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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A clothing brand

 A clothing brand

Who knows there is a clothing brand, logo is a three paw footprint, and Baidu's a bit like, only three paws, is a sports brand

It should be an outdoor brand, called Wolf claw. There's a picture, right

Jack Wolfskin's head office is in Germany. As a major brand in the European outdoor products market and a leader in the German sporting goods retail industry, his success depends not only on his outstanding innovation ability, product concept based on quality and customer demand, but also on his market leading product structure and sales strategy, as well as his continuous investment in brand image.

After Jack Wolfskin established a high brand recognition among outdoor sports fans, in recent years, people who like outdoor feeling, holidaymakers and business travelers who pursue travel comfort are new target groups.

We firmly believe that outdoor sports should be full of fun

Products should help users get comfortable outdoor experience. Therefore, the basic principle of every jack Wolfskin product is the perfect combination of the best functionality and the highest comfort

Brand history

In 1981, Jack Wolfskin was officially founded in Frankfurt, Germany, and began to design clothing and equipment for outdoor sports production

In 1989, Jack Wolfskin began to expand the international market

The first jack Wolfskin store opened in Austria in 1995

The first jack Wolfskin store opened in Switzerland in 2000

The first jack Wolfskin store in Belgium opened in 2003

The first jack Wolfskin store opened in Finland in 2003

The first jack Wolfskin store opened in the UK in 2003

1997 headquarters moved to idestein in taonus area

In 2002, "at home outdoors" became the slogan used all over the world

2003 participated in the establishment of EOG European Outdoor Industry Association

China's first jack Wolfskin store opened in 2007

2008 new design, covering an area of 3000m & sup2; The construction of the R & D center of the headquarters has been completed

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