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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Korean clothing brand

 1、 Tomboy jeans

Tomboy jeans, a Korean clothing brand, belongs to fiber company. Founded in 1997, the group has the following subsidiaries: Star fiber, locomotive, tomboy international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., outdoor life company, etc. Tomboy's early established brands still occupy the market today include "tomboy", "Comodo", "tomboy jeans", "tomkid", "tomboy wiz" and "tomstore". It is the longest lived clothing brand in South Korea and occupies the highest position in the past 30 years.

2、 Roem

Roem, a Korean clothing brand, refers to Narcissus in Dutch, which means water fairy and Tingting Yuli. Roem is a representative brand of ladies' wear. In South Korea, Roem is one of the top five most famous ladies' wear brands. Its clothing is infused with the concept of modern ladies' clothing brand with romantic style and fashion sense, which makes every woman who pursues independence exude remarkable femininity and high-quality taste in pursuit of fashion all the time. Its brand was endorsed by song Huiqiao in 2008.

3、 Abfz

Abfz, a Korean clothing brand, was founded in Korea in 1996. By 2005, the number of stores in Korea has expanded to 80. At present, the number of stores in China has also increased to 16. Its clothing, like many words formed by various combinations of Zimu, contains the meaning of creating many fashionable clothing through the combination of color and design.

4、 Brannyko

South Korean clothing brannyko is a professional clothing industry of South Korean bellanne international clothing group. Its stores are all over the world, and its industrial scale and output value rank top three in the same industry. Its China headquarters not only integrates design, R & D, weaving, color printing, computer embroidery, bead embroidery, clothing and other production systems, but also is proficient in marketing. It has a group of marketing elites with rich practical experience, unique perspective and unlimited creativity. The company's original "Chinese style investment" mode has been praised by the industry.

5、 E.c.a

Korean clothing brand e.c.a e.c.a is one of the main brands of Korean Star City International Clothing (Hong Kong) industrial group company. The main products are fashionable women's wear, which aims to create a beautiful and confident youth image for the new fashion personality group, and show the passion, movement and taste of modern urban women.

6、 Deco

Deco, as a leading Korean brand, has always been a symbol of noble value and taste, and has been favored by many intellectual women. The theme of autumn and winter clothing in 2004 is avant-garde leisure, classical modernity and gentle rationality. Its design style shows women's desire for beauty in the new era. The fabric is mostly made of wool and silk with chemical fiber to outline the design style.

7、 Sjsj

Sjsj is known as South Korea's national treasure fashion brand, sjsj has been respected by young artists since its birth. Sjsj is regarded as a representative brand of young and elegant through the design of lines and details. Gorgeous and charming style, through the new interpretation of sjsj, reflects the chic fashion. The sensibility designed for the upper class is young and full of power. It shows the new luxury casual wear through the layering method.

8、 System

System brand from South Korea has been advocating the route of "advanced collocation". In the past 20 years, collocation has become the core of system brand. Through modern exquisite ribbon cutting, slim and introverted details and fashionable and modern fabrics, it shows the perceptual dressing style of the new century freely; To inject new ideas and creativity into familiar classical style fabrics and styles, reflecting the new interpretation of line and curve beauty; Boldly reflect the top fashion trend, show elegant, charming, gentle overall image of women, while taking into account the unique details and colors.

9、 On & on

On & on, a South Korean clothing brand under huashanghui, was founded in 1992 in South Korea. It is mainly for young women in their 20s and produces all kinds of professional wear, casual wear and accessories. As one of the representative korean women's clothing brands, on & on Korean clothing brand is deeply loved by the majority of female consumers. Every quarter, it will launch more than 300 new models, most of which are directly imported from South Korea, except for some of the clothing processed in China.

10、 Scofield

Scofield clothing brand is a high-end business and leisure brand among 38 brands of South Korea Yilian group. Scofield is a famous brand to show the leisure life of the British royal family. With its simple and smooth lines, classic and elegant patterns and delicate and unique embellishment, its clothing fills the fashion circle with elegant and romantic femininity.

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