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Saturday, May 15, 2021

What are the Japanese clothing brands

What are the Japanese clothing brands

Fasique Japan brand new world  In recent years, the major fashion camps in Hong Kong have introduced Japanese girls' clothing brands. The latest one to join the battle group is fashique, which has just opened for one month. This store specializes in Japanese girls' clothing brands, including cantwo, scriaminginvaders, bethplace and culture medium, all of which are popular in Japanese fashion magazines such as Junie, seven and zipper. In addition to Japanese brands, there are also a small number of British accessories brands, such as Cutler & gross Vintage Sunglasses and tatty devine. Most of the clothes are sold for hundreds of yuan, plus the new goods are 20% to 60% discount, really worth buying.  Bridnbutter French girl  Girls' wear has always been the world of Japanese brands, but in recent years, there has been a successful French girls' wear brand, which refers to breadnbutter. In fact, this brand can also be regarded as a United Nations brand. Aldric spear is the manager of the famous French designer and fashion shop surfacetoair. His designers include studiojeel, a British design studio that has designed clothes for Ungaro, MOSCHINO and a.p.c., as well as students from central St. Martins in London and Parsons School of design in New York. After living in ztampz for more than years, the brand has recently set up a number of special stores on its own. The design of the new store is full of fun, including bathroom concept, bathroom tile wall, toilet painting pattern and test room design decorated with shower head  Cantwo is one of the Japanese girls' clothing brands with a history of more than 30 years. Among them, the jacket is the most outstanding. This season, the main product is the Baseball Jacket with traditional Japanese hand embroidery pattern, which is elaborately handmade. Cantwo blue Japanese Embroidered Baseball Jacket, cantwo gargopants  Scriaminginvaders is a new Japanese brand emerging in recent years. It is marked by the pattern of women's head and has a glamrock flavor. Women's head pattern, cantwo flashing stone buckle belt, bethplace Red Plaid long coat, culturemedium light gray skirt, cantwo blue neckchain  Cutler & gross has always been very popular among stars and trendsetters. The Cutler & gross Vintage Sunglasses are 100% brand new, not second-hand.  Earlier on, a Japanese girl brand was determined to transform into a mature brand. However, judging from the local girls' fancy dress and the strength of their clothes, we can see that there is still a large market for girl clothing in the local area. No wonder many fashion camps have joined the battle group and introduced a large number of Japanese and European girl clothing brands. Among the newcomers to the group are fashique, which specializes in Japanese girls' clothing. It tried to make a round by introducing several well-known Japanese brands such as cantwo, culture medium and bethplace; On the other hand, breadnbutter, a French girl clothing brand, has decided to open its own shop and expand its territory in the girl clothing industry

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