Monday, July 19, 2021

Please recommend some clothing brands to me, thank you~

Please recommend some clothing brands to me, thank you~

My boy is 23 years old. I want to buy the fashionable brand of "sweater or jacket" (not sportswear brand) (which is higher than that of Metersbonwe and other brands) in spring and autumn. The price is less than 500 yuan. I'm downstairs in Shenyang, and the brands you introduced to me are basically more than one piece

tony jeans。 You can go and have a look~

And mark Huafei, his designer is China's most famous in the world! You can go to its official website The clothes are gorgeous

And esprit

There may also be Lee's slightly cheaper around 500

Jack Jones, I suggest you don't go. It's really bad~~~

This is the basic price you want. There are thousands of other brands. Although our country's economic development is so good, in fact, there is still a lack of domestic goods. There are only a few brands. Don't laugh at me. If you don't believe me, just go to the United States.

In addition, I think clothing has a lot to do with personal accomplishment, education background, taste, occupation and social background.

If you give me your specific situation, I will give you detailed opinions~

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