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Sunday, August 29, 2021

How to build your own clothing brand? What can I do for you? More specific

How to build your own clothing brand? What can I do for you? More specific

Register the trademark, and then annotate the brand, that is, clarify the core concept of the brand, and then spread it through various media. When communicating, you need to pay attention to who your brand is created for, what hobbies, behaviors, ways of thinking and values they have, how they like to obtain information, etc., and then your brand appears in the media they often watch, places they often go to, movies they often watch or games they play.

Brand management is the development trend of garment industry. The development of garment brand in foreign countries is much better than that in China. From the perspective of the development process of clothing brands, it generally goes through a process from no brand to brand, from brand to multi brand, from multi brand to few brands, and from few brands to fine brands. At present, the development of clothing brands in China is in the process from brand to multi brand. Major clothing manufacturers and clothing dealers are establishing brands one after another. Then, with the increasing number of brands and the increasingly fierce competition, how to establish one's own brand has become a very important aspect. As the source of the establishment of a brand enterprise, it is very important to establish a brand for the subsequent benign and long-term development of the enterprise. How to build a good brand? It needs to be realized through three aspects of basic work: first, sufficient market research. 2、 Determination of brand positioning. 3、 Establishment of organizational structure. The following will be explained in detail from these three aspects:

1、 Adequate market research

The source and terminal of the enterprise are the market. Therefore, full market research is the * * condition for the establishment of clothing brand.

Only through sufficient market research can we clarify the development direction and brand positioning. Brands created without market research are blind and dangerous. Brand development is a trend from first tier cities to second and third tier cities. Therefore, the location of market research should be the national first tier cities with mature market. Specific research can be carried out from three aspects: 1. Market environment. 2. Consumers. 3. Other clothing merchants in the market. A complete clothing market can be shown in the figure below:

The market environment refers to the overall macro environment of society. The main contents of the survey include: social and cultural background, socio-economic development level, per capita income level, overall population, population age structure ratio, business district distribution in the city, etc. The main contents of consumer survey include: population cultural level, living habits, consumption habits, group preferences, etc. The main contents of the survey of other clothing merchants include: the number of merchants of different products, brand distribution, sales strategy, store management, etc. Through the investigation of these three aspects, we can understand the overall situation of the investigated area, and through the investigation activities of several first tier cities, we can understand the overall situation of the national garment market. On the basis of careful analysis of their own situation, we can find a good entry point.

2、 Determination of brand positioning

With the development of the garment industry, consumers' demand for clothes is far more than the basic aspects of warmth and quality. Nowadays, the things embodied in clothes are becoming more and more complex. Clothes on people reflect their status, temperament, beauty, image and so on. Due to the diversification of consumers and the diversification of consumer demand, the requirements for clothing are becoming more and more differentiated. Therefore, if today's clothing brands want to have a foothold, a clear brand positioning is fundamental.

Through the full investigation of the market, we have a clear and rational understanding of the overall situation of the market, so that we can find a market entry point and enter the market smoothly. This foothold is brand positioning. Brand positioning is mainly determined in three aspects: 1. The age group of consumers targeted by the brand.

2. Product style positioning within a defined age group. 3. Product price positioning. These three aspects constitute the positioning of the brand.

3、 Establishment of organizational structure

With a clear brand positioning, the next work is the establishment and operation of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a complete, reasonable and standardized enterprise architecture. According to the general functions, the company can be divided into four systems: 1. Market brand system. This is a big system that closely adheres to brand positioning, establishes brand concept and brand image promotion. 2. Product operation system. A series of product planning, design, production and logistics systems. 3. Marketing system. The system with store as the core includes two aspects: store development and management. 4. Administrative personnel and financial system. Enterprise logistics support system.

Clothing is a complex product, and clothing enterprises are also a complex large system. Therefore, in order to have a long-term benign development, the source of brand creation is very important

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