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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

How to operate clothing brand? How to make the clothing brand bigger and stronger?!

 How to operate clothing brand? How to make the clothing brand bigger and stronger?!

1、 Brand should always "innovate"

Brand innovation means that with the change of business environment and consumer demand, the connotation and form of brand should also be constantly developed to meet the needs of social and economic development. The brand should constantly update its expression and angle, so as to make its brand bright and imaginative forever.

It is human nature to like the new and dislike the old. If any brand is not maintained frequently, new elements are not injected into it, and changes in social development are not taken into consideration, it is easy to lead to brand aging, and it may be forgotten by consumers after a long time.

Case study:

Gallup has conducted a comprehensive consumer survey for Li Ning brand, and the results show that Li Ning is facing serious brand aging problems, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The target consumers are not clear. The target consumers of the management of Li Ning Company are: aged between 14 and 28, mainly students, large and medium-sized cities, like sports, and advocate the trend of fashion and internationalization. But the core consumers who really buy Li Ning brand sporting goods are between 18 and 45 years old, live in secondary cities and have a middle income. They are not "heavy consumers of sporting goods".

2. Brands are in danger of being forgotten. Brand loyalty is very high, but loyal consumers are the generation who adore Li Ning. The younger generation does not know who Li Ning is. Li Ning brand is separated from the fashion pursued by the new generation.

3. The personality of the brand is not distinct. In the eyes of real consumers, the personality of Li Ning brand is associated with Li Ning's own image, which is "national, sports and honorary" with affinity. It is not the "young and fashionable" brand personality that Li Ning company has worked hard to build in recent years.

4. With the continuous expansion of Li Ning brand's product line, it is difficult to figure out what his "flagship product" is. More products will make consumers unable to figure out what the concept of "Li Ning brand" is.

In short, the brand of Li Ning has fallen into the dilemma of unclear market segmentation and product boundaries, brand aging, transformation is imperative. Thus, a brand movement with the theme of "everything is possible" began.

2、 Pay attention to "brand story"

Modern brands must have stories, and they must be able to tell stories.

A brand story is the best soft advertisement. A brand without a story is a mediocre brand. It can only represent a kind of logo and symbol...

We will find that international famous clothing brands are not just selling names, but telling the "legend" behind the names; After we gradually accept their long culture and understand their beautiful brand stories, we will unconsciously feel that the clothes we wear seem to enhance our social status and enhance our confidence, and even some impossible things have changed for the better.

This is the miracle of famous brands, so we like to buy and wear famous brands.

For example: eggs and duck eggs are the most poultry eggs we eat, and duck eggs are more nutritious than eggs, but why do eggs sell much better than duck eggs?

It's because chickens will crow and publicize after laying eggs. Over time, in people's concept, there are only eggs and duck eggs are forgotten.

The traditional Chinese concept of "wine is not afraid of deep alleys" is no longer feasible in today's society. We should learn to shout while doing a good job in quality, so that more consumers can understand your brand.

3、 Do a good job in "personalized marketing"

It can also be called "customized marketing service".

"We are now moving from mass consumption to personalized consumption," said alla matasha, President of the American Consumer Association.

The president of atlas said: customized marketing is new today and will become a common phenomenon tomorrow.

Have you seen the "custom shoe shop" on the street? The owner of a shoe store must make shoes according to the customers' wishes. What cortex? Cowhide or sheepskin. What does it look like? Old man or rocket. What colour is it? Black, white, brown, gray. When is the delivery time? How to deliver? All agreed, can the boss change it at will? The boss will say to the man, "these are people's shoes. We have to do what people think.

We may have seen such custom-made shoe stores or clothing stores, but it is rare for big brands to have such services. Consumers can only choose from the existing goods, and can only choose the goods closest to their ideal products. In the era of personalized consumption, who can satisfy consumers, who can produce the products that consumers want most, who can occupy a place in the shopping mall with numerous brands.

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