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Sunday, May 30, 2021

At present, China's top 10 popular clothing brands

 At present, China's top 10 popular clothing brands

Do you know the story behind the top ten famous brands in China?

1、 Gabrielle Chanel's eternal classic

Chanel Chanel founder: Coco Chanel, designer: Karl Lagerfel, the birthplace: France, founded in 1914: product line: Men's wear, women's wear, glasses, perfume, jewelry 1. double C: double C has become the pride of the fashion industry, is also the most wanted brand on the earth women! Chanel forever, Chanel has become the most famous brand in the world. 2. Camellia: no one knows exactly why Chanel is fond of Camellia. It's easy to think of the aristocrat in Russia. Perhaps it was because of the power of love, or her Russian lover had personally dressed her carefully before a Russian aristocratic dinner; The pure color and regular arrangement of the petals of Camellia make Mrs. Chanel fascinated. For the whole world, "Camellia" has been equivalent to the national flower of Chanel kingdom. In addition to appearing in various accessories, it is more often used in clothing fabric patterns. 3. Diamond pattern: three dimensional diamond pattern is also one of Chanel's symbols, which is widely used in clothing and leather goods. Later, it was also used in the design of watches.

2、 Louis Vuitton elegant Paris temperament

Founder: Louis Vuitton, designer: Marc Jacobs, the birthplace: France, founded in 1854: product line: Men's wear, women's wear, fashion, perfume, clothing brand story: over the past one hundred and fifty years, advocating exquisite, quality and comfortable travel philosophy is the foundation of LV leather design. In addition to the impeccable perfect workmanship, LV leather goods greatly meet the people's logo desire in the era of famous brand popularity. 1. Monogram: the first generation of LV pattern. Since 1896, it has been the symbol of LV leather goods, and it has been lasting for a long time. In recent years, there has been a design based on the traditional Monogram pattern and pressing the real leather material onto the fashionable plastic bright surface. 2. Damier checkerboard pattern: it was first created in 1888, and was reintroduced in 1996 with delicate and elegant brown tone. 3. The famous LV logo also has EPI embossing, with seven colors including black, brown, green, yellow, blue, red and orange. Modern monochrome running water leather only has an LV logo in the lower right corner of the leather. 4. Exquisite and durable patterns on the leather and graffiti with the theme of "Louis Vuitton".

3、 Dior the highest spirit of French fashion culture

Founder: Christian Dior, designer: Galliano, the birthplace: France, founded in 1946: product line: cosmetics, clothing, perfume, leather goods, fashion, jewelry, clothing shoes and hats, underwear brand story: "if Dior is still alive, today's time is another look." Christian Dior is the most innovative artist who brings traditional clothing into modern functionalism. And also cultivate such fashion giants as Pierre CADIN, yaves, Saint Laurent. In 1997, John Galliano's impression almost perfectly "overturned" Dior's original appearance, but for Dior, luxury is still the essence. 1. CD: this abbreviation often appears on Dior's accessories, such as belts, the buckle of wallet, or the side of spectacle frame. 2. Dior: another obvious sign of Dior, on the gift box or the lifting ring of the bag, is also the most obvious sign of the "Lady Dior" bag (beloved by the late Princess Diana).

4、 Versace Italian fashion empire

Versace Versace founder: Gianni Versace, designer: the birthplace of Gianni Versace: Italy, founded in 1978: product line: cosmetics, cosmetics, handbags, perfume, women's clothing brand story: the famous Italy brand Versace represents a fashion empire. His design style is a pioneer art with strong aesthetic feeling, and is one of the three famous "g" in Milan's fashion capital (the other two are Gucci, Gianfranco Ferre). Versace always yearns for ancient civilization, so she takes "Medusa" as her spiritual symbol. His sense of color in clothing came from ancient civilization empires such as Greece, Egypt and India. The beautiful line cutting makes it a sexy spokesman

5、 Prada: The Legend of fashion world

Prada founded its first boutique in 1913. In 1978, this famous brand with a long history was endowed with new development elements and vitality. Miuccia (Mario Prada's granddaughter) established a business partnership with Patrizio Bertelli, who had rich experience in luxury product production at that time. With the change of fashion environment in the 1970s, prada was on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1978, Miuccia and her husband Patrizio Bertelli took over Prada and led Prada to a new milestone. As the chief designer of Prada, Miuccia continues to perform the legend of challenge and innovation through her talented fashion talent. Patrizio Bertelli, a creative entrepreneur, not only established Prada's worldwide product distribution channels and mass production system, but also skillfully combined Prada's traditional brand concept with modern advanced technology.

6、 Burberry: strong British color

7、 Kenzo takada: fresh and deep east wind

8、 Givenchy: an international fashion giant

9、 Valentino: the eternal exclamation point of elegance

10、 Hugo Boss: elegant German style

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