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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

What are the world famous clothing brands?? Introduce to you

What are the world famous clothing brands?? Introduce to you

Introduction of world famous clothing brands

Luxury brand: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 and now belongs to MOET Hennessy Louis Vuitton group, which specializes in high-grade luxury products in France. Louis Vuitton's first career was packing for celebrities and nobles. He witnessed the invention of the steam train and the development of steamship transportation, and also deeply realized the difficulty of folding the dome leather case at that time.

Luxury brand: DKNY


The founder of Donna Karan is a woman with a gentle appearance

In order to diversify its clothing Kingdom, she and her husband jointly founded her own company in 1984 and launched a series of distinctive products: DKNY, dknylasic, dknaactive, dknyjesns, which made a new interpretation of the different cultures and unique life atmosphere gathered in New York.

Luxury brand: Burberry brand profile

(1) Founder: Thomas Burberry

(2) Place of registration: Basingstoke, England (1856)

(3) Designer:

① Thomas Burberry, 1856-1926

In 1856, the company established the Burberry company, specializing in the production of raincoats

② Designer group after 1926

(4) Brand line:

① Burberry: clothing

② Prorsumhorse: ornaments and others

(5) Category: gabardine raincoat, women's wear series, cosmetics series, sewing equipment, fine food, children's wear, luggage, watch, etc

(7) Brand identity: Burberry

Brand legend

Typical British traditional style brand -- Burberry

The famous magazine "men's wear" well summarizes the performance characteristics of baiboli clothing: "baiboli clothing can withstand cold wind, hot wind, rain and storm, and form a good clothing environment in cold climate.

Burberry is a veteran British clothing brand. In 1835, Thomas Burberry designed a waterproof coat, which was called "gabardine", and named "Burberry" because of Edward VII's habitual order "give me Burberry".

Luxury brand: Fendi

Brand archives

(1) Founder: addle Casagrande

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