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Saturday, May 1, 2021

What are the Chinese clothing brands entering the top foreign markets?

What are the Chinese clothing brands entering the top foreign markets?

A. There is a saying that it is difficult for clothing brands to realize their dream of going abroad; Second rate enterprises sell brands; Third rate enterprises sell products. In such a special industry as clothing industry, it is not easy to set standards, so the international clothing giants are looking at brands. A strong brand is the only magic weapon for international clothing giants to be proud of the world. Many international clothing giants, such as Benetton, crocodile shirt, playboy, otifen, kangaroo and so on, are models of brand building. Market is the battlefield of cognition, not of products. In consumers' mental model, world famous brands such as Playboy are brand names, pronouns of status, fashion and personality, not product names. However, China's clothing industry regards itself as a big clothing country, but what is behind the biggest and first? It's OEM! OEM processing for famous foreign brands is an effective measure for enterprises to expand their exports in the start-up and expansion period. However, if they want to open up their own world in the international market, they must have a brand with market appeal. At present, China's lack of independent brands and the situation of big but not strong brands are not conducive to China's clothing brands to the world. It seems that China's clothing enterprises do not understand the essence of the problem. And the brand "invasion" of international clothing giants makes us sweat for China's clothing industry. Where is the brand road of China's clothing industry? Why is there no international brand in Chinese clothing? Let our country brand clothing to the international market, has been the goal of our clothing industry. However, to this day, this goal is still an unfulfilled dream. B. The first is the lack of brand planning. Although it has been a consensus in the clothing industry to be a brand, the lack of professionalism and eagerness for quick success and instant benefit of domestic clothing enterprises directly lead to the difficulty of making domestic clothing brands bigger. The formation of a good brand is just like brewing old wine. It not only needs time accumulation, but also needs the optimal allocation of various resources. This includes brand positioning, brand personality, brand culture, etc., and brand personality should be expressed through brand name, product design, product packaging, product promotion, product sales, etc. Third, the lack of cultural connotation. The difference of clothing brand lies in the different feelings to consumers. For consumers, clothing is the carrier of their own personality and image. The essence of consumers' brand consumption is cultural consumption, which is a kind of personal psychological consumption. However, it seems that Chinese clothing brands have not grasped the psychological needs of consumers, and have not cultivated the unique national cultural connotation of Chinese clothing brands. Relying on advertising bombing and the image endorsement of international stars alone, they can not have the international momentum and appeal of the international market, and will only be a flash in the pan or continue to be followers of the international clothing market. C. Three brand strategies to compete in the international market 1. Accurate brand positioning. Positioning is to find out the possible differences with competitors, and effectively explain the differences to the target market. Brand positioning is the key and the first step of building a brand. If we can't find the correct positioning for the brand, many efforts of enterprises, especially the effect of brand promotion, will be greatly reduced, or even deviate from the direction. However, the concept of brand positioning is relatively vague in most of China's clothing enterprises, and some enterprises simply do not have the brand positioning, just blindly pursue "Westernization". Brand positioning is to find a suitable position for the brand, the main purpose is to give consumers a psychological enjoyment, such as brand grade, characteristics, personality, taste, fashion and so on. In fact, there are many ways of brand positioning, but for clothing brands, the author thinks that the positioning of Qipai is a successful model. In the initial stage of building a brand, Qipai also has ambiguities in its own positioning, semantic orientation of advertising and visual image. Qipai's early intensive advertising bombing and frequent change of brand spokesmen, although these advertisements can also make the popularity rise significantly in a short time, it is undoubtedly unfavorable to the brand construction of Qipai. Qipai finally stands firmly on a special base point culture to deduce, "the core of brand value is culture, and the space for brand expansion also lies in culture", "culture condenses the team and sublimates the spirit", and the image of Qipai has also been improved. Brand positioning is the leader of brand building. Every enterprise brand should have a clear and differentiated positioning. Only when the positioning is clear, can it occupy a place in the fierce market competition. 2. Rich brand connotation. A brand without connotation is like a person without spirit. People should have spirit and brands should have connotation. Compared with the world famous brand clothing, the connotation of most clothing brands in China is relatively deficient and empty, and few of them do well. Brand is a combination of visual effects such as name, logo and slogan, as well as the characteristics and unique temperament of products. What consumers initially realize is only the visual things, and it is after the brand has its own unique temperament and characteristics, that is, the personality of the brand that can really form a loyal consumer group. An excellent clothing brand should be the embodiment of national cultural spirit, the embodiment of regional economy and cultural customs, and the epitome of fashion culture of an era. However, Chinese clothing brands are lack of in-depth exploration of the connotation of Chinese traditional culture and their own brands. Only by scientifically formulating the market positioning of the brand and constantly meeting the market demand can the cultural connotation of the brand be enriched. In recent years, "Tang costume" is popular in the world, and the appeal of Chinese national culture in the international clothing market can be seen. 3. Seize the commanding height of the terminal. Store in store of department stores is still the main channel of clothing sales. In order to meet the era of international and domestic mixed operation of clothing brands after China's accession to the WTO, the major department stores have sorted out the store brands one after another. Clothing brands should take advantage of this opportunity to seize the terminal stores. On the other hand, the franchise of international brand system will enter the market, and the pattern of the whole chain store system will change greatly. China's clothing brand chain and franchise mode will "dance with the wolves", in order not to be eaten by the "wolves", we must first become "wolves". In the aspect of strengthening terminal management: first, franchised stores should have the concept of fashion. There is a big difference in fashion concept between franchised stores. The concept of fashion atmosphere is not enough and the collocation is unreasonable. It can be said that there is no concept of fashion. The white-collar class pursues fashion demand, while the middle class likes to buy Fashion and feeling. It's time for Chinese to pay attention to fashion. Second, the way of display should be reasonable.

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