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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

List of world clothing brands

List of world clothing brands

Just a list of the world

Louis Vuitton, the top 10 luxury clothing brands, was founded in 1854 and now belongs to moerhennessylouisvutiton group, which specializes in high-grade luxury goods in France. The founder is Louis Vuitton himself. 1、 Donnakaran was founded by donnakaran, a woman with a flat appearance and a surprising appearance. In order to diversify her dress Kingdom, he founded her own company in 1984, and launched a series of distinctive products: DKNY, dknylassic, dknaaactive, dknyjesns, This paper gives a new interpretation of the different cultures and unique life atmosphere of New York. DKNY depicts the times of New York in a more avant-garde, more fashionable and more leisure way, and embodies the unique charm of DKNY in different languages. 2、 Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton is now affiliated to the moerhennessylouisvuitton group, which specializes in high-end luxury goods in France. The founder is Louis Vuitton himself. From the beginning to the present, the woven letter canvas bag with LV logo is a classic of fashion with rich legend and Athens design. Over the past 100 years, the world has undergone many changes, and people's pursuit and aesthetic concept have changed. But Louis Vuitton has not only a good reputation, but also has an unparalleled charm. 3、 Chanel is a famous brand with more than 80 years experience. Chanel fashion has always been elegant, concise and exquisite. She is good at breaking through the tradition, and successfully pushed the women's dress with "big tie" to simple and comfortable in the early 1940s. This is perhaps the earliest modern leisure clothing. Chanel knows women best, and Chanel has a wide range of products. Every woman can find the right thing in Chanel's world. Even a saying goes on in the European and American women's society: "when you can't find the right clothes, wear Chanel suits.". 4、 Famous Italian clothing brand Versace represents a brand family and a fashion empire. Its design style is distinct, and it is the symbol of vanguard art with unique aesthetic feeling. Among them, the unique charm is the gorgeous and imaginative styles which are full of Renaissance characteristics. These styles are sexy and beautiful, feminine and colorful. They are both opera style super flat reality gorgeous, and can fully consider the comfort of wearing and proper display of body shape. Versace created a female image between the female fighter and the female demon by the women's pants and leather women's clothing decorated with metal and flash. 5、 Dior brand has always been synonymous with gorgeous women's wear. The kalmalai evening dress with large V-neck, multi-level and freely matched fur, all come from the hand of the talented designer Dior. Its elegant narrow dress can always make the wearer walk freely, reflecting the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. The revolution of Dior brand is also reflected in its commitment to the comprehensibility of fashion; Choose high-grade fabrics, such as satin, traditional overcoat, worsted wool, taffeta, gorgeous embroidery, etc. And the workmanship is more sophisticated. For decades, Dior brand has constantly created "new opportunities, new love stories" for people. Dior made an indelible contribution in the process of rebuilding the world fashion center in Paris after the war. 6、 The most striking thing about Gucci's legend since Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel is the story of tomford taking over Gucci. Fashion necessity: Although the fashion brand is dazzling, GuZi has always been favored by business people. After fashion, it is not elegant. The Italian brand has always been designed simply. Especially for men's clothing this season, it is featured with novel cutting and filled with the style of the 18th century Weini period. It is also blended with the color of cowboy, space and rock stars, which makes the heroic a little unruly, It gives off infinite charm. 7、 Valentinogaravani, founder of Valentino galavani, was born in Italy in 1932, founded Valentino company in Rome in 1960, and Valentino was taken over by Kenton company from 1968 to 1973, and Valentino bought back the company in 1973. Valentino has won the nemen Marcos award and the Italy American Foundation Award. Rich and gorgeous, beautiful and brilliant are the characteristics of Valentino brand. Valentino likes to use the purest colors, of which the bright red is his standard color. Valentini is very sophisticated in his work, and from the whole to every small detail, he does the best. Valentino is a symbol of luxury and luxury lifestyle, and is very loved by the celebrities who pursue perfection. 8、 Prada is an old brand, but because of its perfect products, the recognition of the brand is no less than any other brand, no matter old or young. To trace back Prada's history, we must start from the beginning of the 20th century... Prada was founded in the early 20th century. Because of the frequent business trade and transportation business travel, the founder marioprada began to manufacture a series of manual leather products for travel, and opened a boutique store in 1913. In 1978, micicaprada and his husband patriziobertelli took over Prada, leading Prada to a new milestone. 9、 The UESS brand was founded by the massiano brothers from southern France. They have integrated the romantic and passionate French design and style into their understanding and appreciation of western American culture. Born in 1981, guss was founded as a jeans manufacturer. It has become one of the most recognized and influential famous brands in the world. It has agents and distributors on five continents. With the design of clothing and accessories for men, women, children and families, guess can interpret the exquisite quality of life of the owner. 10、 Born in Italy in 1934, giorgioarmani, founder, was once a man's clothing designer in cherediti and founded George Armani in 1975. He has won the nemen Marcos award, the wool mark award, the life achievement award, the American International Designers Association Award, the Kudi shack award and other awards. George Armani is now the largest European designer in the United States, and he is known for using new fabrics and excellent production.

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