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Sunday, May 23, 2021

What kind of clothing brand is this?

What kind of clothing brand is this?

This is the logo of Nike's tennis collection.

Nike has been deeply involved in tennis since its birth. It is also the most active participant and sponsor of tennis and has gradually become a leading brand of tennis equipment. Especially since the mid and late 1980s, most of the world's top professional tennis players have become the spokesmen of Nike.

Since then, Nike has set up a special tennis equipment department, focusing on a full range of tennis equipment. This logo is the special logo of "Nike tennis" series. In the era of Sampras and Agassi, the logo of "Nike tennis" series was also one of the most common symbols in the tennis world at that time.

With the change of Nike's marketing strategy in different years and periods, although there are more and more sub brands and series segments of Nike, the use of brand visual image is becoming more and more unified. Therefore, the products of "Nike tennis" series basically return to the unified logo of Nike, but the old logo of "Nike tennis" still occasionally appears in the products, Used to define some classic tennis products or nostalgic design.

"Nike tennis" series is a symbol and symbol of a glorious era. I believe it will still reappear in Nike products of different periods from time to time

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