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Friday, April 30, 2021

The world's largest clothing brand?

The world's largest clothing brand?

1、 Forever classic -- Gabrielle Chanel

It is said that having "Chanel" has always been a beautiful dream of women in this century. Some people say: at the end of the century today, which brand can be loved by a family of three generations: grandmother, mother and granddaughter at the same time, that is first "Chanel"

2、 Louis Vuitton: elegant Paris

If you go to France, in addition to the famous Notre Dame, most people will stop in front of Louis Vuitton's flag shop to browse. For 150 years, LV has been advocating the "travel philosophy" of delicacy, quality and comfort. Louis Vuitton, who started with a suitcase, has been sought after and loved by many distinguished people

3、 Dior: the highest spirit of French fashion culture

Dior, which means the combination of "God" and "gold" in French, fully expresses the pursuit of modern women - sexy, confident, passionate, energetic, fashionable and charming! Founded in Paris in 1946, Dior women's clothing is a model of gorgeous elegance, from Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman

4、 Versace: Italian fashion empire

Versace named his brand after his own name. The logo of the brand is madusa, the snake haired Banshee in Greek mythology. She represents the fatal attraction! All his life, Versace has been pursuing the deterrent power of beauty. There is always a strong tension of extreme perfection and even extinction in his works

5、 Prada: The Legend of fashion world

Prada has become a world-renowned legendary brand through its efforts to create a fashion concept with both classic color and innovative spirit in the past 100 years. The value of Prada products has always been regarded as an extraordinary enjoyment in daily life

6、 Burberry: strong British color

Burberry, with strong British color, integrates the classic plaid pattern into the jewelry design, which not only releases the classical tradition, but also releases the modern hot! Since catching the train of brand rejuvenation, today's Burberry has successfully given new expression to plaid

7、 Kenzo: fresh and deep east wind

The world fashion stage has always been monopolized by the European and American people. Once upon a time, takada Kenzo, a Japanese designer from the Oriental island country, stood in the middle of the stage with a little mystery, a little unpredictability and a world shaking wonder

8、 Givenchy: an international fashion giant

When you think of Audrey Hepburn's elegant and elegant figure, you can see that behind the classic image, there is a famous designer who has designed her image for more than 40 years - Givenchy. In 1952, the fashion designer Givenchy founded a fashion shop named after himself in Paris

9、 Valentino: the eternal exclamation point of elegance

Whenever and wherever, Valentino is always the graceful embodiment of luxury and elegance, full of dreamlike visual metaphors. Once integrated into the peaceful real life, it turns into a perfect combination of personal senses and social emotions. For more than 40 years, fashion brand design has spread the dreams of thousands of consumers

10、 Hugo Boss: elegant German style

Hugo boss's interpretation of masculinity has been affirmed by noble men all over the world. Hugo boss is famous for its exquisite and professional style. The style of Hugo Boss is appropriate and elegant, just like the business philosophy of Hugo Boss

PVH Corp. stock rises Thursday, still underperforms market

VFC, -0.59% fell 0.59% to $88.79, Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A RL, +0.85% rose 0.85% to $133.41, and Hanesbrands Inc. HBI, +0.09% rose 0.09% to ...

Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A stock outperforms competitors on strong trading day

Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A closed $1.84 short of its 52-week high ($135.25), which the company reached on April 28th. The stock outperformed some of ...

Hanesbrands Inc. stock rises Thursday, still underperforms market

The stock demonstrated a mixed performance when compared to some of its competitors Thursday, as Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A RL, +0.85% rose ...

Thursday, April 29, 2021

What are the European clothing brands

What are the European clothing brands

1. Armani



It is a world-famous luxury brand. It was founded in Milan, Italy by fashion designer Giorgio Armani in 1975. He is famous for using new fabrics and excellent production. The Armani brand logo is transformed from an eagle looking to the right.

2. Tony the iron lion

In 1929, armidio Doni founded Testoni in the Baltic Sea. Iron lion Tony insists on creating value-added quality with the most exquisite design. With its unique style, it is favored by the majority of successful men in Europe.

3. Burberry



It is a British national treasure brand, also known as Burberry. It was founded by Thomas, a 21-year-old British young man at that time

Burberry was founded by himself. For more than 100 years, burberry


It has become one of the most representative brands of British temperament.

4. Durga Banna

Founded in 1985, headquartered in Milan, Italy. Today, it has become one of the most important international groups in the field of luxury goods. Together with Gucci, Prada and other world-renowned luxury brands, it has revitalized Italy's fashion industry.

5. Gucci

Gucci, an Italian fashion brand, was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy in 1921. Gucci brand fashion has always been famous for its high-end, luxury and sexy. With the brand image of "the symbol of identity and wealth", it has become the favorite of the rich and upper class. It has always been favored by the business people, and it is fashionable and elegant. Gucci is now the largest fashion group in Italy.

Ralph Lauren Corp (RL) gains 2.67% for April 28

Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE: RL) shares gained 2.67% to end trading Wednesday at $132.29 per share - a net change of $3.44. Shares traded between ...

Join International Paper for Reuters Events Sustainable Business' Transform USA 2021

... Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, Ralph Lauren to discuss how to gauge the positive effects of circularity on the climate during Reuters Events ...

PVH Corp. stock rises Wednesday, outperforms market

VFC, +0.20% rose 0.20% to $89.32, Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A RL, +2.67% rose 2.67% to $132.29, and Hanesbrands Inc. HBI, -0.28% fell 0.28% to ...

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Do you know any clothing brands?

Do you know any clothing brands?







Issey Miyake

Yoshi Yamamoto

Kawabata Kubo Ling




Ancient style






Li Ning

Kiya Tomlin Is Designing Clothes For The Everyday Woman

“You were either Ralph Lauren or the little old lady in the alteration shop,” Tomlin said with a laugh. She focused on prepping to become a surgeon, ...

VF Corp. stock outperforms competitors on strong trading day

... as Nike Inc. Cl B NKE, +0.39% rose 0.39% to $132.11, Burberry Group PLC ADR BURBY, +0.33% rose 0.33% to $29.01, and Ralph Lauren Corp.

Silver Trident Winery in Yountville names new hospitality manager

Additional job responsibilities include the winery's art program in association with Ralph Lauren Home. The winery stated her previous experience ...

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

World famous clothing brands

World famous clothing brands: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Versace, Burberry, Hermes, Burberry, Givenchy, Prada, Gucci.

When it comes to Chanel, most people's first impression is an independent new woman. But as a senior brain powder of Chanel, in the eyes of a big feminist, Chanel is not independent or elegant, but tough!

Before Chanel became coco, her life was miserable. A mother from a slum and her father gave birth to a child unmarried. Her mother died when she was 6 years old. Her father, who just wanted to get rid of the oil bottle, threw her and her sister to the nunnery, and there was no news from her. Chanel and her sister grew up in such a place without any warmth. The whole childhood was accompanied by their only rules and fantasies about leaving the monastery as adults.

After growing up, Chanel left the monastery by herself and established Chanel women's clothing brand. Before Chanel, the fashion of European women was to wear only skirts but not trousers. Chanel changed this life.

Therefore, Chanel's design at that time was a challenge to the male authority and made some of her female characteristics masculine. From this point of view, maybe Chanel's design concept really challenges the aesthetics of straight men (I mean, in terms of simple charm, after all, Chanel's coat design covers the female curve).

Hanesbrands Inc. stock underperforms Monday when compared to competitors

The stock demonstrated a mixed performance when compared to some of its competitors Monday, as Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A RL, +0.28% rose ...

Luxury Perfume Market Future Growth Outlook | Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Annick Goutal

Professional players: Chanel, Estee Lauder, Guccio Gucci, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Annick Goutal, Baccarat, Clive Christian, Dior & Dkny.

Ex-'RHONJ' star Siggy Flicker asks $3.8M for NJ home with 'Hermès closet'

Then they gave the 108-year-old house a Ralph Lauren- and Hamptons-inspired makeover, adding an Hermès-themed walk-in closet, listing broker ...

Monday, April 26, 2021

Introduction of clothing brand

Introduction of clothing brand

For example, the more detailed the content, the better. It's better to have the introduction and characteristics of the clothing fabrics of these brands, and to tell the age group of these clothing. Thank you!!!!

Introduction of clothing brands: Salewa, Lotto, Elle, Sandio, only.


Salewa, originated in Germany in 1935, is a famous outdoor sports brand in Europe. SA means saddler, Le means leather and wa means ware. Salewa skis and ski poles are also successful in the market, and gradually become the company's main source of income. Suitable for people of all ages.


Lotto is a shoe brand. Its name is derived from the founder's surname. The two overlapping diamonds represent the high-tech R & D and innovative design concept, reflecting Lotto's natural preference for football and tennis in the early development of the brand. It's the choice of football players.


Elle means "she" when translated from French into Chinese. It was founded by Helene Lazareff in Paris, France, in 1945, and has been widely praised since its appearance. Elle has been integrated into all aspects of women's life. Fashion oriented is feminine, modern, positive, friendly, trendy and full of life. It's a 20-year-old girl's choice.

4. San Dior

Founded in 1994, Saint Dior Fashion Co., Ltd. has developed into an international garment enterprise integrating design, production and sales after years of steady operation. S. Deer international company owns women's clothing brand s.deer and men's clothing brand s.deer/he. It's the choice of fashionable young men and women.


Only is one of the four famous brands owned by bestseller, a famous European fashion company. It is the choice of women in fashion metropolis. Only is the choice of 20-year-old girls. They are willing to have a unique personality. Only brings them a young, energetic and interesting lifestyle.

11 comment sharing Report

Ye zuohao

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1. Egger

Egger's first retail store named Etam opened in Germany in 1916. By 1928, the chain point network had developed to Paris. Based on this, egger gradually became a famous women's clothing chain store in France and even Europe. Its headquarters was located in Paris, France.

In 1982, there were Etam stores in Paris. Based on the world's most famous fashion capital, Etam has gradually become a famous women's clothing chain store in France and even Europe.


Only is one of many famous brands owned by bestseller, a famous international fashion company in Denmark. Bestseller group was founded in 1975. Only was founded in Denmark in 1995, and its sales outlets have expanded to 46 countries in the world.

In 2000, only introduced the definition of "fast fashion" in its stores for the first time to ensure that the style always leads the trend. This concept is popular today and makes only a leader in many European fashion. European design with strong fashion sense makes bold and independent urban women express themselves through clothing.

3. Gucci

Gucci brand fashion has always been famous for its high-end, luxury and sexy. With the brand image of "the symbol of identity and wealth", gucci has become the consumer favorite of the rich upper class society. It has always been favored by the business people. It is not only fashionable but also elegant.


The design of BCBG is full of American free style and European delicacy. Brand development has always been in line with the concept of adapting to the changes of modern women, and has never stopped. In just over a decade, BCBG has developed many new series and products, including bcbgirl for young girls, BCBG Max Azria bridal collection for newlyweds and to the max series for fashionable office workers.


For more than 90 years, balencica has been famous in the fashion world for its fashion, elegance and fine tailoring and sewing. And become Europe and the United States celebrities and stars love the brand. Apart from the boutique in Paris, which opened in 1937, Balencia also has its own flagship store in New York.

Barishijia men's wear provides fashionable clothing and accessories for men who are in pursuit of fashion and taste. It is suitable for any occasion. Barista men's wear brings personal confidence and taste. The style is elegant and fashionable, highlighting the French elegance. With meticulous details, comfortable fabrics and the craftsmanship and tailoring skills that balencica has always been good at, everything is more attractive.

Global Neuromyelitis Optica Drug Market Predicted to Hold a Massive Impact on Sales in 2021 ...

... DKNY, eBay, GAP, Giordano International, Kering, Levi Strauss, Mothercare, Ralph Lauren, The Children's Place, Tinycottons, VF, Wovenplay.

Oscars Throwback: 10 Best Fashion Moments from the Academy Awards Red Carpet!

Janelle Monáe in Ralph Lauren's Shining Armour (Oscars 2020)!. Oscars Throwback: From Angelina Jolie Kissing Her Brother to La La Land's Winning- ...

Global Leisure Skirts Market Research Study 2021 COVID 19 Impact Analysis Updated Edition Top ...

... Chanel, Dior, PRADA, Hermes, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, KPILP, Dolce&Gabbana, Max Mara, Epica Clothing, Golfino. Request ...

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Top ten clothing brands

Top ten clothing brands

Dress with pure

(China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

Senma clothing

(China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, top ten clothing brands)

Seven wolf

(China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)


(China famous trademark, Taiwan famous brand, top ten clothing brands)

Metz Bonwe

(Metersbonwe, China famous trademark, China famous brand)

Li Ning Ling

(world brand, China famous brand, founded in China in 1990)

Egger Etam

(branch of French Etam group, famous bestselling brand)


(top ten famous brands, high-profile autumn / women's wear brands, and big s endorsement)

Youngor Youngor

(China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

Groom hinur

(China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, first-line brand / brand)

These are the famous brands. I am here

Top 10 brands portal has checked the brand list, which is listed. The above introduction is full of professional, you can go and see

How to Throw a COVID-Safe Oscar Viewing Party

... this year's Oscars, booking a suite for a COVID-safe viewing party at Jeff Klein's Sunset Tower or reserving the private dining room at Ralph Lauren's ...

Winners and losers of this busy week in LGBTQ sports

Ralph Lauren decides the image Team USA wants is 'direct to VHS ski movie villains.' Winner: NordicTrack will no longer ask this transphobic question.

Global Golf Clothing Market Latest Report with Forecast 2026 | Adidas, Bridgestone Golf, J ...

Global Golf Clothing Market Report 2020-2026 | SWOT Analysis of Key Players, Adidas, Bridgestone Golf, J. Linderberg, Ralph Lauren Corporation, ...

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Top 10 clothing brands in the world

 Top 10 clothing brands in the world

Top 10 fashion brands in the world

1 Chanel (Paris, France, 1913)

Louis Vuitton (LV brand was founded in Paris, France in 1854)

3 Dior (Christian Dior began in 1946 in Paris, France)

Versace (Milan, Italy, 1978)

Prada (founded in Milan, Italy in the early 20th century)

6 Calvin Klein (New York, 1968)

Kenzo takada (Japanese founded in France in 1970)

8 Guccio Gucci (Florence, Italy, 1923)

Valentino (founded in Rome in 1960)

10 Cerruti (Paris, France, 1967

Ralph Lauren Corp (RL) gains 1.66% for April 23

Ralph Lauren Corp (NYSE: RL) shares gained 1.66% to end trading Friday at $125.48 per share - a net change of $2.05. Shares traded between ...

Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A stock underperforms Friday when compared to competitors despite daily ...

This was the stock's third consecutive day of gains. Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A closed $4.27 below its 52-week high ($129.75), which the company ...

Billy Horschel was blue at the 2021 Masters, but he meant to be

The polyester shorts have a total of five pockets and have Ralph Lauren's signature rivet. Billy Horschel's 2021 Masters looks by Ralph Lauren (Ralph ...

Friday, April 23, 2021

What are the top ten Chinese clothing brands?

 What are the top ten Chinese clothing brands?

1. fir (a well-known trademark in China)

The Chinese fir group is a fashion industry group based on the clothing, clothing, textile and other industrial companies in the Chinese fir enterprises. The company implements the strategy of "multi brand and internationalization", takes product as the core and brand management as the foundation, strives to expand the field of fashion industry, further strengthens international cooperation, and is committed to becoming the leading enterprise of domestic fashion industry.

The Chinese fir brand is the core brand of the group, the first clothing brand to pass the green environmental protection certification, and also a representative brand of the Chinese clothing industry. It has formed series products such as formal clothing, business and leisure. The product line has been extended to the fields of women's fashion, underwear, children's clothing, leather and home textile, Among them, the western suit and shirt of Chinese fir have been awarded the title of famous brand products in China.

2. bosden (a well-known trademark in China)

Born in 1976, bosden is the largest and most advanced manufacturer of down garments with more than 20000 employees. Mainly engaged in the development and management of the own down clothing brand, including the research, design, development, raw material procurement, outsourcing production and marketing and sales of products. Bosden down clothing is popular in 72 countries such as the United States, France, Italy and so on, and more than 200 million people are wearing it all over the world.

Bosden group was founded in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province in 1976. In August 2016, bosden ranked 436 in the "top 500 Chinese enterprises 2016".

3. red beans (famous brand in China)

Hongdou Group is one of the key enterprise groups in Jiangsu Province, and one of 120 large-scale pilot enterprises for deepening reform under the State Council. The registered trademark "red bean" is the first batch of well-known trademarks in China, and red bean clothing ranks the leading position in the national clothing industry. It has a total assets of nearly 3 billion yuan, and the sales revenue of RMB 5.562 billion was realized in 2002. On January 8th, 2001, Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully.

4. Luomeng (a well-known trademark in China)

Monroe Clothing Co., Ltd. mainly deals in Korean version of men's and women's clothing, men's and women's shoes, tie belts, watches, men and women's underwear. With the approval of the state industrial and commercial department, the company has the qualification of Investment Promotion Agency for Korean version of men's and women's clothing, men's and women's shoes, tie belts, watches and men's underwear.

Monroe Clothing Co., Ltd. has high quality product quality, broad market prospect, rich agency treatment and strong agency advantages, so that you can start up investment no longer difficult. Monroe Clothing Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes all the people with lofty ideals to come to visit and investigate on the spot.

5. xibird (a famous trademark in China)

Founded in 1996, baoxibird Group Co., Ltd. has successively built three industrial parks, Wenzhou, Shanghai and Hefei, established the senior men's clothing brand and baobird professional clothing brand of baobird, and held Zhongnan real estate development company to enter the real estate industry.

6. Youngor (a well-known trademark in China)

Founded in 1979, Youngor Group (600177) gradually established the business pattern of diversified and professional development, which is mainly composed of brand clothing, real estate development and equity investment. It has become a large multinational group company with more than 50000 employees, and its Youngor Group Co., Ltd. is listed company.

7. Ordos (a well-known trademark in China)

Ordos clothing brand is the wind vane of cashmere industry in China and the leading brand of Chinese fashion industry.

After 30 years of unremitting development, Ordos has become a mature brand with wide network coverage, rich age and both men and women's clothing in Chinese clothing brands. Through the promotion of product design, product category expansion, terminal image transformation, terminal network expansion, the increase of the depth and breadth of promotion, Ordos can effectively promote the sales growth and brand impact enhancement in Ordos, and realize the three-dimensional development of Ordos brand in the three fields of men's wear, women's clothing and cashmere.

8. Zhuangji (a well-known trademark in China)

Zhuangji group is a non regional clothing and clothing group, founded in 1996, located in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, kucang East Road 128. Legal representative: zhengyuanzhong. There are 12 member enterprises and more than 2000 employees; In large and medium-sized cities, a franchise network with more than 400 members joined in the construction of franchise and chain monopoly network has been established.

The leading product "judger Zhuangji" brand suit and high-grade ready-made clothing are located in the middle and high-end consumer groups, and have won the honor of China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand products and national inspection free products; At the same time, we produce and manage series of clothing products such as women's wear, casual wear, shirt, tie and leather shoes. Now it has the ability to produce 1 million sets (pieces) of high-grade suits and high-grade ready-made clothes, 1.3 million high-grade shirts and 1.8 million sets (pieces) of other kinds of clothing products. In 2006, the sales revenue was 1.75 billion yuan.

9. sunshine (a famous trademark in China)

Tangshan sunshine Clothing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale clothing enterprise integrating marketing, planning and modern scientific management in Tangshan. At present, it operates Nike, Adidas, Kapa, Jinlilai, manhaton, jiumuwang and other top brands. It operates across Tangshan City, Fengrun and Qianxi regions, has independent exclusive stores and Tangbai group's affiliated stores in various regions, becoming the leading enterprise in Fengrun industry and the leader of fashion in the western region. The company pursues the excellent service concept with sincerity and enthusiasm, and opens up a path of sunshine belonging to itself

10. Seven brands (well-known trademarks in China)

Seven men's wear (seven), founded in Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City in 1979, is a comprehensive group company integrating clothing R & D, manufacturing and sales.

The company covers an area of 335 mu, with a construction area of 220000 square meters, more than 4000 employees and nearly 3000 terminal stores. It has the sewing equipment of DUKEPU, lik CAD in France, Maitan finishing equipment in Italy, and Avis cam garment system in Spain.

Global Cashmere Clothing Market Size and Prediction by Leading Manufacturers According to Its ...

Versace (Italy),Ralph Lauren Corporation (United States),Loro Piana (Italy),Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. (Italy),Ermenegildo Zegna (Italy),Pringle of ...

KC Fashion Week wins coveted partnership to help local businesses thrive

... Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren. The new relationship with CFDA can help local entrepreneurs in the fashion industry scale ...

Rolling up our sleeves: Can we fight climate crisis with fashion?

... such as Adidas, Ralph Lauren and Zara. Referring to its pollution as “a dirty little secret,” Allbirds does what too many fashion companies have failed ...

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Tuxedo is a formal dress. What kind of dress has it evolved from

Tuxedo is a formal dress. What kind of dress has it evolved from

Tuxedo is evolved from the British cavalry's long dress, which was born out of the medieval European court dress. Tuxedos originated in England. At the beginning of the 18th century, when the British cavalry rode on horseback, because of the inconvenience of their long clothes, they rolled up the front hem and pinned it back to reveal its colorful lining. Unexpectedly, it was very beautiful. As a result, many other arms followed suit. In the middle of the 18th century, officials and civilians began to wear clothes with a short front. As a fashion, tuxedos came into being and soon spread all over Britain. By the late 18th century, tuxedos had become popular in most countries in Europe and the United States. Over time, tuxedos developed into two styles. One is British. The British style is mainly high lapel, and it is symmetrical triangle. It is in the shape of a pair of lapels when it is buckled. It is worn with the short trousers of white commonly, if it is to wear tight trousers, should match with black leather boots. The second is French. The main features of French style

Tuxedo is a formal dress for European men on special occasions. Its basic structural form is the short front collar, the long back, the swallow tail shaped back and the two slits, which originated from the European style. Most of the colors are black, which means serious, serious and sacred.

Anderson Cooper Admits Hand-Me-Downs from Andy Cohen's Son Don't Match the Style He ...

Kelly Ripa chimed in and said she pictures Cooper's son as "a baby Ralph Lauren model," to which the anchor said, "I see him more as a little Amish ...

Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A stock outperforms market on strong trading day

Shares of Ralph Lauren Corp. Cl A RL, +2.67% rose 2.67% to $122.63 Wednesday, on what proved to be an all-around favorable trading session for the ...

Panda Biotech announces partnership with AGI Denim

AGI Denim manufactures denim for brands such as GAP, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Target, American Eagle, H&M and more. Copyright 2021 ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

What's the most popular fashion now?

 What's the most popular fashion now?

In short: summer color dress emphasizes color, luster, light blue, light green and pink. Fashion trinkets are mainly reflected in glasses and Earrings!

Let me share the report

What's the trick of canceling campus loan??

Jianglang swordsman

On November 6, 2015, Ta won more than 14000 likes


Popular elements:

1. Deerskin suede: skirt, windbreaker, deerskin stitching, deerskin knee boots

2. Tassel

5. Lace

3. Printing, all kinds of flowers

4. Denim (DENIM)


1. Bow tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie tie

2. The belt of a coat or dress is knotted

3. Wide leg pants

4. Skirt with lower body Perspective


PS: romantic colors are popular this year. I think it's a color of love

Water blue, electric blue, dark green, wine red, clover

Soft macarons - grapefruit, strawberry ice cream (pink), lavender, custard, cream, glacier grey

How an Illinois startup made its way onto Team USA's closing ceremony uniform

NFW's plant-based leather is part of Ralph Lauren's push to include more sustainable materials on its Team USA collection. The company worked with ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Pet Apparel Market 2021 Statistical Analysis, Business Opportunity and Forecast 2025 ...

... Foggy Mountain Dog Coats, Equafleece, Canine Styles, Ralph Lauren Pets. Global Pet Apparel Market Segmentation By Type and By Application.

'Last Week Tonight': John Oliver, Exhausted Over Recent Police Killings, Talks Missing Giant ...

... Vegas strip club, Ralph Lauren's consistent output of awful Olympic uniform design, and an unfortunate full frontal mooning by a Canadian politician.

What are the most expensive clothing brands in China??

What are the most expensive clothing brands in China??

LV La, prada La and so on, have a historical background, say out of the earth people all know, the price is too expensive to accept the point, formal 1W calculate you found a bargain. There is no distinction between first-line brands and second-line brands, only the style of designers. Many of them are well-known, such as maxmara, and others are not well understood. Some of them are not inferior in price and style, but they are short of qualification. There are a lot of brands created by first-line designers, and the price is only a little cheaper, which makes people not faint... Third line: most of them are sub brands of first-line and second-line brands, like Polo by Ralph Lauran. At the same time, they include some jeans brands, such as play, diesel, evisu and so on. The price is within the limit you can accept. Ordinary clothes can be 2K, and a t can be 1K.

Monday, April 19, 2021

How about Cardan Road clothing brand?

How about Cardan Road clothing brand?

"Kadanlu" is a famous international brand in Italy. It entered the Chinese market in 1991. With its huge international influence and unique brand charm, its products (including leather goods, leather shoes, etc.) have been trusted and loved by the majority of consumers as soon as they are listed in China. It has become a new fashion for people pursuing modern life. Since its establishment in early 2003, Guangzhou kadanlu Leisure Clothing Co., Ltd. has focused on the pursuit of brand personality. Based on the market demand, the company has built a unique brand charm with the design concept of nature, health, vitality and fashion.

'Fashion is bathing in its dirty bathwater': Recho Omondi says it as it is

Now in its third season, the New York designer and host of fashion's pre-eminent podcast The Cutting Room Floor sets the industry to rights. 19April ...

Fore! How golf fashion finally got in the swing

How golf fashion finally got in the swing. It has more dress codes than almost any other sport – and yet golfers are some of the worst dressed sportsmen ...

Stop letting companies put the 'fast' in fast fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion is without a doubt better for the environment and for workers — however, brands that don't mass-produce products ...

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Is it classic or fashionable?

Is it classic or fashionable?

The fashion trend of 2008 is "leisure and elegance". That is to say, many of the main items of clothing brands this year are some casual clothes, but the overall style of matching is not popular with leisure and neutral style, but it is necessary to match these clothes with a sense of leisure as much as possible, reflecting the elegant feminine taste. A top scarf and a high collar bottom shirt are built inside, a long waistcoat is built outside, and the bottom is matched with the most popular jeans of this year. It is the most popular fashion feeling of this year. The most important visual personality in the principle of collocation is to match clothes with a sense of leisure and elegance, passion and freedom, luxury and sweetness. The fashionable elements of single products are recommended collocation details, such as bubble sleeves, bracts skirt, bow knot, lacquer skin, gold and silver color, which have been popular in spring. In short, the fashion trend in 2008 is to show elegance in leisure. The fresh and soft light snow green, light grey blue, lake blue, medium grey blue, deep blue, etc. are far-reaching, peaceful and harmonious with romance, quiet and beautiful. MM who likes shopping will have a clear feeling. If you want to buy a winter coat with no decoration and elegant color this year, it will be difficult. Many brands with outstanding fashion sense have launched new winter products with retro, court or romantic feelings this winter. This year's cape and Cape are different from the previous years, which are the bigger and more popular, and the design is particularly expensive. Many styles are designed with collar, some with cuffs, and are like a coat on the body. The fabric has blended, pure wool, and wool, very thick, covering on the body wind and cold. Relaxed and tender feeling is also the fashion trend in 2008: the theme surrounded by bright and fast melody is like looking at the clouds in the sky rolling from the plane, the beautiful colors and light reflect each other, and the natural beauty and tenderness are performed with a pleasing performance, which shows a kind of life fun that people have been seeking for for a long time to relax themselves. Some of the more popular trends of 2008 clothing: lightness: layered chalk white, mint green, gray, gray, pink and blue; fresh light lemon yellow and lime color. Inspiration: full of vitality and strong and rich hue. Magenta, orange orange, caramel brown and Camel Brown. Love beautiful net Guide 2008 beauty skin care fashion fashion! Cut properly: elegant choices such as brick grey, pebble grey, ink blue, indigo, and lilac purple, Butterfly Purple and deep purple. Drop off: green is the latest popular color instead of black. Olive green, dense green, moss green, indigo, mint green, light gray, ancient copper and gold and gray have a sense of retreat and contraction. Using the two views of color properly can not only correct and cover up the deficiency of body, but also highlight your advantages. For the upper and lower body, it is advisable to use dark light soft fabric to make skirts or trousers to weaken the strength of lower limbs. Tall and full women are also suitable for dark colors when they choose to match their coats. This rule applies to most people, unless you are perfectly fit and don't need to cover up anything. Some MM always think that the more color stack, the more "colorful.". Set five colors in one body, all over the body Luo Qi, inlaid with gold hanging silver, in fact, the effect is not good. The beauty of clothing is not the price, but the key is the proper accessories, the customs and customs suitable for age, identity, season and environment, and the consistency of whole body tone, and harmonious overall effect. "Color is not more, harmony is beauty". The correct color matching method should be to choose one or two series of colors, which are the main colors, occupying a large area of clothing, and other small colors as auxiliary. As a contrast, it is used to foil or decorate the key parts of decoration, such as collar, belt, silk towel, etc., to achieve a harmonious effect of diversity and unity Generally speaking, the color matching of clothing can be divided into two categories, one is coordination color matching, the other is contrast color matching. Contrast color matching is divided into 1. Strong color matching: refers to two distant color matching, such as yellow and purple, red and green, which is stronger. In daily life, we often see black, white, gray and other colors. Black, white and gray are colorless, so no matter which color they are matched, there will be no big problem. Generally speaking, if the same color and white match, it will appear bright; when it is matched with black, it will appear dim. So when you match the color of the dress, you should first measure it. Which part of the dress you are trying to highlight. Do not mix the dull colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and black, which will have the effect of "color grabbing" with black, leaving the whole set of clothing without focus, and the overall performance of the clothing will also appear heavy, dark and colorless. Black and yellow are the most beautiful collocation of red and black. It is very grand, but it doesn't lose the charm of Oh ~ 2. Color supplement: it refers to the matching of two relative colors, such as red and green, green and orange, black and white, etc., and the matching of complementary colors can form a clear contrast, sometimes better results will be achieved. Black and white matching is always a classic coordination color matching Among them, it can be divided into: 1. The principle of matching the same color refers to the two same colors matching the light and light, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc., the clothes with the same color are soft and elegant. The matching of pink system makes the whole person look soft and many ~ 2. Approximate color matching: it refers to two relatively close color matching, such as: red and orange red or purple red, yellow matching grass green or orange yellow, etc. not everyone can wear green to look good-looking. The combination of green and light yellow gives a very spring feeling, The overall feeling is very elegant, still ~ ~ the taste of Lady inadvertently reveals the color matching of professional women's clothing. The place where professional women wear professional women's clothes is office. Low color can make people in the work concentrate on their minds and deal with various problems calmly, and create a quiet atmosphere. Professional women wear more indoor and limited space, people always want to get more private space, wearing low-purity color will increase the distance between people, reduce the sense of crowding. The color with low purity is easier to coordinate with other colors, which makes people feel more harmonious and friendly, which helps to form a pattern of collaborative cooperation. In addition, the low purity color can be easily matched to match the Limited clothing to a rich combination. At the same time, low purity gives people a sense of humility, tolerance and maturity. With this color language, professional women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others. The principle of white collocation is that white can be matched with any color, but it also takes some thought to match it cleverly. The white lower garment is equipped with striped light yellow top, which is the best combination of soft colors; the ivory white trousers are under the lower body, the upper body is in a lavender suit, and the pure white shirt is a successful color, which can fully show their own personality; the ivory white trousers and light color casual shirt are also a successful combination; the white pleated skirt is equipped with a light pink sweater, which gives people a gentle and elegant style It's a very good feeling. Red and white collocation is a bold combination. The upper body is white casual shirt, the lower body is wearing a narrow red skirt, it appears warm and natural. In a strong contrast, the heavier the white component, the softer it looks. The collocation principle of blue is that the blue clothing is the most easy to match with other colors in all colors. Whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easy to match, and blue has the effect of tightening the body, which is very attractive. Vivid blue with red, make people appear charming, beautiful, but should pay attention to the appropriate proportion of blue and red. The blue suit, with white shirt, tie tie and attend some official occasions, will make people mysterious and romantic. The blue coat with sharp curve and knee up blue skirt are matched with white shirt, white socks and white shoes, which will give a light charm. The upper body is equipped with blue coat and blue vest, and the lower body is equipped with thin stripe grey trousers, showing a elegant style. Because, the popular fine stripe can be soft between the strong contrast between blue and gray, add elegant temperament. The blue coat, with a gray pleated skirt, is a slightly conservative combination, but this combination, coupled with a wine shirt and a fancy sock, reveals a self-identity and becomes bright and quick. Blue and lavender cover match, give a kind of delicate feeling. Blue long skirts with white shirts are a very common dress. If you can wear a small elegant Lavender coat, you will add a little mature urban flavor. The upper body is wearing Lavender sweater, and the lower body is equipped with a dark blue narrow skirt. Even if there is no fancy pattern, it can also show mature charm in nature. The principle of brown collocation and white collocation give a pure feeling. The Golden Brown Knee Skirt and large neck shirt match, can reflect the charm of the skirt, add elegant flavor. The coat is made of the conservative and elegant chestnut color fabric, with red sweater and red scarf. It is vivid and beautiful. Brown sweater with brown plaid trousers, can reflect elegance and maturity. The brown thick sweater is matched with brown cotton skirt, which shows the unique character of the wearer through the difference of texture between them. Black collocation principle... Black is a versatile color, no matter with any color put together, will have a different style, and rice matching is no exception! At present, when shopping on weekends, the top can be the black printed T-shirt in summer. The lower garment is replaced with beige cotton with Lycra knee A-shaped skirt, and the feet are wearing white colored stripe flat bottomed casual shoes. The whole person looks very comfortable and full of sunshine breath. In fact, you can change a cotton pants with beige color without a skirt. It is better to use low waist and trumpet pants. The shoes on your feet are still avant-garde and young. It is not difficult to wear a strict taste in beige in the principle of rice matching. A light beige high-collar short sleeve sweater, with a black delicate trousers, on the shiny black pointed and middle heels shoes, will be a professional woman professional feeling to the right. If you want a strong and competent feeling, choose a fine suit dress with black stripes and a high-grade BEIGE Handbag. It has both the style of management and the elegance of women. Many female friends like to watch Korean opera. The beautiful eyebrows wear a city feeling fashion, which is 100 times more wonderful than the simple and similar plot and slow plot rhythm. See more, how many can summarize some Korean eyebrows dress characteristics: implicit and elegant, bright but not dazzling. In the soft or warm colors, beige is the color commonly used by fashion beauties. Nowadays, in the fashion, beige has become the regular green color of the workplace dress because of its simplicity and intellectual beauty. Compared with white, beige is a little warmer and elegant, and it is not exaggerating; compared with black, it is pure and soft, not too heavy. In the pursuit of simple but complicated fashion trend, beige is in line with the rigorous modern workplace atmosphere with its pure and elegant atmosphere. To wear any color out of the best results, we should pay attention to collocation. , beige is no exception. Color also represents different meanings. See if your clothes match your temperament with "one in one" style. , / Red: active, enthusiastic, brave, love, health, barbaric Orange: rich, full, future, friendship, bold, positive yellow: wisdom, glory, loyalty, hope, joy, bright green: fairness, nature, peace, happiness, reason, childish blue: confidence, eternity, truth, truth, silence, calm Purple: authority, respect, respect, nobility, elegance, faith, loneliness Black: mystery, loneliness, darkness, pressure, seriousness, momentum

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