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Friday, May 28, 2021

What is this clothing brand???

What is this clothing brand???

Who knows what the brand is? It seems to be an American star banner, but there is no star. There are two letters "RL" in the position of the star!!! I don't know what brand are they, are they famous??

Let me share the report

The 1 answer is "what is the gift of children's day?"

The devil tears

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Ralph Lauren American style language=javascript>fnchangefloat ('left','oimg0')

Ralph Roland is always famous for the trademark and brand of polo. This movement originated in England, and also represented Ralph Lauren's original intention; New England American style, broad, elegant, romantic, gentleman. In addition, Ralph Lauren's design inspiration is also from American campus culture, western spirit, American movies and rough African hunting team. Comfort, nature, leisure are the most important features, just like Ralph Lauren himself, who is a cowboy no matter what occasion he is present.

The classic brands include Lauren, Ralph Lauren collection (more modern), Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren enfant (children's wear) sports and leisure series including Polo jeans (comfortable cowboy series), Polo Sport and extreme. There are also accessories such as shoes and glasses.

Perfume also starts with polo.

The classic Polo came out in 1985. Although it is woody, it is different from the traditional French men's perfume. Eucalyptus and pine trees from Canada are used in the raw materials. The young Polo blue, the blue polo, although it was produced in 2003, has already ranked first among men's perfumes in the United States. Men who have never used perfume are very good choices from Polo Blue. Polo family, also Polo Sport points men and women, refreshing, sports.

The romance of men and women, which is the style of Hollywood movies, is almost transparent, but the theme music of love is always intertwined. Madam's romance is a perfume I often recommend to others.

The hunting team in Africa, Safari men's perfume, rich spices and heavy wood fragrance tell an adventurous story.

Ralph's five different colors are targeted at girls aged 15 to 25. Blue, green, powder, purple, orange, choose different main raw materials, but are sweet. Cool, which just appeared, belongs to the same type, and gives a cool new generation.

The new perfume Glamourous 2004, the sexy flower fragrance type, I don't love it very much. First, I don't love names. The Hollywood is too strong. Second, I don't like pelonep in the ads that speak for it (I don't like the two since she became Tom Cruise's girlfriend). Perfume itself is too heavy.

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