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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How to manage clothing brand

How to manage clothing brand

When a company starts to try brand management, the investment and cost will increase exponentially (tens of times higher than the cost of opening a wholesale market). In the initial stage, due to the new ideas of new brands, the stimulation of advertising, especially the follow-up of a large number of new business forces, the market expansion of brands will be more smooth, but there will be a lag at a certain stage of development. This lag is due to many contradictions have not been comprehensively solved, and enterprises will be stuck in a dilemma in the bottleneck of development. At this time, the most terrible thing is that if some franchisees withdraw, and the enterprise is unable to develop new franchisees, it will bring disastrous consequences. From the past analysis of the actual operation, the main reasons directly lead to the withdrawal of the franchisee are as follows: 1. The franchisee has not been really promoted, nor has it very high business interests (especially the dealers with high expectations in the initial stage of joining); 2. The attraction and excellent market performance of other brands make franchisees lose confidence in their own brands and turn to other brands; 3. Unable to continue operation due to long-term unprofitable and lack of working capital; 4. Lack of brand loyalty, and do not agree with the price, service, advertisement and promotion of products; 5. The franchisees with good profit and development will also withdraw because the brand can not meet their development needs. The situation that the franchisee quits most easily occurs at both ends of the franchisee team, that is, the bigger franchisee and the smaller franchisee. If the loss of franchisees occurs in a relatively concentrated period of time, and the company does not fully anticipate the changes in the market, there is no effective means to expand to maintain the original scale, the disaster will come. Many domestic brands have encountered this kind of problem, and the huge production capital invested has turned into inventory in an instant. Nowadays, almost all brands have made great efforts in these aspects: inviting professional advertising companies to design VI images; The national stores "unified" beautiful; Invite the most famous stars to act as image spokesmen; Beautiful pop sets off the products with bright colors“ "Unified" display, language, gesture, applause, lighting... Every company has brand supervision, ad training, market planning, product development, but there are few personalized brand images and targeted services in the market, let alone clear market positioning and accurate and appropriate brands of culture, products and services“ "Unification" is not the unification of the brand itself from the inside out and from the top to the bottom, but the great "unification" of all brands in the country, which is the most fatal. On the surface, everyone is doing it, but in fact, everyone is following. The store is beautiful, but the brand is gone. The core of brand marketing is brand, so what is the core value of brand? The core value of a brand is not the beautiful face of a spokesperson or the magnificent decoration of a luxury shopping mall. The core value of a brand is the functional, emotional and self-expression interests that the brand promises to consumers. The key of brand marketing is to fully reflect the core value of the brand, because only when the core value of the brand is effectively conveyed to the target consumers can a clear brand impression be established in their minds. The clothing market is characterized by "no common ground", which means that the market segments of clothing are clearer than those of other categories of products. In the clothing market, gender, age, population, preferences, class, income, culture and so on, a subtle difference is a market segment, and the consumer groups in each market segment have different requirements for the core value of the brand. In view of the reality of the market, we should start from the following aspects: 1. According to the needs of the market, combined with the company's own ability and characteristics, make a clear positioning of the brand and establish its own brand goals; 2. Set up the core value of the brand according to the brand goal, seriously establish the guiding principle of taking the core value of the brand as the center in all aspects of marketing, and run the core value of the brand through the whole process of marketing; 3. Convey the core value of the brand to the target consumers through marketing integration and communication integration, and cultivate the loyalty of the target consumers to the brand; 4. Establish a perfect marketing management system throughout the whole channel chain to ensure the success of brand marketing.

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