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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Korean clothing brand

Korean clothing brand


South Korea ask clothing is a mature and successful brand, with the painstaking efforts of countless staff, and the designer is the soul of the brand. In 2002, Korean real company officially launched the leisure brand ask.

At a time when the Korean clothing market is in the doldrums and casual wear brands are flooding.

Ask caters to the aesthetic requirements of consumers with distinctive colors and unique design, and has made amazing achievements. In 2004 and 2005, ask obtained the right to use Mickey Mouse and girlfriend Minnie in South Korea. Lovely cartoon printing patterns and sequins appeared on many clothes, and played a visual effect with the combination of a variety of colors.


Enc is a high-end women's clothing brand of love for clothes company. Enc knows how to pay attention to the real needs of consumers. The experience of the world fashion trend in clothing culture is not just copying the original. Every detail is reflected in the deep excavation of the Oriental clothing culture. What is embodied in consumers is "temperament, charm, elegance, fashion and connotation".

In China, ENC opened in the 100 square meter store of Beijing Wangfujing Department Store in September 2010, which integrates the expectations of E-land group. The biggest factor is that enc is the most popular brand among Chinese tourists in Lotte Department Store in Korea. Therefore, E-land actively supports the development of ENC in China, and expects to maximize its benefits through the achievements of enc.


South Korea Bangbang Co., Ltd. began to produce jeans in 1960. It is the first garment company in South Korea to produce jeans. It is also the first clothing company in South Korea to popularize jeans. Bangbang Co., Ltd. has developed into a garment enterprise occupying 45% of the market share of Korean jeans, and has become the largest jeans manufacturer in Korea.

The style and quality of Bangbang clothing are highly praised by the majority of consumer groups. It has defeated many overseas well-known clothing brands in the fierce market competition and become the first fashion brand of leisure clothing in Korea.


Stylenanda is a first-line network clothing brand in South Korea. The women's clothing of this brand has a certain popularity in China and is a popular online brand. Its popularity has spread to China and Japan. Its brand name stylenanda means to have style. Stylenanda is a brand that focuses on fashion and personality clothing design and is committed to showing the unique personality of modern people.

Young men and women are the main customers of stylenanda. The brand is famous in Korea, China and Japan for its exquisite detail design and noble style. Stylenanda quickly occupies a position in the Korean garment industry with its unique, free and personalized brand image. Stylenanda with various design styles is not only suitable for the needs of many people on various occasions, but also the best choice for young people to publicize their personality.

5. Love of clothes

Yilian is a famous ready to wear brand in Korea. It has 11 branches in six countries, including South Korea, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1980. Yilian owns many brands such as e ∙ land, teenie, weenie, Roem, EBLIN, factory, SPAO, prich and so on.

Clothes and love were born in 1980. Before entering the Chinese mainland, the brand clothing has been exported to the United States. The main object is American college students. The brand logo is a cute puppy bear as a college student, carrying a lecture or a book, or carrying a shoulder bag, wearing a baseball cap, wearing a checked shirt, khaki trousers, basketball shoes, bear models.

E · land is a brand rooted in the traditional culture of New England in the United States. It emphasizes classics and tradition against the background of the Ivy League composed of eight famous universities in New England in the eastern United States: Brown University, Columbia University, Dartmouth University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Binzhou University, Princeton University and Yale University, Positioning in the American university campus style.

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