Friday, July 9, 2021

Clothing brand [piombo]

Clothing brand [piombo]

Please tell me the details of the clothing brand [piombo] ~ ~ thank you~~

As a designer brand, piombo was founded in 1989 by Mr. Massimo piombo, who enjoys the reputation of "fashion philosopher", and has always adhered to the concept of "only designing clothes for those who know how to appreciate". Most of its followers are not fashion followers, but personality advocates. Piombo (Piaopo) advocated by the "interpretation of successful elegance in comfort" has been recognized and loved by many consumers, for piombo (Piaopo) bold color, unique fabrics, as well as the brand's "slightly uninhibited, but optimistic and positive" lifestyle are quite popular

Different from the general men's wear brands, piombo (Piaopo) abandons the dull and similar colors and designs of traditional men's wear, and creatively combines comfortable, cheerful, colorful and bright elements with originally unrelated elements to create a kind of clothing beauty that breaks through the tradition and has a little uninhibited and harmonious.

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