Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How to divide clothing brands

How to divide clothing brands

How can clothing brands be divided into the first line, the second line and the third line? For example, which sports brands are in the first line, which are in the second line and which are in the third line....

There are different classification criteria

Top brands: LV La, prada La, etc. with history and background, people all over the world know that the price is too high to be accepted, so you can find a bargain when you install 1W. There is no difference between the first-line brand and the second-line brand, only the style difference of the designer

Second tier brands: many are well known, such as maxmara, and others are not well understood. Some of them are not inferior in price and style, but they are short of qualification. There are many brands created by the first-line famous designers, and the price is only a little cheaper, which makes people not faint.

Third line: most of them are sub brands of first-line and second-line brands, like Polo by Ralph Lauran. At the same time, they include some jeans brands, such as play, diesel, evisu and so on. The price is within the limit you can accept. Ordinary clothes can be 2K, and a t can be 1K.

The other is the sports brand aiming at China's domestic situation

For example, adinike kappa Li Ning can count

Second line, such as peak Anta Reebok

Third tier brands, such as miscellaneous brands, brands and brands, are not well-known

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