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Thursday, May 27, 2021

About the introduction of clothing brand!

About the introduction of clothing brand!

Great Xia, please provide some websites of clothing brand introduction, including the detailed introduction of domestic and foreign famous clothing brands, as well as some foreign excellent brands that are not well known to the domestic public. It's better to have translated the introduction, thank you!!!

1. Transliteration: Chanel -- "Chanel"; Versace -- "Versace"; Yves Saint Laurent; "Here be"; Shunmei -- "smart". The main skill is to pay attention to the localization of translation. The translation should be catchy and auspicious; Rhythm and texture, in line with the local people's cultural appreciation.

2. Playboy: Playboy; Goldline -- "Jinlilai"; Crocodile -- "crocodile"; Plover -- "woodpecker"“ Firs“ Stunner. This method is more difficult than transliteration, such as good translation, cultural integration, giving people inspiration, easy and memory. For internationalization, it is better to register proper nouns. When Lenovo moves towards internationalization, it will encounter the embarrassment of trademark rush registration. The trademark of legend was registered even earlier than that in China. The reason is that words with beautiful meanings and can be found in dictionaries are very easy to register. So Lenovo created a new name "Lenovo", which is a completely self created word, so it is unique.

3. The combination of transliteration and free translation: Reebok translates Reebok as "Reebok", which is similar in pronunciation. Reebok's Chinese can also express the aggressive and fast pace, which is very consistent with the brand positioning; Nike -- "Nike", endurance, wear resistance. The word "Nai" translates the charm“ "Younger" is translated into "younger" with similar pronunciation, and it also expresses the positioning of brand youth.

In the process of trademark translation, many enterprises use pinyin to solve the problem of Chinese trademark translation“ YDC, dandinghe and Ling. But Chinese pinyin is not international, not universal, many foreigners can not spell out the correct pronunciation of the enterprise's trademark, and improper use will cause misunderstanding. For example, puke (Chinese Pinyin of poker) just means "vomit" in English; Second, it can not express the corporate culture contained in the trademark. If "Youngor" uses Chinese Pinyin, it is "Yageer", which can not express the meaning of "Youth".

In recent years, the process of internationalization has become the key strategy of China's large enterprises, and hundreds of enterprises have entered overseas. Enterprises must pay attention to some foreign customs and taboos when using the trademark. Haier once had such a lesson when selling household appliances in Arab countries: we all know that Haier's trademark is two lovely children wearing swimming trunks. However, in the Arab region, this kind of dress is regarded as not solemn and violates their religious teachings, Therefore, this trademark cannot be used in the Arab region.

Philip Jones, an American brand expert, believes that the added value of a brand exists in its name in some form. A good name is convenient for consumers to remember, make people associate with each other, arouse favor and promote purchase; At the same time, it can save the cost of communication. On the contrary, an inappropriate name can not express the opinions of the enterprise, waste a lot of communication costs, and greatly affect consumers' purchase. As the saying goes, "if the name is correct, the speech will be smooth; if the name is irregular, the speech will not be smooth.".

1、 The ideal brand name should follow the following principles: 1. Each brand has its own positioning and value orientation. Trout's positioning theory, one of the greatest marketing theories in the 20th century, requires enterprises to have a correct positioning. The brand name must conform to the enterprise attribute, express the brand positioning and value, and facilitate the integration of communication.

2. Differentiate from competitors. Porter, the master of strategic management in the world, believes that the competition of enterprises must be differentiated. I.e. ratio

Competitors offer a "different proposition" (USP). At present, China's main commodities have entered an economic era of relative surplus. The result of large-scale production is that the product is single and the difference is not obvious. With the acceleration of global economic integration, enterprises are now experiencing a comprehensive "homogenization". With the improvement of the quality of life and the enhancement of people-oriented consciousness, consumers require products to reflect their own personality. If there is no differentiation, the brand will be submerged in the "ocean of the people" and become "comrades".

3. In line with the target customer value aesthetic personality. According to Porter's centralized competition strategy theory, if an enterprise wants to stand out in the competition, it must focus on a "specific customer group" and "market segmentation".

Today, China is in a period of profound social transformation, and the social classes are gradually divided into Bobo, middle class and many sub classes. The author asserts that the society in the future will enter the era of club economy, and each small group will focus on its own "organization", consume its own brand and conduct activities in its own "territory".

An obvious trend in the world marketing is that consumption is changing from common consumption to individual consumption. It can be said that in the face of class segmentation, the consumption mode has entered the era of multi variety and small batch. Even people in the same community have different motives and feelings for consuming similar products. If an enterprise can't take new measures, segment the market, adopt two-dimensional and three-dimensional strategies, create segmentation and meet the differences of target customers, and still use the "integration" non segmentation strategy in the plane era, it will surely die. The brand name must conform to the aesthetics of the target customers.

4. Match with good visual patterns and symbols“ A good horse has a good saddle. When you have a good name, you need a matching pattern and symbol. David a Aker, a brand expert, believes that "the methods and cases of brand naming are different. 1. The 21st century is an era of personality publicity. People are no longer following others' advice, and special cases are popular. Some avant-garde garment enterprises often register more "cool" trademarks, win by "strange" and try to be amazing.

Such as "e-mail", "cool Lala", "exception", "the fifth element", "intelligence station", "Zhima Kaimen", "little magic fish", "U2", "xiguataro", "George boy", "doctor frog" and "life geometry". Strange enough. At first glance, it doesn't look like a clothing brand at all. It is not so much to express clothing as to express a kind of "dazzling" life proposition.

Because of the pursuit of "rebound" and reverse, it is not difficult to understand that men's names like "brother" have become women's clothing brand names“ "Wooden man" expresses the wisdom of "Forrest Gump".

2. "Soil" wins "ugly sister", "bridegroom", "ah you", "five color soil", "good day", "Lao San", "Lao K" and "group workers" win by soil. Soil is reasonable and soil is lovely.

But like the "rich man", "Prince Wang" and "instant hair", the author thinks that the soil is a bit "dregs" -- brand name should pay attention to guide healthy culture and values, rather than blindly sensationalism.

3. It is named after "name". Some of them are named after famous designers, such as "Versace", "Chanel", "Miyake Yisheng", "Pierre Cardin", "Wang Hua" and "mark Zhang";

Some are named after celebrities outside the clothing industry, such as "Zhu Shimao" and "Li Ning";

Some are named after historical celebrities, such as "Genghis Khan", "khoelun" (Genghis Khan's mother), "Caesar" and "Marco Polo".

4. The brand name of foreign and domestic well-known clothing enterprises should be slightly modified for trademark registration: "langfan DuPont" imitates "DuPont", "Prince peel" imitates "Pierre Cardin"“ "Rich bird" imitates "good news bird"“ The "King's slave" imitates "Valentino"“ "Yi Du Chuan" imitates "Yi Du Jin"“ "Old people's city" imitates "old people's head".

What's more, the famous brand names at home and abroad are used to rush to register or imitate in China: "Renault", "Buick" (shoe industry), "Sheng Jackie Chan" and "Pu Shu".

The author does not appreciate the strategy of "borrowing strength to fight strength". Although the name is easy to spread in the short term, "mix" a face familiar. But in the long run, the brand has no "personality". At the same time, facing the pressure and risk of international intellectual property protection. It is said that basketball superstar Michael Jordan came to China to launch his own Jordan sportswear. In China

"Jordan" sports shoes, a well-known brand in China, is facing the embarrassment and great risk of forced renaming.

5. Seeking "foreign" from foreign countries: "Metz Bonwe", "Valentino Cooper", "Roman family", "French dragon", "dalagi"

All of them seek "foreign" with foreign products -- catering to the psychology of worshiping foreign products of some consumers.

6. Take names by numbers and letters“ π”、“ "Qipai", "MV", "37" ° T. S. Q "," CMD "," three Q "and" Fapai ". Is to let

The more you don't understand, the more inquisitive you are. Then you are not far away from the "poison of medium brand".

7. Name by class and target customers: name by class: "white collar", "blue collar", "boss", "city manager", "gege", "talent", "Lady house" and "gentleman";

It is named after the survival status of the target customers: "dancing with Wolves", "stranger", "Lady of the Orient", "red boy", "Beatles", "street boy" and "playboy".

The characteristic of this kind of naming is to directly express the customer segmentation and value orientation of the brand through the name. Consumers only need to "take the right seat".

8. I would like to have a name. The name has a certain meaning

"Zhuang Ji" -- solemn life, auspicious life“ Good luck, good luck“ "Legalism" -- European style“ Empereurs: the legacy of the Yellow Emperor“ Pal ziler: of course, it's noble.

9. It is named after place names: "Ordos", "Temple of heaven", "Su school", "Shunmei" and "Fujian emperor". However, brands named after villages like "Nanjie Village" and "Wangzuo" will be restricted by their names if they are sold nationwide or even internationally.

10. According to the characteristics of products or industries, they are named "Antarctica" and "Arctic velvet" -- thermal underwear, so the more cold resistant the name is, the better;

"Tingmei" -- "Tingmei" is a homonym. It's good to be a woman;

"Strong bully", "fight" brand, "male" -- advocate the power of men. So these three brands often sponsor boxing and martial arts competitions, and their names are hard;

"Love" and "easy to cool" -- underwear stresses "love" and "cool";

"Sheng Xue Rong", "Tong Wang" and "beast Wang" (leather clothing) - hope to become the "King" of the industry.

11. Named after animals and plants: generally named after animals with more stories, outstanding appearance features and plants with beautiful symbols“ Crocodile, woodpecker, kangaroo, chinchilla, golden sheep, seven wolves, conch and deer king“ Spring bamboo, lavender, Acacia leaf and apple.

Animal and plant organizations should charge for image endorsement.


12. The main business of brand extension is not the diversified extension of some brands of clothing, such as Pepsi clothing of Pepsi Cola and Marlboro clothing of Marlboro cigarettes.

There are also some brand extension caused consumer controversy, such as Wahaha children's clothing business extension. The president of Coca Cola was overjoyed when he heard the news. He thought that "very Cola" would no longer be Coca Cola's rival in China. The author also thinks that in brand extension, we must pay attention to whether the extension conforms to the core value orientation of the brand; Whether there is a certain positive correlation with the main business; Will it have a big impact on the main business

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