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Monday, July 19, 2021

What are the more famous international clothing brands in the world?

What are the more famous international clothing brands in the world?

Suitable for 17-28 years old men's brand clothing. It's best to explain which country's brand. Thank you

Top brands of men's wear

As the saying goes: "men wear brand, women wear style.". Compared with women's clothing, men's clothing is obviously much more dull and monotonous, but

If you have considerable strength, choosing top brand is a way to show your identity and taste. It's the same

The reason why top men's wear sells much better than top women's wear. With the development of culture and economy, as well as the great success of China's accession to WTO

In the future, top men's wear is no longer a distant dream for Chinese men. Here we will introduce you to some of the world

Top men's wear brand.

Giorgio Armani (Italy)

Features: Giorgio Armani brand fashion has attracted numerous followers with its sexual style, and has become a high-level fashion brand all over the world

A favorite of executives and Hollywood stars. Logo: Giorgio Armani Series logo on the only difference lies in the layout

It's the same color. Other products: accessories, perfume, glasses and watches.

Ermenegildo Zegna (Italy) Zegna

Features: Ermenegildo Zegna is a world-famous men's clothing brand, and its most famous is the first-class tailored suit, also known as

Zhuang Yixie's style is very popular with many successful men. Logo: the concise "ermenageldo Zegna" appears

It's very urban. Other products: ties, accessories.

Hugo Boss (Germany)

Features: casual wear with a little sense of home is the representative of boss. The design of boss every season always makes people feel comfortable and surprised

Sleep. In the color of the golden mean, the style features make the fashionable and successful bosses love it. Logo: in "Hugo"

The word "boss" is capitalized "boss". Other products: ties, scarves, wallet, bags, perfume, glasses,


Givenchy (France) Givenchy

Features: classic, elegant, fashionable, this is known as the French fashion gentleman Givenchy style. because

Audrey Hepburn and other celebrity customers and the new designer, Alexander McQueen, began to join Givenchy in 1952

It has long been well-known. Logo: Givenchy in bold, and the design can be called Givenchy's gold lettered signboard. Other property

Products: leather goods, necktie, tie clip, accessories, perfume and so on.

Karl Lagerfeld (Germany)

Features: as the main designer of Chanel, Fendi and other international famous brands, he was born in Germany

Karl Lagerfeld has profound attainments in photography, philosophy and language. His design is full of sense of the times,

Exquisite and elegant, full of artistic temperament. Logo: German rigor and non flamboyance are undoubtedly reflected in the logo of Lagerfeld

"Lagerfeld" and "KL" calmly show the strength of the masters. Other products: ties, scarves, perfume, glasses and hats.

It's a little bit hard.

Gucci (Italy)

Features: as the most influential family industry in Italy, gucci has passed on for four generations in 102 years, during which there are many ups and downs

。 Until today, Tom Ford has made Gucci a top brand in the world. Handsome and cool, with a little evil

For Gucci men's characteristics. Logo: Silver Gucci and "g" become obvious signs to recognize Gucci. Accessory products:

Leather goods, bags, shoes, watches, perfume, scarves, neckties, glasses.

Gianni Versace (Italy) Gianni Versace

Features: sexy, flamboyant, gorgeous, this is the famous Italian designer Gianni Versace's idea

Style is also the reason why many stars like Versace. Under the influence of the traditional family concept of Italians, the Versace family

Clans have penetrated every level, and that's why Donatella is the logical host

The reason for Versace. Logo: the traditional patterns of Medusa, the snake haired witch, and the wall stacks have become the brands of vrsace

logo。 Other products: leather goods, perfume, accessories, bags, jewelry, glasses.

Kenzo (Japan) Kenzo Takada

Features: Kenzo, founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, likes to mix colors inspired by different cultural elements

Color patterns create their own characteristics. As a foreigner, he and Karl lagefeld are called "two K" in French fashion.

Logo: the colorful bold Kenzo in capitals represents the designer's idea. Other products: leather goods, watch, eye

Mirror, necktie, cuff button, collar clip, perfume.

Bally (Switzerland)

Features: over the past 150 years, Bally has enjoyed a world-famous reputation for its well-made leather goods, and further extended its tentacles to the clothing industry

More than 500 stores around the world promote their products and provide exquisite and noble customer service. Mark: "B"

It is the most representative logo, and the shoes in the standard logo appear above the word "B" like a pair of wings. Other products

: leather goods, ties, scarves, watches.

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