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Sunday, May 9, 2021

What are the middle and high grade clothing brands?

What are the middle and high grade clothing brands?

Korean clothing brand 1: tomboy


Tomboy is the synonym of Korean women's leisure brand. Tomboy provides young women with T-shirts and jeans that symbolize freedom and youth. Compared with quiet women, tomboy is more active in society and more representative of active women. Therefore, tomboy is deeply loved by women of the times. Since its inception, tomboy brand spirit has been full of challenges and creative features.

Korean clothing brand 2: jeans


"Roem" in Dutch refers to Narcissus, that is to take the water fairy, Tingting Yuli meaning. Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, it has brought to Chinese women aged 25-30 a brand concept of modern ladies' wear that integrates romantic style and fashion sense. Roem pursues to make every independent and confident woman exude remarkable femininity all the time, and show her high-quality taste for fashion at the same time.

Korean clothing brand 3: aifujie


Aifujie is a modern and soft casual dress made by a girl just over 20 years old. Through the exquisite design reflecting the fashion trend, the brand pays attention to the activity and functionality of time, and through the analysis of consumers, it adapts to the changing market. With effective brand operation, it not only brings customers to the East Road, but also devotes itself to the leading brand enterprise endowed with personality. E + design style, simple but serious.

South Korean clothing brand 4: bellanne


South Korea bellanne International Clothing Group specializes in the clothing industry. Its stores are all over the world, and its industrial scale and output value rank among the top three in the same industry. Its China headquarters not only integrates design, R & D, weaving, color printing, computer embroidery, bead embroidery, clothing and other production systems, but also is proficient in marketing. It has a group of marketing elites with rich practical experience, unique perspective and unlimited creativity.

Korean clothing brand 5: e.c.a

e. C.A brand

It is one of the main brands of South Korea star city international clothing (Hong Kong) Industrial Group Co., Ltd. It mainly focuses on women's fashion personality. It aims to create a beautiful and confident youth image for the new fashion personality group, and show the passion, dynamic and taste of modern urban women. The e.c.a brand of South Korea star city international clothing (Hong Kong) Industrial Group Co., Ltd. originates from the fashion style of Europe, Japan and South Korea.

South Korean clothing brand 6: Disco


Deco, as a leading Korean brand, has always been a symbol of noble value and taste, and is favored by many intellectual women. The theme of autumn and winter dress in 2004 is avant-garde leisure, classical modernity and gentle rationality. Its design style shows women's desire for beauty in the new era. The fabric is mostly made of wool and silk with chemical fiber to outline the design style.

Korean fashion brand 7: sjsj

Gorgeous and sexy style through the new interpretation of sjsjsj reflects the chic fashion. The sensibility designed for the upper class is young and full of power. It shows new luxury casual wear through the layering method. The exquisite details and classic and gorgeous cutting make it a more fashionable female beauty.

Korean clothing brand 8: System

System brand from South Korea has been advocating the route of "advanced collocation". In the nearly 20 years of brand history, "collocation" has become the core of system brand. Through modern exquisite ribbon cutting, slim and introverted details and fashionable and modern fabrics, it shows the perceptual dressing style of the new century freely; For familiar with the classical style of fabrics and styles into new ideas and creativity.

South Korean clothing brand 9: anan


The on & on brand was founded in Korea in 1992. It is mainly aimed at young women in their 20s and produces all kinds of professional wear, leisure wear and accessories. Four years ago, on & on began to enter the Chinese market and opened its stores in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian and other cities. Xiamen is the 34th city that on & on has entered.

South Korean clothing brand 10: Scofield


South Korea Yilian group's brand.

The traditional spirit of Britain has a long history. Aristocratic lifestyle, high-end feeling. Reflect the nature of leisure life, such as golf.


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