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Friday, April 30, 2021

The world's largest clothing brand?

The world's largest clothing brand?

1、 Forever classic -- Gabrielle Chanel

It is said that having "Chanel" has always been a beautiful dream of women in this century. Some people say: at the end of the century today, which brand can be loved by a family of three generations: grandmother, mother and granddaughter at the same time, that is first "Chanel"

2、 Louis Vuitton: elegant Paris

If you go to France, in addition to the famous Notre Dame, most people will stop in front of Louis Vuitton's flag shop to browse. For 150 years, LV has been advocating the "travel philosophy" of delicacy, quality and comfort. Louis Vuitton, who started with a suitcase, has been sought after and loved by many distinguished people

3、 Dior: the highest spirit of French fashion culture

Dior, which means the combination of "God" and "gold" in French, fully expresses the pursuit of modern women - sexy, confident, passionate, energetic, fashionable and charming! Founded in Paris in 1946, Dior women's clothing is a model of gorgeous elegance, from Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman

4、 Versace: Italian fashion empire

Versace named his brand after his own name. The logo of the brand is madusa, the snake haired Banshee in Greek mythology. She represents the fatal attraction! All his life, Versace has been pursuing the deterrent power of beauty. There is always a strong tension of extreme perfection and even extinction in his works

5、 Prada: The Legend of fashion world

Prada has become a world-renowned legendary brand through its efforts to create a fashion concept with both classic color and innovative spirit in the past 100 years. The value of Prada products has always been regarded as an extraordinary enjoyment in daily life

6、 Burberry: strong British color

Burberry, with strong British color, integrates the classic plaid pattern into the jewelry design, which not only releases the classical tradition, but also releases the modern hot! Since catching the train of brand rejuvenation, today's Burberry has successfully given new expression to plaid

7、 Kenzo: fresh and deep east wind

The world fashion stage has always been monopolized by the European and American people. Once upon a time, takada Kenzo, a Japanese designer from the Oriental island country, stood in the middle of the stage with a little mystery, a little unpredictability and a world shaking wonder

8、 Givenchy: an international fashion giant

When you think of Audrey Hepburn's elegant and elegant figure, you can see that behind the classic image, there is a famous designer who has designed her image for more than 40 years - Givenchy. In 1952, the fashion designer Givenchy founded a fashion shop named after himself in Paris

9、 Valentino: the eternal exclamation point of elegance

Whenever and wherever, Valentino is always the graceful embodiment of luxury and elegance, full of dreamlike visual metaphors. Once integrated into the peaceful real life, it turns into a perfect combination of personal senses and social emotions. For more than 40 years, fashion brand design has spread the dreams of thousands of consumers

10、 Hugo Boss: elegant German style

Hugo boss's interpretation of masculinity has been affirmed by noble men all over the world. Hugo boss is famous for its exquisite and professional style. The style of Hugo Boss is appropriate and elegant, just like the business philosophy of Hugo Boss

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