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Monday, May 17, 2021

Seeking a clothing brand case with story

Seeking a clothing brand case with story

1. Gucci's brand case

As a classic and high-quality Italian brand, gucci has been famous all over the world for more than 70 years. In the past few decades, gucci has evolved from a family business into a market company. Today, gucci has become a company listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, which is jointly owned by many private or institutional investors.

The company was founded in 1921, when Guccio returned to his hometown Italy after absorbing working experience from abroad and opened his first shop in Florence. It mainly sells leather goods manufactured by outstanding Florence crafts.

In just a few years, Florence's special store attracted many international customers with unique taste. This unprecedented success drove Gucci's business to expand rapidly, and opened a branch in via Condotti in Rome in 1938.

Gucci's success was finally officially affirmed in 1998. The company was selected as "European company of the year" by European business press Federation (u.p.e.f.e.) from 4000 companies.

This award reflects Gucci's outstanding economic and financial performance, as well as the company's strategic deployment and superior management quality.

2. Ferragamo's brand case

Salvatore Ferragamo, the founder of the company, realized his dream of making shoes for the nobles, gentlemen and ladies in his time. The combination of traditional Italian crafts and modern science and technology makes the crafts to a higher level. Ferragamo and his sons and daughters have successfully established a fashion kingdom, practicing the motto of "decorate men and women, from foot to head".

Salvatore Ferragamo is a renaissance castle in the heart of Florence. Clothes, handbags, leather products, shawls, neckties, jewelry and other products will vary with the seasons. Based on high quality, with personal interpretation, let people feel comfortable, natural and elegant, is the permanent style.

A colorful scarf and an exaggerated tie can change the daily dress into the image of evening dress; A small ornament, showing my hobbies, characteristics, feelings and personal charm; At the same time, cloth and weaving are also very important. Different materials can change the design idea and use.

3. Brand case of daks

In 1894, Simeon Simpson set up a haute couture company in Whitechapel, London. It opened the first page of daks Simpson's history to tailor haute couture for people who are fastidious about clothes. In his mind, clothing is tailored to fit the body, natural lines, natural and extraordinary.

With the rapid development of business, Simpson expanded the business of clothing stores from 1900 to 1920, and opened many factories to put into production.

In the early 1930s, Alec, Simeon's son, saw the right time to produce high-quality ready-made clothes. In 1934, Alec invented and launched trousers with strong waist position. His breakthrough waist position design has been patented for many years.

At present, this kind of design is often called (daks belt). The group also created a brand named daks with the abbreviations of dad and trousers. In terms of the quality, fabric and color of trousers, it is difficult for other goods to shape the nape.

Not long after, Alec launched the matching top for these pants, becoming the famous daks suit.

At the same time, the group launched a series of women's clothing with the unique design of waist, which was also very popular and achieved great success. By the mid-1950s, one third of the group's production was exported, so daks was recognized as a major exporter.

Daks has also been awarded Royal accreditation, including the Royal accreditation of the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, the Royal accreditation of the queen of England in 1962 and the pro Royal accreditation of Wales in 1983.

In 1976, daks launched its signature plaid, which is used for clothing and accessories, becoming the international mark of daks. Today, daks has a full range of men's and women's wear series, leather accessories, ties and scarves.

4. Armani clothing brand story

In 1970, Giorgio Armani co founded the company with the architect Sergio Galeotti. Then in 1975, Giorgio Armani founded the company and registered its own trademark. When George Armani's first men's fashion show was completed in 1974, people called him "the king of jackets.".

In 1984, founded a low-cost brand, anpolo Armani. Today, Armani's business has spread to more than 100 countries. In addition to Giorgio Armani, there are also a number of sub brands, such as Emporio, Mani, armani jeans and so on.

Among them, the product category is not only clothing. It also has ties, glasses, scarves, leather products, perfume and so on. Emporio Armani is a very successful brand. "Emporio" in Italian means department store, namely "Armani department store", which is the brand of Armani's young series.

Armani series brands firmly grasp the international trend and create men's and women's clothing with rich aesthetic taste.

At the same time, it is famous for the use of new fabrics and excellent production. Unlike most fashion designers who have been in business for a long time, looking back to Armani's 18 years of business history, there are few ridiculous or very outdated designs. He can create an almost perfect and amazing balance between market demand and elegant fashion.

5. The story of Chuanchun clothing brand

Chuanchun designer he shanliuyi began to enter the clothing industry when he was 16 years old. He has nearly 9 years of experience in clothing design, customization and sales. Chuanchun was formerly known as CC and double C. However, no matter how it changes, consumers only recognize whether it is designed by shanliu No.1 institute or not, and do not care about the name of the clothing.

He has been a designer in the fashion industry for nine years since he founded his own company in 2003. He enjoys a high reputation and is regarded as the representative of "American fashion". He shanliuyi's works are pure and meticulously cut. In the elegant and neutral fabric, they show a simple and neat fashion style, which is also the pure design philosophy.

The essence of Chuanchun style is also internationalized. Just like New York, it is not a typical American city, but a typical international city, and so is Hong Kong. People living in these cities will respond to my design because their lives and needs are very similar, and modern people have commonality no matter where they live.

The success of Chuanchun comes from the expression of the concept of "pure elegance and longevity" by he shanliuyi, the designer of the four-dimensional world. It makes the clothing reveal the idea of inheriting purity, and makes you feel the color space and fashion of Chuanchun everywhere.

Every season's Chuanchun new clothing and underwear will send countless surprises to the loyal "she" consumers.

Under the careful planning of the designers who absorb the popular information of Hong Kong and New York every quarter, and combined with the dream complex of urban women's constant pursuit of ladies, the romantic feelings and the needs of fashion trend, he shanliuyi meticulously launched a series of exquisite, simple and quiet clothes that are easy to match.

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