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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Is it classic or fashionable?

Is it classic or fashionable?

The fashion trend of 2008 is "leisure and elegance". That is to say, many of the main items of clothing brands this year are some casual clothes, but the overall style of matching is not popular with leisure and neutral style, but it is necessary to match these clothes with a sense of leisure as much as possible, reflecting the elegant feminine taste. A top scarf and a high collar bottom shirt are built inside, a long waistcoat is built outside, and the bottom is matched with the most popular jeans of this year. It is the most popular fashion feeling of this year. The most important visual personality in the principle of collocation is to match clothes with a sense of leisure and elegance, passion and freedom, luxury and sweetness. The fashionable elements of single products are recommended collocation details, such as bubble sleeves, bracts skirt, bow knot, lacquer skin, gold and silver color, which have been popular in spring. In short, the fashion trend in 2008 is to show elegance in leisure. The fresh and soft light snow green, light grey blue, lake blue, medium grey blue, deep blue, etc. are far-reaching, peaceful and harmonious with romance, quiet and beautiful. MM who likes shopping will have a clear feeling. If you want to buy a winter coat with no decoration and elegant color this year, it will be difficult. Many brands with outstanding fashion sense have launched new winter products with retro, court or romantic feelings this winter. This year's cape and Cape are different from the previous years, which are the bigger and more popular, and the design is particularly expensive. Many styles are designed with collar, some with cuffs, and are like a coat on the body. The fabric has blended, pure wool, and wool, very thick, covering on the body wind and cold. Relaxed and tender feeling is also the fashion trend in 2008: the theme surrounded by bright and fast melody is like looking at the clouds in the sky rolling from the plane, the beautiful colors and light reflect each other, and the natural beauty and tenderness are performed with a pleasing performance, which shows a kind of life fun that people have been seeking for for a long time to relax themselves. Some of the more popular trends of 2008 clothing: lightness: layered chalk white, mint green, gray, gray, pink and blue; fresh light lemon yellow and lime color. Inspiration: full of vitality and strong and rich hue. Magenta, orange orange, caramel brown and Camel Brown. Love beautiful net Guide 2008 beauty skin care fashion fashion! Cut properly: elegant choices such as brick grey, pebble grey, ink blue, indigo, and lilac purple, Butterfly Purple and deep purple. Drop off: green is the latest popular color instead of black. Olive green, dense green, moss green, indigo, mint green, light gray, ancient copper and gold and gray have a sense of retreat and contraction. Using the two views of color properly can not only correct and cover up the deficiency of body, but also highlight your advantages. For the upper and lower body, it is advisable to use dark light soft fabric to make skirts or trousers to weaken the strength of lower limbs. Tall and full women are also suitable for dark colors when they choose to match their coats. This rule applies to most people, unless you are perfectly fit and don't need to cover up anything. Some MM always think that the more color stack, the more "colorful.". Set five colors in one body, all over the body Luo Qi, inlaid with gold hanging silver, in fact, the effect is not good. The beauty of clothing is not the price, but the key is the proper accessories, the customs and customs suitable for age, identity, season and environment, and the consistency of whole body tone, and harmonious overall effect. "Color is not more, harmony is beauty". The correct color matching method should be to choose one or two series of colors, which are the main colors, occupying a large area of clothing, and other small colors as auxiliary. As a contrast, it is used to foil or decorate the key parts of decoration, such as collar, belt, silk towel, etc., to achieve a harmonious effect of diversity and unity Generally speaking, the color matching of clothing can be divided into two categories, one is coordination color matching, the other is contrast color matching. Contrast color matching is divided into 1. Strong color matching: refers to two distant color matching, such as yellow and purple, red and green, which is stronger. In daily life, we often see black, white, gray and other colors. Black, white and gray are colorless, so no matter which color they are matched, there will be no big problem. Generally speaking, if the same color and white match, it will appear bright; when it is matched with black, it will appear dim. So when you match the color of the dress, you should first measure it. Which part of the dress you are trying to highlight. Do not mix the dull colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and black, which will have the effect of "color grabbing" with black, leaving the whole set of clothing without focus, and the overall performance of the clothing will also appear heavy, dark and colorless. Black and yellow are the most beautiful collocation of red and black. It is very grand, but it doesn't lose the charm of Oh ~ 2. Color supplement: it refers to the matching of two relative colors, such as red and green, green and orange, black and white, etc., and the matching of complementary colors can form a clear contrast, sometimes better results will be achieved. Black and white matching is always a classic coordination color matching Among them, it can be divided into: 1. The principle of matching the same color refers to the two same colors matching the light and light, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc., the clothes with the same color are soft and elegant. The matching of pink system makes the whole person look soft and many ~ 2. Approximate color matching: it refers to two relatively close color matching, such as: red and orange red or purple red, yellow matching grass green or orange yellow, etc. not everyone can wear green to look good-looking. The combination of green and light yellow gives a very spring feeling, The overall feeling is very elegant, still ~ ~ the taste of Lady inadvertently reveals the color matching of professional women's clothing. The place where professional women wear professional women's clothes is office. Low color can make people in the work concentrate on their minds and deal with various problems calmly, and create a quiet atmosphere. Professional women wear more indoor and limited space, people always want to get more private space, wearing low-purity color will increase the distance between people, reduce the sense of crowding. The color with low purity is easier to coordinate with other colors, which makes people feel more harmonious and friendly, which helps to form a pattern of collaborative cooperation. In addition, the low purity color can be easily matched to match the Limited clothing to a rich combination. At the same time, low purity gives people a sense of humility, tolerance and maturity. With this color language, professional women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others. The principle of white collocation is that white can be matched with any color, but it also takes some thought to match it cleverly. The white lower garment is equipped with striped light yellow top, which is the best combination of soft colors; the ivory white trousers are under the lower body, the upper body is in a lavender suit, and the pure white shirt is a successful color, which can fully show their own personality; the ivory white trousers and light color casual shirt are also a successful combination; the white pleated skirt is equipped with a light pink sweater, which gives people a gentle and elegant style It's a very good feeling. Red and white collocation is a bold combination. The upper body is white casual shirt, the lower body is wearing a narrow red skirt, it appears warm and natural. In a strong contrast, the heavier the white component, the softer it looks. The collocation principle of blue is that the blue clothing is the most easy to match with other colors in all colors. Whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easy to match, and blue has the effect of tightening the body, which is very attractive. Vivid blue with red, make people appear charming, beautiful, but should pay attention to the appropriate proportion of blue and red. The blue suit, with white shirt, tie tie and attend some official occasions, will make people mysterious and romantic. The blue coat with sharp curve and knee up blue skirt are matched with white shirt, white socks and white shoes, which will give a light charm. The upper body is equipped with blue coat and blue vest, and the lower body is equipped with thin stripe grey trousers, showing a elegant style. Because, the popular fine stripe can be soft between the strong contrast between blue and gray, add elegant temperament. The blue coat, with a gray pleated skirt, is a slightly conservative combination, but this combination, coupled with a wine shirt and a fancy sock, reveals a self-identity and becomes bright and quick. Blue and lavender cover match, give a kind of delicate feeling. Blue long skirts with white shirts are a very common dress. If you can wear a small elegant Lavender coat, you will add a little mature urban flavor. The upper body is wearing Lavender sweater, and the lower body is equipped with a dark blue narrow skirt. Even if there is no fancy pattern, it can also show mature charm in nature. The principle of brown collocation and white collocation give a pure feeling. The Golden Brown Knee Skirt and large neck shirt match, can reflect the charm of the skirt, add elegant flavor. The coat is made of the conservative and elegant chestnut color fabric, with red sweater and red scarf. It is vivid and beautiful. Brown sweater with brown plaid trousers, can reflect elegance and maturity. The brown thick sweater is matched with brown cotton skirt, which shows the unique character of the wearer through the difference of texture between them. Black collocation principle... Black is a versatile color, no matter with any color put together, will have a different style, and rice matching is no exception! At present, when shopping on weekends, the top can be the black printed T-shirt in summer. The lower garment is replaced with beige cotton with Lycra knee A-shaped skirt, and the feet are wearing white colored stripe flat bottomed casual shoes. The whole person looks very comfortable and full of sunshine breath. In fact, you can change a cotton pants with beige color without a skirt. It is better to use low waist and trumpet pants. The shoes on your feet are still avant-garde and young. It is not difficult to wear a strict taste in beige in the principle of rice matching. A light beige high-collar short sleeve sweater, with a black delicate trousers, on the shiny black pointed and middle heels shoes, will be a professional woman professional feeling to the right. If you want a strong and competent feeling, choose a fine suit dress with black stripes and a high-grade BEIGE Handbag. It has both the style of management and the elegance of women. Many female friends like to watch Korean opera. The beautiful eyebrows wear a city feeling fashion, which is 100 times more wonderful than the simple and similar plot and slow plot rhythm. See more, how many can summarize some Korean eyebrows dress characteristics: implicit and elegant, bright but not dazzling. In the soft or warm colors, beige is the color commonly used by fashion beauties. Nowadays, in the fashion, beige has become the regular green color of the workplace dress because of its simplicity and intellectual beauty. Compared with white, beige is a little warmer and elegant, and it is not exaggerating; compared with black, it is pure and soft, not too heavy. In the pursuit of simple but complicated fashion trend, beige is in line with the rigorous modern workplace atmosphere with its pure and elegant atmosphere. To wear any color out of the best results, we should pay attention to collocation. , beige is no exception. Color also represents different meanings. See if your clothes match your temperament with "one in one" style. , / Red: active, enthusiastic, brave, love, health, barbaric Orange: rich, full, future, friendship, bold, positive yellow: wisdom, glory, loyalty, hope, joy, bright green: fairness, nature, peace, happiness, reason, childish blue: confidence, eternity, truth, truth, silence, calm Purple: authority, respect, respect, nobility, elegance, faith, loneliness Black: mystery, loneliness, darkness, pressure, seriousness, momentum

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