Thursday, July 22, 2021

What are the clothing brands in Korea

What are the clothing brands in Korea


EXR, founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2001, is the largest fashion sports brand in South Korea and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Capts, the compound word of character sports casual, is a new word created by EXR. This is a brand new idea to mix and reshape the track culture and functional fashion.


Beanpole was founded in South Korea in 1989 and belongs to SamSung group. In 2001, bianpole women's clothing began to become an independent brand operation, since then, the concept of bianpole family brand has gradually taken shape.


"Thursday Island" is a young leisure brand in South Korea. Its name comes from a beautiful island 35 km northwest of York, a British warship in 1789. Healthy, sexy, comfortable, free and full of vitality are the design concept of the brand.


Basic house is a brand of baijiahao Fashion Co., Ltd. (Korea), representing director Yu Zhongwan; It mainly deals in clothing and other products. Baijiahao owns baijiahao, mind bridge women's wear, mind bridge men's wear, I'm David, Jucy Judy, the class and other product series.


Black yak, literally translated as black yak, is a high-end brand of Dongjin company of South Korea, which specializes in the research and production of outdoor leisure clothing and equipment such as camping, mountaineering and rock climbing.

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