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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Clothing brand books

Clothing brand books

Dear friends, can you introduce me to the basic books on how to operate clothing brand stores and the books on various domestic women's clothing brands? The more detailed, the better. Give me a big score!! Please.

Written by Wang jiansi;

1. Clothes should be sold like this

2. The shopping guide is right

3. Don't buy anything

Clothing store manager manual

Author: Wu Weigang, editor in chief

Published by: Chemical Industry Press published on: August 2009

The clothing store manager's Manual: being a good clothing store manager introduces that the clothing store manager is the operation manager of the clothing store and the core figure of the clothing store《 Clothing store manager's Manual: being a good clothing store manager is divided into ten chapters, which comprehensively and systematically introduces the relevant knowledge that clothing store managers should know and know. The specific contents include the upgrading study of the clothing store manager, the management of the clothing clerk, the formulation of post system, the management of purchase and storage, the financial knowledge of the store manager, the consumer psychology of customers, the clothing price strategy, the promotion skills of the clothing store, the display of clothing goods and the safety management of the clothing store《 Clothing store manager's Manual: be a good business clothing store manager "is easy to understand, and the content is specific and practical. It can be read and used by store managers of clothing stores and related industries.

Hospitality in clothing stores

Author: edited by Xuan Xiu

Published by: Aerospace Publishing House published on: June 2006

Hospitality is an important issue in the operation of clothing stores, especially for small stores that are "self reliant". Many times, a smile, a look and a word from a clerk can leave a deep impression on customers, and a good impression is conducive to improving the image and reputation of clothing stores. For small stores, this improvement is undoubtedly very important. Starting from the general meaning, focusing on details, this book introduces the hospitality of clothing stores to readers in practical and vivid language, hoping to become a good helper for readers to start a business.

Clothing store operation manual

Author: Xu Haijun

Published by: China Aerospace publishing date: September 2005

Among many business projects, the clothing store makes the fastest money. Colorful fashion not only brings beauty and enjoyment to people's life, but also brings a lot of income to operators. Therefore, more and more people have a plan to open a clothing store. It has small scale, less investment, high profit, and can easily show the style of the store owner. It is an ideal choice. However, opening a clothing store is not necessarily successful. Before deciding to open a clothing store. Be sure to understand all aspects of clothing store management. From the perspective of the operator, this book provides you with comprehensive store opening guidance and practical business skills, helps you realize your dream of opening a store, and lays the foundation for your career development.

Clothing store management


Published by: chemical industry publication date: April 2008

Starting from the "monopoly store" which occupies an important share in the form of clothing retail, this paper discusses how to carry out effective store management as the manager of clothing store. This book vividly summarizes and decomposes various elements closely related to the process of garment retail management into three aspects: "things", "people" and "things", and emphasizes the standardized management of these three aspects in the implementation process. This book introduces the development trend of clothing retail forms and the important role of store managers in retail management. The management of "things", that is, starting with "hardware management", explain the image setting, commodity management and promotion management in store management: the management of "people", that is, the "software part" in store management, respectively explain the need to effectively grasp the needs of customers and employees in store management; Right "thing"

Only in this way can the clothing store make money

Author: Zhang Yiwei

Published by: Lujiang date of publication: April 2008

Now there are many kinds of clothes. It is no longer like before. There is a shop that can make money in any style, and there are not many choices; Nine times out of ten, the current clothing stores are very difficult to operate, so how can they be profitable and have less inventory? Like his courses, Mr. Zhang's book can teach clothing dealers and agent franchisees to avoid detours and grow rapidly. This book is divided into three parts and fifteen chapters. It gives detailed guidance on the bottleneck problems encountered by clothing dealers in the process from entrepreneurship to development and growth, escorts the development of dealers, and is a bright street lamp for clothing dealers.

Clothing store 5-day pass (a Wang store Series)

Author: Zhu Wenxin, editor in chief

Published by: China Development press date: March 2009

This book consists of five parts: the basic part focuses on the analysis and introduction of the current situation of the clothing market, evaluates different store opening modes, and explains various types of clothing varieties; The chapter of site selection and decoration focuses on the impact of site selection and layout on the operation of clothing stores, how to carry out the appearance design and internal planning of clothing stores, and how to display goods scientifically and aesthetically; The operation part focuses on the methods of procurement and inventory, commodity pricing strategies and different marketing and promotion means used in different periods; The management part analyzes the management problems involved in the operation of clothing stores from the aspects of personnel management, financial management and customer management, and answers relevant problems; The promotion chapter focuses on how to actively create a more perfect store image and economic after the operation reaches a certain scale

This is the most profitable way to open a clothing store

Author: edited by Zhang Yongsheng

Published by: China Yanshi Publishing House published on: September 2009

In order to help the majority of shop operators obtain new and practical management knowledge. We have carefully compiled this shop opening guide. From a scientific and practical point of view, this book organically combines the preparation for the opening of clothing stores, how to select the site, plan, raise funds, name, purchase and purchase in the process of operation, clerk management, store design and decoration, clothing display, and how to effectively carry out clothing sales promotion, shopping guide, pricing and other clothing store related work. In easy to understand language, it describes a complete clothing store operation procedure for the majority of readers, which has strong knowledge and operability. It is like a store opening expert to teach you to take care of your own clothing store. This book gives detailed guidance on the "bottleneck" problems encountered in the development and expansion of clothing stores. It's a clothing store

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