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Friday, April 23, 2021

What are the top ten Chinese clothing brands?

 What are the top ten Chinese clothing brands?

1. fir (a well-known trademark in China)

The Chinese fir group is a fashion industry group based on the clothing, clothing, textile and other industrial companies in the Chinese fir enterprises. The company implements the strategy of "multi brand and internationalization", takes product as the core and brand management as the foundation, strives to expand the field of fashion industry, further strengthens international cooperation, and is committed to becoming the leading enterprise of domestic fashion industry.

The Chinese fir brand is the core brand of the group, the first clothing brand to pass the green environmental protection certification, and also a representative brand of the Chinese clothing industry. It has formed series products such as formal clothing, business and leisure. The product line has been extended to the fields of women's fashion, underwear, children's clothing, leather and home textile, Among them, the western suit and shirt of Chinese fir have been awarded the title of famous brand products in China.

2. bosden (a well-known trademark in China)

Born in 1976, bosden is the largest and most advanced manufacturer of down garments with more than 20000 employees. Mainly engaged in the development and management of the own down clothing brand, including the research, design, development, raw material procurement, outsourcing production and marketing and sales of products. Bosden down clothing is popular in 72 countries such as the United States, France, Italy and so on, and more than 200 million people are wearing it all over the world.

Bosden group was founded in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province in 1976. In August 2016, bosden ranked 436 in the "top 500 Chinese enterprises 2016".

3. red beans (famous brand in China)

Hongdou Group is one of the key enterprise groups in Jiangsu Province, and one of 120 large-scale pilot enterprises for deepening reform under the State Council. The registered trademark "red bean" is the first batch of well-known trademarks in China, and red bean clothing ranks the leading position in the national clothing industry. It has a total assets of nearly 3 billion yuan, and the sales revenue of RMB 5.562 billion was realized in 2002. On January 8th, 2001, Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully.

4. Luomeng (a well-known trademark in China)

Monroe Clothing Co., Ltd. mainly deals in Korean version of men's and women's clothing, men's and women's shoes, tie belts, watches, men and women's underwear. With the approval of the state industrial and commercial department, the company has the qualification of Investment Promotion Agency for Korean version of men's and women's clothing, men's and women's shoes, tie belts, watches and men's underwear.

Monroe Clothing Co., Ltd. has high quality product quality, broad market prospect, rich agency treatment and strong agency advantages, so that you can start up investment no longer difficult. Monroe Clothing Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes all the people with lofty ideals to come to visit and investigate on the spot.

5. xibird (a famous trademark in China)

Founded in 1996, baoxibird Group Co., Ltd. has successively built three industrial parks, Wenzhou, Shanghai and Hefei, established the senior men's clothing brand and baobird professional clothing brand of baobird, and held Zhongnan real estate development company to enter the real estate industry.

6. Youngor (a well-known trademark in China)

Founded in 1979, Youngor Group (600177) gradually established the business pattern of diversified and professional development, which is mainly composed of brand clothing, real estate development and equity investment. It has become a large multinational group company with more than 50000 employees, and its Youngor Group Co., Ltd. is listed company.

7. Ordos (a well-known trademark in China)

Ordos clothing brand is the wind vane of cashmere industry in China and the leading brand of Chinese fashion industry.

After 30 years of unremitting development, Ordos has become a mature brand with wide network coverage, rich age and both men and women's clothing in Chinese clothing brands. Through the promotion of product design, product category expansion, terminal image transformation, terminal network expansion, the increase of the depth and breadth of promotion, Ordos can effectively promote the sales growth and brand impact enhancement in Ordos, and realize the three-dimensional development of Ordos brand in the three fields of men's wear, women's clothing and cashmere.

8. Zhuangji (a well-known trademark in China)

Zhuangji group is a non regional clothing and clothing group, founded in 1996, located in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, kucang East Road 128. Legal representative: zhengyuanzhong. There are 12 member enterprises and more than 2000 employees; In large and medium-sized cities, a franchise network with more than 400 members joined in the construction of franchise and chain monopoly network has been established.

The leading product "judger Zhuangji" brand suit and high-grade ready-made clothing are located in the middle and high-end consumer groups, and have won the honor of China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand products and national inspection free products; At the same time, we produce and manage series of clothing products such as women's wear, casual wear, shirt, tie and leather shoes. Now it has the ability to produce 1 million sets (pieces) of high-grade suits and high-grade ready-made clothes, 1.3 million high-grade shirts and 1.8 million sets (pieces) of other kinds of clothing products. In 2006, the sales revenue was 1.75 billion yuan.

9. sunshine (a famous trademark in China)

Tangshan sunshine Clothing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale clothing enterprise integrating marketing, planning and modern scientific management in Tangshan. At present, it operates Nike, Adidas, Kapa, Jinlilai, manhaton, jiumuwang and other top brands. It operates across Tangshan City, Fengrun and Qianxi regions, has independent exclusive stores and Tangbai group's affiliated stores in various regions, becoming the leading enterprise in Fengrun industry and the leader of fashion in the western region. The company pursues the excellent service concept with sincerity and enthusiasm, and opens up a path of sunshine belonging to itself

10. Seven brands (well-known trademarks in China)

Seven men's wear (seven), founded in Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City in 1979, is a comprehensive group company integrating clothing R & D, manufacturing and sales.

The company covers an area of 335 mu, with a construction area of 220000 square meters, more than 4000 employees and nearly 3000 terminal stores. It has the sewing equipment of DUKEPU, lik CAD in France, Maitan finishing equipment in Italy, and Avis cam garment system in Spain.

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