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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Korean big clothing brand

Korean big clothing brand

Authentic SZ is very expensive, usually thousands, but it is well-known. Now there are many imitations of SZ on the market,

Wei is the most popular Korean brand on Taobao, and there are many imitations. It can be said that these two brands have guided the direction of Korean wave

ECA is not very familiar to me,

South Korea also has many big brands

1. Esprit, high-end men's and women's wear

2. The sports brand FILA is very popular with young girls because it has been endorsed by Dongfang Shenqi. It seems to be also the main sponsor brand of the world cup in Korea and Japan

3. Eland is also a big international brand, with more than 40 sub brands. The style feels like an American campus

4. Ellesport, which is a very common brand, is a leisure brand focusing on sports

5. Basic house: I personally like this brand. It is also a household brand in Korea

6.clr! De (LEO), many first-line stars in South Korea have spoken. According to my personal understanding, Kim Tae hee, Zhu Zhixun, Gao Yala, Zheng riyu, Lin Xiujing, Jin Laiyuan, Yuan Bin and so on, you can see how strong this brand is

7. Teenie weenie, about 2000 for a windbreaker, and the logo is a little bear

8. What kind of dog is the logo endorsed by NII and superjunior? Forget, this brand has very little contact in mainland China. It's recommended, and sales will be very good, but it's short-term. If SJ doesn't speak for it, it will be less

9. Rapido. Rapido brand was founded by Samsung group of South Korea. It represents the best sports brand of sports and leisure in South Korea. It is the designated sponsor of Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. It is about the same as FILA. In contrast, it is more casual

10. Bean pole is said to be the first leisure brand in Korea. The price of summer clothes is more than 500 to 1000, and winter clothes are generally more than 1000. Bean pole can only be bought on the fourth floor of Shanghai 800 company in China.

11. Introin is a brand endorsed by Korean dance king Zhang Youhe, a former hot member

These are just some of the more famous ones

Others include Benetton, Sisley, OLIVE des, olive, on

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