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Monday, August 2, 2021

Clothing brand

 Clothing brand

What brand of clothing is a little famous? The brand of the whole store is more specific. Thank you for the domestic `... Launch

Just domestic?!

Yichun clothing (Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

Senma clothing (China's well-known trademark, China's famous brand, top ten clothing brands)

Seven wolves (Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

Ge di (famous trademark in China, famous brand in Taiwan, top ten clothing brands)

Metersbonwe (China famous trademark, China famous brand)

Li Ning Ling (world brand, Chinese famous brand, founded in China in 1990)

Egger Etam (a branch of French Etam group, a famous best-selling brand)

Ailian Ayilian (top ten famous brands, high-known autumn / women's brands, big s endorsement)

Youngor Youngor (Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

Groom hinur (Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

I haven't heard of many. Good brands are foreign

Brand name: Miss Sixty

Birthplace: Italy

For a long time, the Italian brand miss sixty has attracted the attention of countless fashionable women with its unique design. Its style is mainly aimed at urban fashion women who constantly pursue innovation and change. It creates a modern fashion girl with women's unique tenderness, sexy and charming, as well as a slightly avant-garde and ironic artistic touch. Therefore, its unique and innovative design is deeply loved by women. Miss sixty is at the forefront of fashion, and rich personality is the characteristic of miss sixty. Its customers are keen to express their self-image and style on different occasions by changing their clothes and collocations.

Brand name: only

Birthplace: Denmark

Only is one of the four famous brands owned by bestseller, a Danish fashion company famous in Europe. Bestseller, founded in 1972, is currently one of the largest multinational fashion groups in Europe. Only's clothing is suitable for various relaxed leisure occasions such as travel, friends' gathering, evening entertainment and campus life. It not only brings the world's fashion, but also brings the world's first-class quality and service. It puts aside the high price practice adopted by international well-known brands, adopts a reasonable price, keeps friendly and close to people, and is more simple.

Brand name: Calvin Klein

Birthplace: United States

Calvin Klein is the largest designer brand in the United States and has won four famous clothing awards in a row; Its related products are emerging one after another, and the momentum is extremely amazing. Calvin Klein always adheres to perfectionism, and every Calvin Klein fashion looks perfect. Because it embodies the full New York lifestyle, Calvin Klein's clothes have become the favorite of the brand choice of the new generation of professional women.

Brand name: Gianni Versace

Birthplace: Italy

Versace's design style is very distinctive. It is an art pioneer with unique aesthetic feeling. It emphasizes happiness and sexuality. The neckline is often opened below the waist. He takes the luxury and luxury of classical aristocratic style, and can fully consider wearing comfort and appropriate body shape; Versace brand mainly serves royalty, nobility and stars. Gianni Versace, founder of Versace, Jenny Versace.

Brand name: Christian Dior

Birthplace: France

Christian Dior (CD for short) has always been synonymous with dazzling high-end women's clothing. He chooses high-grade gorgeous and high-quality fabrics to show dazzling and dazzling gorgeous and elegant women's clothes, which has attracted much attention in the fashion industry. He inherits the tradition of French high-end women's clothing, always maintains a high-end and gorgeous design route, fine workmanship, caters to the aesthetic taste of mature women in upper class society, symbolizes the highest spirit of French fashion culture, and Dior brand has a high status in Paris.

Brand name: Chanel

Birthplace: France

The well-known, far and near founder of Gabrielle Chanel Chanel founded Chanel in Paris, France in 1913. Chanel has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and perfume. Every product is well-known, especially her perfume and fashion.

Brand name: Valentino

Birthplace: Italy

Valentino famous brand originated in nibus, an Italian seaport full of art. It was founded by Vincenzo Valentino, a member of the Valentino family, in 1908. With its innovative design and strict requirements for material quality and technology, it is deeply welcomed by Italian nobles and celebrities all over the world.

Brand name: Yves Saint Laurent

Birthplace: France

Yves Saint Laurent is both avant-garde and classical. He is good at adjusting the defects of human body shape. He often integrates multiple factors such as art and culture into fashion design, absorbs keen and rich inspiration, and strives to make high-grade women's clothes as perfect as works of art from beginning to end. Saint Laurent's flagship product is high fashion, which serves only a few thousand rich people in the world. It is difficult for ordinary people to accept the luxury of materials, exquisite processing and high price.

Brand name: MOSCHINO

Birthplace: Italy

MOSCHINO has a strange artistic charm. One of its founders, Jean Paul Gaultier, designed sketches for Giorgio Armani in 1971; In 1977, he was invited as a designer of any Dali brand Cadette; MOSCHINO brand was established in 1983. Today, MOSCHINO is a fashion kingdom with a value of 1.9 billion yuan, including known product series, such as MOSCHINO jeans, socks, shoes, and large "MOSCHINO"

What else are LV, gnaw, D & G, Gucci, prada... Luxury goods

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