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Saturday, July 31, 2021

What are the good street clothing brands

What are the good street clothing brands

The rapid rise of visvim is directly related to Fujiwara Hao, the "godfather of Japanese trend", personally interpreting its products on many occasions. Everything Fujiwara Hao passes through will become something hyped by trendsetters, which has become a law. Both FBT and skynard ring moccasin launched in cooperation with fragment have been strongly supported by the "Godfather"; Therefore, visvim has been successfully promoted and become a famous trend brand.

In fact, Hiroki Nakamura, the designer, founder of visvim, has always had a close relationship with Fujiwara and cooperated with him for many times. Nakamura century has set off a frenzy for the brand when doing management work in gravis; After the establishment of visvim on its own, it was supported by many friends, and the products on sale were all the same.

Visvim, established in 2000, not only got the support of Fujiwara Ho, but also played a lot of tricks. In addition to functional materials (such as Gore-Tex) combined with simple design, the most powerful trick is to re integrate the classic shoes with new elements to revive the soul. Such as the famous decoy duck boot, which is an improved version of the classic leather boots of l.l.bean in the 1970s. The skynard ring moccasin launched today is also designed with reference to Hermes leather shoes. The unique ability of visvim is to take the advantages of others and combine their own creativity to create unique works.

Excellent marketing strategy and friendly relations with major trend brands and trend people have also improved the popularity of visvim. Although visvim has been in existence for only five years, it has successively cooperated with major well-known brands such as undefeated, Zucca, neighborood, fragment, s.o.p.h and goodenough to launch many shoes in the form of crossover. This also makes visvim products quickly become the favorite of fashion people.

In addition to all kinds of shoes, the current clothing series launched by visvim is matched with the element of out door with work style, including windbreaker made by Gore-Tex and washed jeans based on 501, which are all expected works


Stussy is popular and classic

In 1980, 25 years ago, when Shawn stussy began selling surfing clothes and supplies at Laguna Beach, California, he might not expect that his name would be sought after or even worshipped by countless people in the future.

At that time, Shawn stussy founded the "stussy" brand, and the origin of the brand also has an interesting story: stussy himself likes surfing. He thought the graffiti signature he designed was cool, so he wrote it on his skateboard. Others also felt very beautiful when they saw stussy's signature. Some people will ask Shawn stussy to help them graffiti on their skateboards or clothes. In this way, stussy's graffiti name has spread with his works and is well known by more and more people.

Gradually, Shawn stussy had the idea of printing graffiti signatures on T-shirt and selling them in batches, and the result was very good. After the business grew, Shawn stussy opened a company selling surfing clothes and supplies, and launched the brand "stussy", and the graffiti name naturally became the brand trademark.

This kind of dress with strong leisure style soon became popular. Shawn stussy began to consider expanding the business scope of stussy. In 1985, he began to enter the fashion market and soon achieved success. Stussy completed a very difficult transformation from surfing to fashion.

At the same time, stussy also began to enter the skateboard market. It should be said that this transformation from surfing to skateboarding is relatively normal. Of course, Shawn stussy will not let go of the street clothing market. He added the design of skateboarding clothes, work clothes and old school uniforms to stussy's clothing design, forming another street clothing different from the original style. At that time, the street clothing industry was also facing changes, the birth of new brands and the popularity of large-size clothing... Stussy took this rare opportunity to establish its important position in the field of street clothing.

In the process of stussy's rapid development, it continues to absorb the regional culture outside the United States, such as Britain, Japan and other countries, as well as music, art, graffiti and other artistic elements. Among them, Japan has played a great role in promoting and developing stussy, which makes stussy from a simple popular brand to a high-end brand with great collection value. Coupled with the retro trend rising from the end of the last century, stussy, as an old street brand, has naturally attracted more and more attention.

Nowadays, stussy has more diverse styles, from surfing to skateboarding, from fashion to street signs, and even from Reggae (reggae music) to hip hop. Stussy is unique in any style form. No matter how the wind direction of the tide changes, stussy's position cannot be shaken.

25 years later, stussy has always been at the forefront of fashion. Pop is like a rebel, rebelling against the classics. But after a long time, pop will turn into a new classic. Stussy has created such a popular classic in a quarter of a century with every product of its own. When stussy holds a series of commemorative activities for its 25th anniversary, let's stop, stop and pay deep respect to it.

Introduction to stussy this brand was founded by Shawn stussy in 1980. Before that, he always liked to skate on the beach of Laguna, California, and signed stussy's signature on his own skateboard. Later, more and more people looked for his signature... One day, frank, the garment maker, cooperated with him and printed his signature on tee shirts for sale. A brand was founded.

Later, Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of the trend in riharajuku, Japan, strongly supported this brand. Finally, it became popular in Japan. Later, the upsurge spread to Hong Kong and Taiwan... And became a legendary brand of street clothing.

At first, stussy's design elements were only around the waves, and then followed the tide to diversified designs such as X-game. Most of stussy's design elements were skull, crown, Jamaica, black culture, old skool and other copying and pasting elements.

Stussy is not very popular in the United States. On the contrary, driven by the Japanese, stussy monopolizes the turtle head in the Asian street wear market. For this reason, the current design style is very similar to many Japanese brands!


The success of supreme, or the success of American street clothing, has to be mentioned: James jebbia. When he was in his 20s, he came to New York to develop his career in clothes. At first, he helped the development of union, stussy and other street signs, which was highly praised.

In 1994, inspired by skateboarding, hip hop and other cultures, James jebbia opened the first skateboarding based fashion store supreme, which actively developed functionality and diversification, making supreme from a single skateboarding brand to the leading Street fashion brand in New York and even the United States.

In 1997, it was introduced into Japan. Through cooperation with Harajuku brand, supreme quickly became popular in Japan. Since then, supreme has been among the big brothers of the world Street brand.


In 1991, hidehiko Yamane founded the classic old jeans brand evisu in Osaka. The brand's founding period coincided with the popularity of Vintage Jeans. Evisu became the representative of "post-501s". The original classical jeans elements and fashionable street style made it famous quickly and became the top Jeans Brands in Japan. Craig David, Beckham Eye catching photos of all saints wearing evisu T-shirts can also be seen in the media from time to time. Yamane's design is not only loyal to the original works of antiques, but also full of sense of humor and subversive spirit. No matter how good the sales performance is, it still adheres to a small output and a large sense of handmade. Buying evisu has gradually gained collection significance among vinage jeans fans

At the end of 2003, hidehiko Yamane had an exclusive interview with city pictorial and recalled the creation of classical old jeans: "of course, the jeans made at that time were not as perfect as they can be now, but the whole process was full of fun. In fact, many of the elements we see now came from a random idea at the beginning, such as the seagull shaped logo, After the whole process of jeans was completed, I felt that something was missing, so I drew a seagull on the back bag, which was a bit of graffiti. At first, I drew the seagull mark on each pair of pants by myself... I was fascinated by the classical old jeans and all its details, such as fabric texture, cloth roll label, back bag shape, nails Car lines and lines... I'm very interested in all the technologies related to making classic old jeans. However, these technologies were 40 years ago, and no one seemed to care before me. It took some time to find them back“

The pants of evisu brand are extremely expensive in Japan. In 1991, a Japanese named hidenhiko Yamane bought a Levi's tannin loom, made some tannins with this loom and made a pair of jeans by hand. The design and production are all made of antique old jeans, and the M-shaped seagull logo is behind the trouser pocket, Full of sense of humor and street sense. This kind of jeans named evisu has become a hot product pursued by young people since then. A pair of street jeans is not bound with luxury goods with shelves, but an evisu No.1 sells for 3000 yuan and a limited edition sells for more than 5000 yuan. Listen to the luxury declaration of the chaser: "if you have an impressive figure, I wish you could wear white T-shirts and evisu jeans every day, Go everywhere with a Rolex watch. There may be a nickname 'evisu handsome man' at that time. Listen, how free and easy and stylish it is. "This is the luxury attitude of young people, which has nothing to do with lofty status, but to subvert the grand sense of luxury

At present, the best-selling brand in Japan is evisu (thousands of yuan / piece). This is a Japanese brand wildly sought after by Japanese youth. Even Beckham can't resist its magic. He once bought a pair of evisu jeans with 18 carat gold buttons and gold stitches at a high price of 25000 pounds

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