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Friday, June 11, 2021

What are the youth clothing brands? Top ten brands of youth clothing

What are the youth clothing brands? Top ten brands of youth clothing

In 1923, it became the famous trademark of converse with the autograph of Chuck Taylor, a basketball star with athletic talent and eloquence. "All Star" Converse canvas shoes, which are retro, popular and environmentally friendly, are the spiritual symbol of American culture. With their arbitrary, free and unrestrained wearing style, they have become the faithful gears of young people who pursue their own fashion. Converse, with its attractive appearance and innovative environmental protection concept, has sold more than 700 million pairs in the world. What is the concept of 700 million pairs? It means that 12% of the people in the world have owned Converse shoes; It means three Americans, so many people wear converse classic casual shoes. Converse All Star Chuck Taylor is the trend leader of all canvas casual shoes. Converse All Star's canvas has always been made of canvas with the best weight density and texture, double-sided strip, original rubber and fine mesh, which is durable. It emphasizes natural materials and environmental protection concept while bringing forth the new. It is known as "Rolls Royce" in shoes. Ever since the official landing in mainland China in 1992, CONVERSE, the Converse superstar, is sweeping the Chinese mainland with the advantage of evolution. Adidas is a German sporting goods manufacturer and a member of Adidas Ag group. The predecessor of Adidas brand began to produce shoes in Herzog orach, Germany in 1920. In 1948, the founder of Adidas, Mr. Adolf adidasler, used his middle name Adidas and the first three letters of his surname to synthesize "Adidas" as a commodity brand and applied for registration; On August 18, 1949, the company was registered under the name of Adidas AG. The logo of Adidas and the famous triangle shaped three line trademark came out. At present, adidas has three series: Performance Series (three stripes), sports tradition series (originals) and sports fashion series (three sub brands: Y-3, SLVR, SLVR), A d I d a s) ad I d a s style is related to a d id as performance. Adidas as origins series is one of the three major series of adidas Group, a world-famous sporting goods Co., Ltd. Youth clothing brand 8. Yichun "Yichun" is one of the leisure brands of Dongyue company. With its design close to fashion, competing for popularity and simple atmosphere, Yichun has rapidly become one of the famous leisure clothing brands in China in just a few years. Influenced by China's multi regional, multi-element and multi-cultural lifestyle, "Yichun" advocates "love" as an important source of strength for self-development. In the name of "love", the spirit of fashion, vitality and freedom is gradually integrated into the "pure" design, gradually becoming the young representative of China's fashionable urban style. Relying on high-quality products, advanced CAD production system and increasingly perfect marketing system, Yichun Yishion has developed more than one thousand stores nationwide, with sales outlets all over 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Youth clothing brand 9. Metersbonwe "Metersbonwe" is a leisure clothing brand founded by Metersbonwe Group. Founded in 1995 in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, MetS bonway group mainly develops, produces and sells leisure series of MetS bonway brand“ The representative of "MetS bonway" is to provide consumers with personalized and fashionable products, and is determined to become a leading brand in China's leisure wear market. The brand name condenses the national brand plot that the collective founder Mr. Zhou Chengjian never forgets and his special preference for clothing culture. With the concern and support of all walks of life and consumers, Metersbonwe Group has grown rapidly. 10. Nike is known as "the most successful consumer goods company newly established in the world in the past 20 years". In addition to strengthening high-tech sports performance, Nike sports shoes now pay more attention to fashionable appearance design, and frequently cooperate with fashion experts from all walks of life to launch joint limited edition. In early 2009, Edison Chen's clot brand and Nike's new red Chinese shoe clot × As soon as the Nike Air Force 1 was launched in Shanghai, it became a target. In the United States, up to 70% of teenagers dream of having a pair of Nike shoes. Nike has developed innovative new products, communication appeals and promotional activities because it can fully grasp the young people's demand for sports and leisure shoes, understand their lifestyle and realistic psychological desire. From the beginning to the end, it is in the forefront of creating consumption trends. Nike's No.1 in the world is not a false name. In 1980, Nike occupied about 50% of the U.S. market share, initially surpassing Adidas and taking the lead in the U.S. sports shoe industry. Since then, Nike has launched aggressive marketing activities, signing top athletes. It's five times the price offered by Adidas or converse. Adidas and converse both think that Jordan is just another product spokesman, but they did not expect that he would become the core of a market strategy and the entire production line of sports shoes and sportswear《 Fortune magazine also published a striking report that it was a big mistake to sign such a contract in terms of Nike's financial situation at that time. But it turns out that the partnership between Nike and Jordan is a "winning" deal, which is largely due to Jordan, who has exceeded many people's expectations. Jordan's influence on Nike is enormous. Jordan's vitality, reputation, excellent competitive level and inspiring sportsmanship enable Nike to step out of the circle of running shoes and make a big contribution to the newly popular basketball game in the United States. Almost overnight, even if not in terms of sales, Nike has become the leading product of high-end basketball shoes.

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