brand. If you fully understand the market and the enterprise has unique technology that can compete with other enterprises, you can consider making a brand. Clothing brand positioning is based on market segmentation. The market is divided into several different segments, and different products or services are used to meet their different needs. Clothing market segmentation is the first step of clothing marketing. All enterprises must understand and analyze the market from market segmentation, find the growth space of enterprises, and complete the positioning of clothing brand while determining the target market and target consumers. One. Clothing brand positioning mainly includes: product positioning, market positioning and image positioning. 1. Product positioning is to determine the categories and product categories of products on the basis of market segmentation, that is, first determine to operate men's clothing, women's clothing or children's clothing, and then decide to operate professional clothing, casual clothing or sportswear, etc. Product positioning should also consider the material of surface and auxiliary materials, the quality requirements of garment processing, product identification, packaging, etc. 2. Price positioning is based on product positioning, combined with brand awareness, fashion and other factors. The higher the added value, the higher the price positioning of the brand. At the same time, clothing brand price positioning should also consider leaving room for brand development. With the growth and maturity of the brand, adjust the price strategy, expand market share and strengthen market competitiveness, and improve the overall management quality of the brand. Image positioning is the packaging and language of clothing brand. A complete clothing brand image positioning includes the setting of clothing image, logo image, store image and publicity image. 3. Brand image positioning takes product and price positioning as the premise. According to the consumption psychology and consumption characteristics of target consumers, the image positioning based on visual image expresses the connotation of the brand, and focuses on adjusting the brand image positioning according to the different requirements of external image at different stages of brand development. 2、 The difference strategy of clothing brand positioning due to the fierce market competition, the accurate market positioning must also be different from the similar products of competitors. The differentiated brand positioning is the foundation of clothing brand based on the market. Brand differentiation strategy can make the brand maintain its own characteristics in the competition, which is also the reason why the brand has a loyal consumer group. If there is no difference and form homogenization with other brands, the new enterprise brand will never have an advantage in market competition and will only fail. In the ocean of more than ox hair brands (some can hardly be said to be brands, but can only be regarded as trademarks), only differentiation is the way to survive. I think garment enterprises can make three kinds of positioning choices: 1. OEM brand, that is, it is located to process for other brands; 2. Product oriented brand, that is, focus on a certain kind of clothing products and strive to make the brand form a favorable position in the minds of consumers in similar products; 3. Lifestyle oriented brands, that is, clothes and costumes focusing on a certain lifestyle, realize the favorable position of the brand in the minds of consumers and similar lifestyle clothing products through emotional demands. The brand wave triggered by the late 1990s makes many garment enterprises love to create their own brands. Many garment enterprises that used to do OEM (OEM) have created their own brands to enter the domestic market. However, enterprises must examine their own advantages and market opportunities, and measure whether they have the ability to create and operate a lasting brand. If we do not establish our own consumer market brand and adhere to OEM, the prospect can still be very good. Enterprises must constantly innovate in the direction of positioning and maintain their dominant position. A brand whose strategic positioning is product oriented must concentrate all its resources to become a leading consumer in a certain kind of products. For non leading brands, market opportunities still exist. It can continuously subdivide the product market, avoid the strong position of leading brands in the product field, and specialize in a certain market segment to seek the leading position in the market segment. 3、 Business channel determines clothing brand positioning. Fourth, brand is not equal to trademark. Many people have a misunderstanding that registering a trademark is a brand. Brand is a big concept, which needs to be operated in many aspects. The characteristic of the brand is to finally obtain market recognition and consumer recognition; Have influence and reputation. First, a new brand should be well-known in a narrow field, commonly known as a firm foothold, and then maintain the brand image and improve attention and popularity. You know, Rome can't be built in a day. Don't be eager for success, don't go around all day. We should focus on the big and start with the small, and lay a solid foundation.

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