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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What are the first-line clothing brands in China?

What are the first-line clothing brands in China?

China's top ten famous clothing brands are fir, Bosideng, Hongdou, Youngor and Erdos. Here is a good introduction to famous brands:

1. Shanshan (Chinese famous trademark)

Shanshan Group is a fashion industry group based on clothing, clothing, textile and other industrial companies. Shanshan Group implements the strategy of "multi brand and internationalization", takes products as the core and brand management as the foundation, strives to expand the field of fashion industry, further strengthens international cooperation, and strives to become a leading enterprise in domestic fashion industry.

Shanshan brand is the core brand of Shanshan Group. It is the first clothing brand that has passed the green environmental protection certification. It is also the representative brand of China's clothing industry. It has formed a series of formal wear, business, leisure and other products. Its product line has extended to women's fashion, underwear, children's wear, leather goods and home textiles, Among them, Shanshan suit and Shanshan shirt won the title of Chinese famous brand respectively.

2. Bosden (China famous trademark)

Bosden was founded in 1976, focusing on the R & D, design and production of down jacket. Each down jacket goes through at least 150 processes. Over the past 43 years, it has been continuously innovated and widely praised at home and abroad. Now it is sold well in 72 countries, such as the United States, France and Italy, with more than 200 million people wearing it all over the world.

Bosideng group was founded in Changshu, Jiangsu Province in 1976. In August 2016, bosden ranked 436 in the "2016 top 500 Chinese enterprises". On September 1, 2019, the list of top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in 2019 was released, and Bosideng Co., Ltd. ranked 237th. On October 17, 2019, Bosideng Co., Ltd. was selected into the list of advanced private enterprises of "ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages".

3. Red bean (Chinese famous brand)

Hongdou Group is a key enterprise group in Jiangsu Province and one of the 120 large-scale pilot enterprises of deepening reform under the State Council. The registered trademark "Hongdou" is the first batch of well-known trademarks in China. Hongdou garment occupies a leading position in the national garment industry. With total assets of nearly 3 billion yuan, the company achieved sales revenue of 5.062 billion yuan in 2002. On January 8, 2001, Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

4. Youngor

Youngor Group (600177) was founded in 1979. After 40 years of development, it has gradually established a business pattern with brand clothing as its main business, involving in real estate development, financial investment, diversified and professional development. It has become a large multinational group company with more than 50000 employees, and its Youngor Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company.

Youngor has 772 self operated stores and 2632 commercial outlets in China. The main product shirt is the first national export inspection free product in China's shirt industry. It has won the first place in the comprehensive market share for 17 consecutive years, and the suit has maintained the first place in the comprehensive market share for 12 consecutive years.

5. Ordos

At present, the group has total assets of 18.3 billion yuan, 115 member enterprises and more than 24000 employees. In 2007, the group achieved sales revenue of 12.3 billion yuan, export earnings of 380 million US dollars and profits and taxes of 1.776 billion yuan. Ordos group has become China's famous export brand enterprise and China's leading enterprise in the industry with its strong strength and scale, and has entered the list of 520 key enterprises and China's top 500 enterprises.

"Ordos", as a landmark brand in China's industry, "Ordos" was ranked 97th in the list of "2015 top 500 Chinese brands" sponsored by China brand value research institute in August 2015.

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