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Thursday, May 6, 2021

What are the female clothing brands?

What are the female clothing brands?

1. Teenie weenie

Brand features: Winnie bear women's wear originated from South Korea, which is a leisure wear brand launched by E-land (love for clothes) of South Korea. It is rich in fashion and romance, and is highly respected by the younger generation.

2. Egger Etam

Brand features: egger women's wear was founded in Germany in 1916, which is a women's wear brand of Shanghai Yingmei model company and an international famous women's wear brand.

3. Motoley

Brand features: metropolis, elegance, leisure and England.

4. BOCO dotacoko

Brand features: the creative design team of silk women's clothing combined with international vision perfectly integrates fashionable girls with playful elegance.

5. Chiu Shui

Brand characteristics: Qiushuiyiren brand is located in the city lady. Through the elegant and romantic design expression of the designer, it fully interprets the classic and elegant fashion style of the city lady.

6. Eighteen ladies' Square

Brand features: Eighteen ladies' Square ladies' wear is a well-known ladies' wear brand in Guangzhou. With "Ladies' culture" as the core, it weaves ladies' dreams for young urban women. The main consumer group is young urban women who pursue natural comfort, highlight their personality and know how to taste life.

7. Missthea

Brand features: Dongguan Honghao clothing's Korean version of women's clothing, the brand with beautiful Japanese and Korean fashion elements, to attract the attention of young consumers, to create the most beautiful image for them.


Brand features: CC & DD was born in 1982 in Virgin Islands, UK. The brand name comes from the abbreviation of the founders Cindy and Candice.

9. Jiangnan cloth clothing JNBY

Brand characteristics: Jiangnan women's cloth clothing design is located in this way of life or urban intellectual women who advocate this way of life, aged between 20-35 years old, and based on this group's life style, designs and develops clothing, clothing accessories and home furnishings.

10. Baijiahao basic house

Brand characteristics: baijiahao women's clothing is the most famous brand in South Korea, which is popular, comfortable, fashionable, avant-garde and simple.

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