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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

About the clothing brand introduction!

About the clothing brand introduction!

Please provide some website for the introduction of clothing brands, including the detailed introduction of famous clothing brands at home and abroad, and some excellent foreign brands that are not well known to the domestic public. It is better to introduce the translated ones, thank you!!!

1. Chanel - "Chanel"; Versace - "Versace"; Yvesssainlauent - "Yves Saint Laurent"; Red shellfish - "here be"; Shunmei - "smart". The main skill is to pay attention to localization of translation. To be good at translation and good luck; Rhythm and texture, in line with local people's cultural appreciation.

2. Playboy: Playboy; Goldline - "Jinlilai"; Crocodile - "crocodile"; Plover - "woodpecker"“ Fir "-- firs“ Stranger "-- stunner. This method is more difficult than transliteration, such as translation well, cultural integration, giving people enlightenment, easy and memory. For international reasons, it is best to register the proper terms. Lenovo is going to internationalization, and it is embarrassed that the trademark is being robbed. Legend's trademark has been registered even earlier than in China. The reason is that words with good meaning and can be found in dictionaries are very easy to register. So Lenovo created a new name called Lenovo, a completely self-made word, so it was the only one.

3. Reebok can be translated into "Reebok", which is similar in pronunciation and can express the aggressive and fast pace, which is very consistent with the brand orientation; Nike - "Nike", endurance, wear-resistant. A word "tolerance" translated the charm“ Younger is translated into younger, with similar sound and the brand youth orientation.

In the translation of Trademarks into English, many enterprises use pinyin to solve the translation of Chinese trademarks“ YDC, dandinghe and Li Ning. However, Pinyin is not international and universal. Many foreigners can not spell out the pronunciation of the enterprise trademarks correctly, and improper use will lead to misunderstanding. For example, puke (Chinese phonetic alphabet of poker) means vomit in English; Second, it is impossible to express the corporate culture contained in the trademark. If "Youngor" adopts Chinese Pinyin, it is "Yageer", which can not mean "Youth".

In recent years, the internationalization process has become the key strategy of China's large enterprises, and hundreds of enterprises have entered overseas. When using trademarks, enterprises must pay attention to some customs and taboos abroad. Haier has learned such lessons when selling household appliances in Arab countries: everyone knows that Haier trademark is two lovely children wearing swimming pants, but in Arab region, such wearing is regarded as not solemn and contrary to their religious education, So this trademark cannot be used in the Arab region.

Philip Jones, an American brand expert, believes that the added value of a brand exists in its name in some form. A good name is convenient for consumers to remember, make people associate, arouse good feelings and promote purchase; Meanwhile, the cost of communication is saved. On the contrary, an inappropriate name expresses the bad idea of the enterprise, wastes a lot of communication costs, and greatly affects the consumer purchase. It is called "the name is right, the name is not regular.".

1、 The ideal brand name should follow the following principles: 1. Conform to the core positioning of the brand. Each brand has its own orientation and value orientation. The theory of "positioning" of Traut, one of the greatest marketing theories in the 20th century, requires the enterprise to have a correct position. Brand name must conform to the enterprise attribute, express the brand positioning and value, and facilitate the integration of communication.

2. Separate from competitors. Porter, the master of world strategic management, believes that competition among enterprises must be differentiated. I.e. ratio

Competitors offer "a different proposition" (USP). At present, the main commodities in China have entered a relatively surplus economic era. The result of large-scale production is that the products are single and the difference is not obvious. With the acceleration of global economic integration, enterprises are experiencing comprehensive homogenization. With the improvement of life quality and the enhancement of people-oriented consciousness, consumers require that products can reflect their own personality. If there is no differentiation, brands will be submerged in the "people's ocean", and become "comrades".

3. It is in line with the aesthetic personality of the target customer value. According to Porter's theory of centralized competition strategy, enterprises must focus on a certain "specific customer group" and "segment market" to stand out in competition.

Nowadays, China is in a profound social transformation period, and the social class is gradually subdivided: Bobo, middle class... There are many sub classes in the class. The author asserts that the society will enter the economic era of club in the future. Every small group will focus on "own" organization ", consume" own "brand and" own "the" territory "activity.

One of the most obvious trends in world marketing is that consumption is changing from common consumption to individual consumption. It can be said that, facing the stratification, the consumption mode has entered the era of multi varieties and small batch. Even the same community of people consuming similar products also have different motivations and feelings. If the enterprise can not take new measures, subdivide the market, adopt two-dimensional and three-dimensional strategy, create segmentation, meet the target customer differences, and still use the "integration" strategy of the plane era without subdivision, it will be dead. Brand name must conform to the aesthetic of the target customer.

4. Match good visual patterns and symbols“ Good horses and saddles. With a good name, you have a matching pattern and symbol. "The method and case of brand name naming," said David a Aker, a brand expert. 1. To win by strange: the 21st century is an era of personality publicity. People are no longer popular. Special cases are unique. Some avant-garde clothing enterprises often register the more "cool" trademark, win by "strange", and try to make a surprise.

For example, "e-mail", "cool Lala", "exception", "Fifth Element", "intelligence station", "sesame open", "small devil fish", "U2", "xiguataro", "zozhi kid", "doctor frog", "life geometry". That's weird enough. At first glance, it is not like a clothing brand at all, rather than expressing clothing, it is more about expressing a "dazzling" life proposition.

Because of the pursuit of "rebound" and reverse, it is not difficult to understand, like "brother" authentic men's name, but become the brand name of women's clothing“ The woodman expresses the "Gump" type of wisdom.

2. "Soil" wins "ugly sister", "groom", "a you", "five colors soil", "good days", "old three", "old K", "group work" to win by soil. The earth is reasonable, the earth is lovely.

But like "the rich", "Prince king" and "instant hair", the author thinks that the soil must be a little bit of "slag" -- when brand is named, we should pay attention to guiding healthy culture and values, rather than simply making public favor.

3. Named by "name". There are famous designers named, such as "Versace", "Chanel", "three homes life", "pilkatan", "Wang Hua", "mark Zhang";

There are outside the clothing industry celebrities to extend the name, such as "Zhu Shimao", "Li Ning";

Some famous historical names, such as "Genghis Khan", "khoeren" (Genghis Khan's mother), "Caesar", "Marco Polo".

4. The name of imitation was slightly modified by the brand name of famous foreign and domestic clothing enterprises, and the trademark registration was carried out: "longfan DuPont" imitates "dupen" and "Prince PIR" imitates "pilkatan"“ Rich and noble birds imitate "happy birds"“ The imperial serfs imitate the "valentinu"“ YIDUCHUAN imitates "Yidujin"“ Old people city imitates "old man".

What's more, they are famous for their domestic and foreign stars and famous brands to make a big mark or imitate in China: "Renault", "Buick" (shoe industry), "Sheng Cheng Long" and "Park Shu".

The author is not very appreciative of the strategy of "using force" to imitate this kind of imitation. Although the name is easy to spread in a short time, the "mixed" face is familiar. But in the long run, brands don't have "personality.". At the same time, it is facing the pressure and risk of international intellectual property protection. It is said that Michael Jordan, a basketball superstar, is coming to China to launch his own Jordan sportswear. And in the country

The imitation brand jordan shoes with a high reputation are faced with the awkward situation and great risk of compulsory rename.

5. "Ocean" by ocean: mettes bonwei, valentinu Cooper, Roman family, French winner, daraji

We must seek for foreign countries, which cater to some consumers' psychology of advocating foreign countries.

6. Named by number and letter“ π”、“ Seven cards "," MV "," 37 " ° T. S.Q "," CMD "," sanjq "," Fapai ". Is to let

The more you don't understand the more inquiry mentality, the more you can feel, you are not far away from the poison of the middle brand.

7. The name is divided into three categories: white collar, blue collar, boss, city watchman, Greg, talent, lady house and gentleman;

The target customers are named as "dancing with Wolves", "stranger", "oriental lady", "red child", "Beatles", "street boys", "playboy".

The characteristics of such naming are to express the segmentation and value orientation of the brand to customers directly through the name. Consumers can only "take the seat in the right place".

8. Meaning will be named. The name has certain meaning:

"Zhuangji" -- a solemn life, a good life“ Happy birds -- happy, good luck“ French School -- continental style“ Empereurs - the remains of the Yellow Emperor“ The family of Honor - of course, it is the position of honor.

9. It is named as "Ordos", "Tiantan", "Su faction", "Shunmei" and "Fujian great". But if the brand named by village such as "Nanjie Village" and "Wang Zuo" is nationalized and even international sales are carried out, the brand height will be restricted by the name.

10. According to the product or industry characteristics, they are named "Antarctica" and "Beiji velvet" - warm underwear, so the more cold resistant the name is, the better;

"Tingmei" -- the homophony of "pretty beauty", of course, being a woman is "quite" good;

"Power hegemony", "fight" card and "Xiong" -- advocate the strength of men. So these three brands often sponsor boxing and martial arts competitions, and their names are hard;

"Love", "be comfortable" -- underwear pays attention to "love" and "cool";

"Saint snow velvet", "child king", "king of beast" (leather clothing) - looking forward to becoming the "King" of the industry.

11. Named by animals and plants: generally, animals with more stories and outstanding appearance characteristics and plants with beautiful symbols are named“ Crocodile, woodpecker, kangaroo, grey rat, golden sheep, seven wolf, conch and deer king“ Spring bamboo, lavender, Acacia leaf, apple.

The animal and plant organizations should pay for the image endorsement.


12. Brand extension is not the main business of clothing brands to extend brand diversification: Pepsi Cola "Pepsi" clothing, Marlboro cigarette "Marlboro" clothing.

There are also some brands extending, which cause consumer disputes, such as Wahaha to extend children's clothing business. The president of Coca Cola was delighted to hear the news, and he thought that "very Cola" would no longer be Coca Cola's rival in China. The author also believes that in brand extension, we must pay attention to whether this extension conforms to the core value orientation of the brand; Whether there is a certain positive correlation with the main industry; Whether it will have a great impact on the main industry.

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