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Monday, April 26, 2021

Introduction of clothing brand

Introduction of clothing brand

For example, the more detailed the content, the better. It's better to have the introduction and characteristics of the clothing fabrics of these brands, and to tell the age group of these clothing. Thank you!!!!

Introduction of clothing brands: Salewa, Lotto, Elle, Sandio, only.


Salewa, originated in Germany in 1935, is a famous outdoor sports brand in Europe. SA means saddler, Le means leather and wa means ware. Salewa skis and ski poles are also successful in the market, and gradually become the company's main source of income. Suitable for people of all ages.


Lotto is a shoe brand. Its name is derived from the founder's surname. The two overlapping diamonds represent the high-tech R & D and innovative design concept, reflecting Lotto's natural preference for football and tennis in the early development of the brand. It's the choice of football players.


Elle means "she" when translated from French into Chinese. It was founded by Helene Lazareff in Paris, France, in 1945, and has been widely praised since its appearance. Elle has been integrated into all aspects of women's life. Fashion oriented is feminine, modern, positive, friendly, trendy and full of life. It's a 20-year-old girl's choice.

4. San Dior

Founded in 1994, Saint Dior Fashion Co., Ltd. has developed into an international garment enterprise integrating design, production and sales after years of steady operation. S. Deer international company owns women's clothing brand s.deer and men's clothing brand s.deer/he. It's the choice of fashionable young men and women.


Only is one of the four famous brands owned by bestseller, a famous European fashion company. It is the choice of women in fashion metropolis. Only is the choice of 20-year-old girls. They are willing to have a unique personality. Only brings them a young, energetic and interesting lifestyle.

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1. Egger

Egger's first retail store named Etam opened in Germany in 1916. By 1928, the chain point network had developed to Paris. Based on this, egger gradually became a famous women's clothing chain store in France and even Europe. Its headquarters was located in Paris, France.

In 1982, there were Etam stores in Paris. Based on the world's most famous fashion capital, Etam has gradually become a famous women's clothing chain store in France and even Europe.


Only is one of many famous brands owned by bestseller, a famous international fashion company in Denmark. Bestseller group was founded in 1975. Only was founded in Denmark in 1995, and its sales outlets have expanded to 46 countries in the world.

In 2000, only introduced the definition of "fast fashion" in its stores for the first time to ensure that the style always leads the trend. This concept is popular today and makes only a leader in many European fashion. European design with strong fashion sense makes bold and independent urban women express themselves through clothing.

3. Gucci

Gucci brand fashion has always been famous for its high-end, luxury and sexy. With the brand image of "the symbol of identity and wealth", gucci has become the consumer favorite of the rich upper class society. It has always been favored by the business people. It is not only fashionable but also elegant.


The design of BCBG is full of American free style and European delicacy. Brand development has always been in line with the concept of adapting to the changes of modern women, and has never stopped. In just over a decade, BCBG has developed many new series and products, including bcbgirl for young girls, BCBG Max Azria bridal collection for newlyweds and to the max series for fashionable office workers.


For more than 90 years, balencica has been famous in the fashion world for its fashion, elegance and fine tailoring and sewing. And become Europe and the United States celebrities and stars love the brand. Apart from the boutique in Paris, which opened in 1937, Balencia also has its own flagship store in New York.

Barishijia men's wear provides fashionable clothing and accessories for men who are in pursuit of fashion and taste. It is suitable for any occasion. Barista men's wear brings personal confidence and taste. The style is elegant and fashionable, highlighting the French elegance. With meticulous details, comfortable fabrics and the craftsmanship and tailoring skills that balencica has always been good at, everything is more attractive.

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